Separatist Space, II

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"Well, I still have his channel, but part of why we haven't talked is because he's on some extensive contract."
Kit sighs again "just my luck. first i need to find a xel'naga world ship now i still have to find mark and i told Captain Scout id help him out with his mission. why do i seem to keep taking on sh!t like this?" Kit says/asks largely to herself.
Since I kinda missed everything involving the the stuff on two ships, I'll just say that he took his one out for a spin.

Pulling back into the boat bay, I land and lean back in the pilot's seat with a sigh.
"Because you're a good...what ever you really are. It isn't a bad thing."
are there other peeps on the bridge or just Kit and Torvus atm?
Just Kit and Torvus.
"I guess i owe you for lying also. I'm not Human or Mozan hell im not even from this galaxy. I'm Kit Eler, Im Elerian, im from the planet Erini of the constellation Castelberus, i am so .. so old i lost count eons ago." Kit says age and ancient wisdom, that should not be possible on one that looks so young, showing on her features.
{Attention Council station: Ve are experiencing difficulties vis our hangar bay, and vill have to dock directly. Avaitink your confirmation.}
I look at Kit. "You want to know how long I've known you weren't human?"
{Assuming councilor members are aboard the ship, permission is granted.}
I sit in my room, waiting for the next council meeting to be called.

" isn't right. They...everyone should be back by now, something went wrong. I...ugh, what the hell even happened? One minute we were in a normal meeting, next minute everyone's going off somewhere, I wonder what the hell even happened."
I take another liquid that is the equivalent of liquor, and drink it.

Everyone watches as the mysterious being warps away. "This just keeps getting better and better. This has got to be the most eventful meeting of my life!" Nilus exclaims.

"Moving right along." Ulna says, glancing around the room making sure nobody was going to jump out or anything like that.

"Whatever we are up against, its big, bigger then you, bigger then me, bigger they us." Rohan exclaims.

This is to the people in the meeting^^

The meeting never disbanded, it was just halted
Kor'Tyrgone walks back into the meeting. Infuriatingly, his sabre is still sheathed on his right. However, he has no other weapons, or even an energy shield.
"im guessing pretty much since we met you always were a bit more observant than the other terrans." Kit says looking around the bridge.
I nod. "Seeing you walk into that meeting looking like that only confirmed it. Where did you go in the six months since that bloody outpost?"
"i traveled, talked with my friends in the Mozan, searched for mark but not very hard at that point, i have spent time in the void between worlds. otherwise not much ... perhaps i would have returned to the Elerians but ..." Kit says as she stands up and walks to the view port of the bridge (im assuming there is one if not ill edit).
Course there is. He's not going to fly blind.

IC: "Sounds extensive. You wouldn't believe the things I did in the last six months, so I'll stick to saying I trained with some powerful and skilled people and call it good."
Viewscreen like in startrek

IC: Kit walks over to and looks out the view port. her ears flatten against the back of her head, her tail droops and sadness crosses her human features as she relives her memory of being exiled.
Saevire scoops the girl up, she looks like in her early twenties, but the signatures gave off that she was older than that, much older. He was ready for his slow ascent back towards the ship and to take off back to the station.
Tyrgone takes his seat and waits for something prodctive to happen.

Not likely,he thinks.

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