Separatist Space, II

Joeyray's Bar
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"She was here, carrying what looked like a bundled up dress."
"You were created by humans? What were these humans called?" The Captain ignores the growls of rage from the Uinoth's crew.
"the Umbrella. back in the dark age of technology. you wouldn't know of it since all records and existence of that century was erased soon after the genocide of my race, the Asura Mechanica by those wretched fools" i reply
"Creators have ze right to destroy their creations. If Yeh looked upon the Imperium and found it unbearable to His sight, we would wish nothing less than His fiery destruction to visit us. And ve watched as the humans struggled through your 'dark age,' and the Imperium only grew stronger."

He gets up and picks up his sabre, admiring it. "Allow me to make somesink clear. Cooperate vis us, and you vill be vell treated, android. If you should fail to improve you abominable manners, ve shall take you apart and learn vhat ve wish from you pieces."
A large unexplainable beam appears via plot hole and kills the Imperials. XD /troll
I make my way down to the bar, following the same old path I always do.

This city really is wonderful, isn't it?

I think, nearing the bar.
"as long as i'm not with them(nodding towards my captors) i should be relatively fine" i say
Seeing she wouldn't get any information from any one in the bar, Laura decides it's time to leave. "I'll see you back at the ship, Stefan." Blending in with the crowd, she makes her way towards one of the higher end bars that Rohan is rumored to visit regularly.
Do you dare to imply that Yeh would look upon the glorious Imperium with displeasure? >:(


THe Captain signals, and the crew of the Uinoth return to the skiff. "Now, let's talk, machine. Who created you, and vhy?"
Meridia paces back and forth. Her Lightning Spear on her back along with her Blood Rifle. Her Abyss Blade sat on a nearby table. She was considering what some of the scouting drones said about the multitude of species within this sector. Her advisers had assured her that there was nothing to worry about, but they were scared as well. The Ral'zar had only ever encountered Protoss and Terran before.

"What is your name?" Torzaz asks the human that was leading him to where the survivors were held up.

"Korzis." The human answers. He stopped. "Don't move."

Torzaz halts. "What is wrong?"

"There are 4 Roaches around us." He answers. Korzis holsters his revolver. He pulls out his Short Sword and it is enveloped in Psionic energy. He fires a small beam of it off at the ground in front of him and soon the Roaches come up. One pulls its head back to spew acid as Korzis throws his blade at it, slicing into its weaker head. He pulls out his revolver and empties a round into the head of another.

Torzaz sees what Korzis was doing and quickly fires his Blood Rifle, striking a 'Roach' in the head with four needles. As the needles blow apart its head becomes a bloody mess. He pulls out a small blue grenade from his pack and whips it at a Roach who swallows it. A bang is heard and the Roach falls onto the ground. "Why strike the heads?"

"The carapace anywhere else is nearly impenetrable." Korzis answers. With that he walks over to a door and opens it up. "They're upstairs." And before Torzaz could respond Korzis disappears.
"my race the Asura Mechanica created me as a failsafe in case their race was ever overcome. i am essentially the last remnant of our once peaceful nation" i reply
A shuttle leaves a transport ship, and makes its way to the Separatist Station, sending proper pass codes. It is a transit shuttle carrying people from a few races, but most prevalent on the shuttle was Humanity. Among everyone in the shuttle, there was a few military from each race.

A girl was sitting in one of the seats, her red hair tied in two ponytails behind her head. She was 6 foot even, with a build that said she was military, along with her uniform. On her back was a rifle standard to the Separatist military, and on her belt was a shield from the same organization. She kept her eyes out the window.
The girl had woken up, she seemed to be in her early twenties, but how she looked doesn't single out age. Then finding the restraints, tight against her body, a psionic dampener as well?
Who were they, who was doing this to her? She was fighting the urge, the urge to break out, to kill if needed... But she couldn't remember who she even was.

"She's awake, ma'am." Ulna sighed at the captains words. Ulna then opened the door and stepped into the room. This was going to be interesting...

I trust you guys dont need me to keep an eye on every single subplot, there are a lot of subplots now... Besides, I really dont need to read 6 pages of discussing who Laura should Seduce xD
I had returned to Akura and retrieved my personal Gaia Warship, the Indomitable and was now returning to the Separatist organic space station. Soon, all organics would fear us and appreciate us for the help we are giving. It would also help us to establish our new objective, which was to learn from the mistakes of our creators, and hopefully improve the lives of the organics.

OOC: The Indomitable is twice the size of a Imperial ship, but only because it's Angelus' personal Gaia. The others are all the same size as an Imperial warship. Oh, and I picked Rohan. He better be at the super fancy bar.
Saevire sighed as best something half organic could do. "Imperial... Since that is all I know you by... That human didn't help at all. Did you see where she was going?"


The girl saw the councilmen entering the holding cell. "What do you want!" The last word was like venom.
As I get quite close to the bar, I notice Aurora.

"Oh why, hullo there." I say, quite loudly.

Zarkun, Rohan it is, but he can't be at the bar. It would destroy his position. Politicians have no place in bars, Rohan knows that better then most.


"We want answers." Ulna said, "Tell me everything you know about everything you know."
I turned around to see Aga saying hello. I give a silent hello back and I take off with the bundle.


The girl chuckled. "I don't even remember anything, just my name..."
I call after her, "Wait, isn't it a little dangerous to be roaming the streets all alone?" I call out, louder than before.
"And what is your name?" Ulna queried.

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