Separatist Space, II

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I grin and reabsorb the energy, releasing a larger blast that knocked her back. "Calculation proved correct. You deflected the attack in an attempt to make me move."
She bursts through it without it bothering her, and uses psionics to toss items that are in the room at Angelus, almost within weapons range.
...That's BS and you know it.

IC: I do not move simply shift my upper body accordingly and destroy that which requires too much movement. I then catch the weapon arm and through her into the wall. "failure to adapt. It is the failure of an abomination."
She turns herself, and lands on the wall, staring straight up at Angelus. "Hmmm.....I like you robot. Logical, but expecting everything to every degree." An alarm sounds. Gravity was going offline in the ship. She remains on the wall. "Lets see how well you can do in Zero-G." She kicks off, moving toward Angelus.
The Eques were equipped for everything, and I was equipped for more. Gravity boots activate and I land on the ground, letting the abomination fly over me, then kicking her up. "Zero-G is irrelevant. I was built to defeat organics and abominations. You are no exception."
Its leg goes straight through her as she phases out. Gravity activates again, but now 4x heavier. The girl lands on the ground with no effort and turns to Angelus. "Hm....Even you are flawed. You are quite arrogant, it seems. Heh, but I guess I am as well." She charges at him again.
A small gravity generator on my person to assist with operations on different planets remains active, so I remain on equal footing. I fire another concussive blast, teleporting and then smashing a steam pipe (assuming there is one) and using it to assist in cover.
She deflects the force elsewhere, and without looking, she uses psionics and yanks Angelus out of his hiding spot. "I know where you are. Even cloaking is useless." She locks his joints in place, not letting him move at all as she brings him over to her.
I didn't need to move, simply wait. Once she was close enough, the blast would be unexpected and easily used to disorient her.
She pulls it over to the hanger wall, and begins smashing him into the wall. She walks over to him, still keeping a safe distance from it as it is repeatedly smashed. "You know, I kinda want to completely destroy you and see what things I can have reverse-engineered from your troops. I might do so."
I grin and the blast catches her anyways, knocking her away and breaking her hold. "You have made a fatal calculation." A shot from my Awakener rips through her shoulder. "I was programmed to use any means necessary to achieve my objective."
The Awakener round flies past air. The girl had already left the where she was earlier, and stands in the middle of the room again. "Uh-uh-uh. No guns." Using psionics, she removes the Awakener from his hand, and opens a portal, tossing it through. "Sorry, but you aren't worth my time. It is quite obvious that you can't duel at all." Her eye returns to normal, and one of the creatures that Angelus fought earlier drops down, the Survivor over her shoulder. It puts her down, and disappears. "Well, some of your troops were destroyed. Actually, I lied. They were all killed." She bows, opens a portal, and walks through it, with it closing behind her.
Before the portal closes, a small explosion is heard and I grin again. "Stupid abomination." I retrieve the organic that we had saved and give her to the one who had convinced me. "Objective accomplished. I hope to see you again." I teleport back to my ship as the empty transport takes off, returning to the Gaia, and we vanish into the cosmos, to rebuild and resupply. As I fly, I turn to the computer. "AI, pull up all files on dueling." I enter a form of stasis as I learn, preparing for the next time.
For Captain Scout
You have the support of myself and my ship

Kit makes her way to the Lorian Ship to see if Torvus has returned yet.
I sat on the bridge of Retribution, listening to a few reports from the borders of Lorian space. Things were still normal, a few Zerg or Protoss pushes, but that was it.
Kit walks onto the bridge of Retribution after going through whatever security checks the Lorians might have and walking for a while. She is still wearing the robes she wore to the council meeting with the addition of Hos lIngwI' at her side. "Torvus?"
I turn around. "Ah, Kit. Security told me you were coming. Have a seat." I beckon to a nearby recliner set up for her.
"Thanks." Kit says as she moves to the recliner and sits although somewhat uncomfortably given she is still in her Mozan form and the recliner was not made with a Mozan in mind. "you wouldn't happen to know where Mark is?"
I chuckle. "He and I haven't spoken in sometime. Not since Stefan and I headed for Lorian military careers. Why?"
Kit sighs having gotten more or less the same answer from everyone she had asked. "I .. I have a debt to pay to him and i hate leaving debts unpaid." she says obviously trying to keep her emotions undercontrol.

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