Separatist Space, II

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She shakes her head. "I have no need for you as a play-thing. As you are already machine, the process would never work for you." She shifts her weight, her eye flickering between Saevire and Angelus, her smile gone.
I test the waters, as organics call it, firing but one shot from the Awakener.
His own eyes were orange and green, his metal rich with depth. " What do you want then... Maybe we can leave each other alone in return for something?" His blade tensing for when he would need to use it.
The girl waits till the last second, and merely steps away, the shot missing her. She gives Angelus a look, and his Awakener dissembles in his hands. "Please. If your going to fight, do it hand-to-hand. I dislike people who fire in a duel. And I won't let you guys just go, not when I have a moment to have a duel." She relaxes again.
The weapon reassembles. "Our machines do do not listen to abominations such as yourself. But if it is death at close range you want, then that is what you shall get." I holster the Awakener and retain my sword.
Saevire just stands back, his blade turning off, then his cold metal body was against the wall. "I'll stay out of this, no honor in a duel when another person is involved."
The girl rushes at Angelus, closing the gap for hand-to-hand.

OCC: Still enemies in the ship, Warhawk. You can if you want.

Edit: Up to you man. You are needed in This Is Their Story, btw.
Um... I was going to send in Stefan to lend a hand... but given what's happened (both in the RP and for CR) should I still do so?

It's more a question of survivors, he's not going to board a wrecked ship just for a fight. I'm fine either way.
hey guys mind if i join?
"My lord, little of use has been accomplished."

"To be expected of politicians and inferiors."

"Of course, my lord, but infuriating all the same. They did speak of a pirate who strikes at outlying worlds, killing the inhabitants. Even civilians."

"That is... troubling, but no Imperial worlds have been struck by such a force, and you know the laws."

"Indeed. Though were I able, I would take my ship to help them."

"Perhaps such a thing could be... encouraged. I know one who might be willing to help them. I shall send him to you, old friend."

"My thanks, mighty one."
I ready myself for the fight, calculating angles and positional strikes.
She gets in melee range, and teleports behind it, hovering in the air, and kicks Angelus in the back.
Invisible hover jets activate! XD

I recover and roll, teleporting as well as I kick her in the side.
She grabs his leg, and tosses him at Saevire at a good speed.
Saevire uses his wings to get out of the way, he wanted to stay out of the fight... It was a duel after all.
I flip and land, calculating every possible movement she could make based on my next attack, a simple burst of kinetic energy. I fire it right at her chest, readying another attack based on her next move.
She reflects it back, sprinting right after it to attack him while he evades the energy.

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