Separatist Space, II

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I decide to go back to the meeting, just to hopefully get some news. I make my way over, get searched, and come in and take my seat once more.

"So.....what's going on?"
Laura nods to the Imperial. "It must be some what dire for the Imperium to be involved."


I stand next to Kit. "I sense a great sadness with in your heart. What's wrong?"
'Whether our presence here is truly required remains to be seen. However, I am asked to assure you a warship will be arriving soon, with the goal of aiding in the hunt for this hidden enemy."
Kit smiles slightly but still seems somber. "i ... i was remembering when i was exiled all those millenia ago." Kit sighs and shakes her head. "i dont wish to burden you with the details." such a perceptive terran.
Laura sighs. "I regret to say it, but I must withdraw the support my brother gave until I have more concrete evidence this threat is to everyone outside of your little piece of the sector."


"I have the time, and I've learned a lot in my travels, such as patience. Tell me your tale."
Yuuk rubbed his eyes in frustration. Ulna put her head in her hands. Anderson had his arms crossed Nilus was leaning back with his eyes closed, he sighed along with the others.

Silence swallowed the room.

"Another colony fell this afternoon." Yuuk finally spit out.

"While all Cayl did his little... thing." Anderson gestured to the table where Cayl stood. "Hundreds of thousands of people were being incinerated."
"Wonderful, I assume it was dominion? And we should try to defend the planets in danger right now. That's the best thing to do."
I feel a need to point out that Cayl isn't in the room. And that there's no way anyone but the Councilmen would have known. Now your guys look like dicks.

IC: Laura glared at the Councilmen. "You had military forces diverted here that could have been defending that settlement? How ignorant of military action are you?"
I'm going to go ahead and skip to where I'm back at the citadel, I really don't want to type it out... Damn turkey.

But the meeting is still going on and ya'll are still talking where Zarkun was talking.
Looking over the latest news reports, I stifle a curse;
...brilliant, there goes another colony... we need to find the SOB's behind this, and take them out... fast.
I think to myself.

Mark, have you read Path of the Fury or Fury Born by David Weber?
Kit begins to tell Torvus the story of what happened that led to her being exiled. "My peo ... The Elerians had been greater than even the Imperials are but when the lengwI' was finished they were attacked by the Libiatya, uh i believe they are called the Xel'naga in your language. the fleet was nearly destroyed, lengwI' was severely damaged and my homeworld was ... was ..." Kits voice cuts out.
11/23/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Zarkun
I feel a need to point out that Cayl isn't in the room. And that there's no way anyone but the Councilmen would have known. Now your guys look like dicks.

I know Cayl isnt in the room. There is no way anyone would know but the councilmen? I don't understand what your saying but your obviously upset about something. Im sorry, I will edit whatever you want.

CR: Sounds good, I'd do that too :)

Warhawk, no I have not read either.

IC: Rohan glanced at Aga, "There is no way this was Dominion. A colony could take a dominion assault, besides, whoever this is knows their way around Separatist Space."

Yuuk turned to Laura, "Whoever did this knew their way around! Every Separatist ship is swarming that area as we speak! There is nothing we could have done, dont point your finger at us."

The media is engulfed with news reports about the colony. Nobody can go down to the battle zone because the flames of the city are burning so hot. But from space, there is a small orange dot on the planet where the colony used to be. Reporters babbled on about nothing of importance.
What I mean is that no one but the Councilmen would have known that the attack was happening.
With a small *click*, Darreus's finger connects with the button. Instead of a world-shattering kaboom, the slightly sad music ceases playing, and the small palm-top computer proceeds to fold into itself, assuming the cubic size of a small bullet.

"How about you put the gun away, and we can all settle down to a nice chat? I'd hate to have to tell the suit to clean up a scratch." a voice issued forth, modulated and inhuman.


Forgot about me here...
No word got out that the attack was happening, only word got out that the attack happened.

Morrjo, yes I did. Completely and uterly my bad. Sorry. I kinda tuned out of my own RP when that strange sideplot took over. Thanks for quoting.


The man was hesitant, but with Lt. Scout's approval he obeyed. "Who are you and what do you want?" Lt. Scout asked, not turning his head.
"Very well, I have no idea what we're to do about this, then."
Aurora and Aer had made it back to the Citadel, Aurora though having a blast wound on her neck from the things that attacked her. The poison was finally leaving but it killed her. (Metaphor by the way... Just saying knowing your knowledge capacity)

Saevire was quickly behind him, Thermal Blade deactivated and he carried the body, they reached the Chamber and he plopped the body on their table.
"Oh, well, hello there...what happened?"
You make The Mother sound dead when you put it that way...

Laura stared at the body. "What happened to her?"
Anderson cleared his throat, "Does this look like a morgue?"

Ulna slapped his chest with the back of his hand. She then glared at him. Ulna waited for an explanation.

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