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11/19/2012 09:56 PMPosted by Zarkun
Understandable, but probably won't be consistent in a PreRP thread.
Yes, naturally, but I would like at least one post relevant to the RP....hopefully a sign-up sheet, before the thread goes completely off-topic. :P
Hey man! Told you I would visit you in this... odd place. For old times sake, I will join in my first ever RP. I may suck. I'm sorry. You have been warned.

Nation- Bahavia
Leader(s): Orion
Diplomat: Sirius
Galactic location: Inner
Government type: Total Dictatorship
Economy Type: Fascism
Money: Over $900,000,000,000,000 ( May be a little overboard.)
Military Strength: 20,000,000 strong
Military Tech: Heavily equipped with the newest equipment possible. Army is feared and respected throughout the galaxy. They are all disciplined, and trained to kill.
Worlds: Zenadus, Truss, Sapion, Karhusta, Antriol
Population: Over all the planets, 14 billion
Political Respect: 9.5/10

Character Name: Orion
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Leader
Weapons/Armor: Armor made of Ultralisk carapace, modified marauder grenade launcher (can shoot air)
Description: Tall, tan, dark haired, purple eyes, handsome complexion, smart, cunning, buff, scar across his face starting from the left side of his nose, up across his eye

Backstory: Orion was born on a small, dark planet. Not much is known about this interesting boy, except for the fact that his planet was ravaged by pirates. He was captured by them and was turned into a slave after his parents were murdered in front of him. He slowly gained his owners' trust, and later, after dark, he crept into their rooms, and killed them all. After that, he traveled to a planet, and after many tactical kills, became leader. He is a fair, but harsh ruler. He believes in a perfect society. He accepts no mistakes. This cold and calculating man will do anything for complete domination.

Character Name: Sirius
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Diplomat
Weapons/Armor: Silk robes outlined with a thin layer of hydralisk carapace, gauss rifle
Description: Tall, intimidating, thoughtful, kind, loyal, has a sickness that causes random blackouts, has a girlfriend, icy blue eyes, toned, has a scar on right bicept

Backstory: Sirius had a sad life before he joined Orion. He used to live on a moon with no oxygen. The humans were thrown there for punishment. It was the Protoss Siberia. Slowly but surely, humans adapted to be able to breath the noxious gasses on the moon, as well as oxygen. After the Protosses mysterious disappearance, the army of Bahavia trekked onto the planet. The used the people as special ops because of their ability. However after a few months of peace, they started to die on oxygen rich planets. The cause was unknown, as they could supposedly breath oxygen. Even when they were returned to the moon they continued to die. After a while, Siruis's entire people died. He alone was left. Instead of dying, he had blackouts. After saving Orion from an attempted assassination, he was given the rank of diplomat, and took care of the people of the land. He saw that they worked hard and did what they were told, but remained in grand condition, and that they remained happy. He created the fun days where A week a month, people got to do whatever they wanted. With him as diplomat, the people were happy in complete facism, and they were prosperous as well. No crimes, no poverty. He is the peoples direct line to Orion. He is the most loved figure in all of Bahavia. A law was past that if any harm was inflicted apon this man, the entire nation of Bahavia would reach out, capture the crime-doers, and torture them for all eternity.
Does everyone make their first character their name? lol.

I read the OP and it sounds exactly like SS xD

Except for the terran dominance part. Mine is less based on nations and more based on races.

I actually might join this, I'd like to see it take off but I dont see it happening :(
Well Mark, the difference is while yours deals more with choices being made by a council to develop a story, mine isn't a story at all, no plot, no nothing...just openness.

@Orion, Haha, welcome! Just throw in a diplomat and you'll be fine!
True, mine also has an invisible railroad track that nobody see's ^_^
Ok. Is that better? I might add more as we go on. Like wives and stuff. >.>
11/20/2012 09:19 AMPosted by Orion
Ok. Is that better? I might add more as we go on. Like wives and stuff. >.>
Haha, you don't need characters for those though, Characters are the people who you would totally control.

Edit: It looks fine!
KK! Yayyy :D Can't wait for this to start! Woop! I think this'll be fun :3
11/20/2012 10:07 AMPosted by Orion
KK! Yayyy :D Can't wait for this to start! Woop! I think this'll be fun :3
Hopefully it starts.
Yeah :/
11/20/2012 06:14 PMPosted by Polychrome
Can I be a God in this?
No one likes you. I like you less than Monochrome. Please go away my dear sir. I just can't stand you.
Orion, you just secured his check-in. Now he will never leave. Just ignore him and he will go away.

Nation- The Zerin Republic
Leader: Kenji Omagi
Diplomat: Zeia Akiu
Galactic location: Outer/Fringe
Government type: Democratic Hierarchy (One main leader with abilities to override but power still lies in the people.)
Economy Type: Capitalism
Money: Over 950,000,000,000 Credits in the
Military Strength: About 25,000,000
Military Tech: Their military forces are known as the Shade Gheists:

Shadow Trooper - A basic grunt. But their role should not be underestimated.
Dark Operative - Elite infantry, outfitted with the best marksmen/sniper rifles and stealth
equipment available (about 10% of the military)
Fade Tank - A Diamndback Mk. III upgraded with a V5 Cloaking Generator, medium Shadowsteel plating and higher Railgun voltage (capable of destroying some electronics sometimes)
Shadowmere - Heavily armored personnel carriers, capable of transporting 16 people. Equipped with twin automated .65 caliber Anti-Material Rifles
Wraith - A VTOL aircraft with very high speeds and very maneuverable, equipped with twin plasma-cannons (made from salvaged Protoss tech) and quad Lanzer Torpedoe launchers (2 below each wing)
Dark Reaver - Only 4 in existance. Extremely expensive, but what they do have is enough. These are large warships. They can't destroy a whole fleet, but they can defend a planet well. They are built in space and are about an eighth the size of their Homeworld (slightly larger than earth). They lack heavy shielding, but have incredible stealth (cannot be seen by optics , heard or by some scanners in cloaking) They have a total of 8 H.A.L.O. cluster rocket pods, 16 Plasma Flak cannons, and one Obliteration beam, consumes all the ships power and leaves it incapacitated for 5 days only able to power life support systems, but it can tear through almost any armor. Mostly used for defense.
They have alot of experimental, salvaged Protoss tech, but only few are actually battle-ready. They live by quality over quantity and stealth. Infantry guns fold into small portable items (exceptions are AT and heavy sniper rifles)
Also have air and sea transports similar to the Shadowmere.

Planets: 5 Omniterra(Homeworld), Garzin, Reinus, Zertia, Falthera (ordered from largest to smallest population.)
Population: 50,000,000
Political Respect: 8.5

Character Name: Kenji Marcus Omagi
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Occupation: Primarch (Ruler)
Weapons/Armor: Shadowweave robe armored with Old Zerg bones reinforced with Dark Steel. Weilds a dagger and shortsword forged in the light of Omniterras two full moons in pure Shadowsteel. And also a SGA - Ripper marksman rifle.
Description: 6ft. 6, tan skin, Asian descent, and has a scar over his left eye. Long black hair and mild facial hair.

Backstory: Kenji was a Ghost and a while after the Great War, the Ghost Program was discontinued because the Zerg and Protoss were gone, and they weren't needed as much. Kenji and other Ghosts were left alone in a world they didn't understand. They didn't interact well with other people and some became homeless or mercs and people despised their dark ways. Kenji didn't want them to live like worms. He rallied them and left to a dark fringe world. The world was filled with a dark metal. It was study, and very conductive. It serves as the base of their resources and is abundant in the planets area. Over the course of 15 years, he founded the Zerin Republic. He was the Monarch leader, but not a dictator, the power lied in his people, but he could override some decisions. He leads a people that are not well known, they don't participate in most politics (with the exception of emergencies such as the one currently). Their interaction is mostly mercenary work, being hired to fight on one side of a war to make money, but they also sell products or pure Shadowsteel.

Now with a new possible threat, he now has to lead his people down a new path... One that may make or break his people...

Character Name: Zeia Allison Akiu
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Occupation: Leader of the Shade Gheist
Weapons/Armor: Shadosteel Darkweave nano armor. Light padding. DSR - Fade Rifle, Anti-Material rifle. And a SGA - Banshee pocket shotgun
Description: 6ft. 2, blond hair (usually tied back), blue eyes, Caucasian/Asian (more Caucasian features)

Backstory: A Ghost on the same operations team as Kenji. She always loved combat. With a P.I. Of 8.5 she was a worthy psionic warrior. When the dominion and the ghost program fell. She was the only one encouraging Kenji to create a new nation. After their founding, they married, and have a son, who goes by the name Fenix. She is now the active leader of the Shade Gheist military. She almost always is somewhere on the battlefield.
Excellent! Accepted.

Name: The United Planets of Arcadia (U.P.A)

Current Leader/Diplomat: Jonathan Kennady (Elected the same year the fringe government of Mirlt went dark)

Galactic location: Fringe (Solar System Arcadia)

Government type: Republican Democracy (Presidents have a 6-year term)

Economy Type: Capitalism

Money: $16,095,000,000
>>Gross: 6,000,000,000
>>Current Income: 750,000,000 (12.5% of gross)
>>>Health Care/Educational Funding: 23.5%
>>>Military Funding: 25%
>>>Government Employees: 15%
>>>Scientific Funding: 14%

Military Strength: 2,000,000

Military Tech: If generalized, essentially a 2

The military structure is split into two groups: Army and Navy. 800,000 people man the ships of the navy, and the remaining 1,200,000 make up the ground-pounders.

Worlds: (All Planets are inside the Arcadian Solar System)
>>Climate: Ice World (Blizzards are rampant, Mining Operations are done near Bio-Domes)
>>Economy: Mining (Nearly all of the U.P.A's ores come from here)
>>Population: About 500,000 (All are government-paid miners, pilots, or military guards, as well as an unkown amount of organized bandits strewn across the landscape)
>>Location in Solar System: Comparable to Mars
>>Metals Mined: Iron, Copper, Tin, Native Platinum, Gold, Adamantine

Vorthal (Capital Planet)
>>Climate: Temperate
>>Economy: Trade/Commecialism
>>Population: About 20,000,000,000 (Many live in towering Hive Cities crowded with people, but there are still plenty of regular suburbans and farmig villages)
>>Location in Solar System: The Goldilocks Zone of Arcadia

Space Station 13 (Orbits around Arcadia's Equivilent of Jupitor)
A scientific space station where the military develops new weapons and armour for it's ever-growing military.
>>Population: 300
>>>Scientists: 120
>>>Security Personnel: 180

Population: About 20,000,000,000

Political Respect: 4

Special Notes:

A rare ore found only in the Arcadia system. It has an extremely high melting point, needing to be cooked by plasma for a full hour to be at a consistancy that can be reliably moulded. It is also extremly durable, being harder than diamond, allowing it to hold it's shape no matter what hits it and pierce almost anything if enough force is put behind it. However, it has so far only been found in the arcadia system and can only be reliably found on Valhalla. As a result, it is stockpiled on the planet of Vorthal in a nuclear shelter 2000 meters below the surface, and the only way inside is by an elevator deep in the military compound of that planet, meaning you have to go through their entire army to get to it.
Korozain, not to criticize you, but I think the Dark Reavers are a bit unreasonable in terms of size, seeing that each is about half the size of their homeworld, and all of their other planets are even smaller. The raw materials needed to create ships like that, and six of them, would require every one of their planets to be almost entirely composed of metal, and would still mostly destroy the entire planet to construct a single ship. Even assuming that they were made of metal mined from other planets aside from those mentioned, the construction of six of these ships would have obliterated at least sixty planets of approximately Earth size, assuming that each had a fair amount of metal in them. I'm not even in this RP though (I might join at some point), but just saying that they seem a bit too big.
Looks great Jake! We can go if we get two more people, but let's not start on Thanksgiving regardless. :P

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