Separatist Space, II

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"Farewell." I head to the hangar and take the shuttle back to the bay, then head to the Retribution.


I duck beneath the blow and lop off the arm and face the creature. "Submit yourself for destruction."
It brings the gun around, going to shoot him. The Survivor backs up more, and flees to the wall, sitting down and putting her hands over her head, scared.
Saevire ducked down and forced the blade through the creature, the heat was growing intensely.
I leap up into the air and cut the gun off, following it up with several shots from my Awakener pistol to its head, causing both to vanish in an orange haze. "You were given your chance, organic."
The remains of the 'Abomination' drops to the floor. The Portal closes as soon as it dies, and the machine maintaining it explodes, leaving little remaining. The girl was still at the wall, scared. Something felt wrong, almost as if it had been to easy.
I looked around the room, my troops scanning for hostile lifeforms of any kind. "Quickly, we must move the organic from this place. Then we will destroy it when the other organics are clear."
The barrier took most of the damage, Saevire then turned around and walked up to the girl, she tried to move away but she was in a corner.

Hey guys, I will be gone over the holidays. (Most of today and most of tomorrow)

So just keep this subplot going. But I'd appreciate it if you ended the subplot by the time I come back. I dont want subplots to take over the plot.
It's called coexistence. Taking over is when the subplot is the plot and the plot is a subplot.

IC: I slowly approach the organic woman. "Calm down, we are here to assist you."
The girl started crying, but slowly started shifting to laughing. She stands up, and Angelus and Saevire realize why it was too easy. The girl they were looking at was not the Survivor. Her hair went down one side of her face, and she smiled at them. She opens her mouth, her voice rich and musical. "Well, I would say I'm thankful for helping me, but you did shoot my children, so I can't say I am."
I did not hesitate. Her signature matched that of the other hostile organics. "Surrender yourself for immediate destruction at the cellular level." My Awakener was even with her head, it would have taken too much time to grab my Grinder.
Saevire stepped in the way between the pistol and the girl. "There is a better way to do this... And she is yours then I guess... I'll find the one I saw earlier." He then stepped away, activating his tracker once more.
She smiles at Angelus, and says "Now, now, no need for such violence. It would be quite rude to shoot your host." She glances at Saevire, and pulls something up. There was no way to say what it really was, but it was blocking the signal to the tracker. "Sorry to ruin your fun, friend, but I wanted a bit of fun of my own." She disappears without warning and reappears in the center of the hanger
Saevire growled, all he had was his blade, for his weapon system was damaged. " What do you want girl?
I easily keep my pistol even with her head. "You are a threat to the human female organic you impersonated, and will be eliminated as such."
She chuckles in response to Angelus's threat, and crosses her arms. "I'm not a threat to her. I've merely been here, watching my children work, as I have done since before the imprisonment due to the Sahl'Arune*. As for what I want, I guess this converted could use a bit of combat, since I myself haven't had a decent bout of fighting in a while." She uncrosses her arms, and her eye not hidden by her hair had shifted colors from a hazel to a light crimson.

*Sahl-Arune: Guardians of Life, their term for the Xel'naga
Saevire didn't want to do this, but he had to make a deal. " Before we start, why don't we make a deal?" His wings unfolded, his mouth lined with razor sharp teeth, his body able to crush metal.
"Threat level confirmed, shifting combat forms to compensate." I go from my normal appearance to a more lithe form, just as powerful, but also much faster and agile. "You will be terminated."
"Hm. Speak then. What would I get out of this?" The girl replies, crossing her arms and looking relaxed. She ignores Angelus's words.
" We defeat you, you die or escape... You tell us where the girl is. If we lose, I shall be your play thing." Saevire tried to persuade this thing for information that could be used to help them, there was always a risk with something.

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