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Meh. deepstrikeable Landraiders as dedicated transports... actually... STORMRAVENS FTW!!!!!
Well, not all of us are as obsessed with close combat as you are, elmo. And neither do all of us have that much money to spend for land raiders and stormravens galore.
I didn't. I got my Stormraven (assembled and well painted btw) as a gift...
War, we sorta need you in other RPs. You too Jake.
Name: The Guild Conglomerate.
Leader(s): The Board of Directors, the Allguilds Council, and Executive Karr'Islay.
Galactic Location: Various.
Government type: Joint-stock.
Economic type: "Capitalism."
Money: Far, far too much to keep track of.
Military strength: Unknown. As in, even they don't know exactly how many troops they have. Each Guild keeps track of its own militia.
Military tech: Easily 3. Probably more, but they prefer to sell weapons, not use them.
Worlds: They tend to not live on planets, but they originated on Doer-Vaeran and control small portions of a few other worlds.
Population: Countless.
Respect: A five at most. The Xel'Naga were the first to look down on them contemptously, and people have been doing it ever since.
Fear: Probably at least a seven or eight, for while they aren't scary warriors or anything, they are extremely greedy, have talents such as voice manipulation, and will stop at nothing to make a profit.
Accepted, but "easily 3", three is the highest tech, latest weaponry. Can't go higher. :P
OK. However, they are highly advanced in medical science and mining machinery. Just something to mention.

Also, they have Worldships. They live in them, moving around constantly to trade with/rob different people.
If everyone who has a nation would please make/finish their characters, because I'll just start once that's done, please remember that you need a diplomat.
I understand if you say no, but can I have two nations? I want to make a mar sara like nation on the outskirts :)
11/23/2012 06:26 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
I understand if you say no, but can I have two nations? I want to make a mar sara like nation on the outskirts :)

If you think you can handle it.
Meh, Ive changed my mind for now
Thanks to exceeding the character limit, here's my army's aresenal in a seperate post.

>>CMC-400 Power Armour (Advanced, Bulkier, version of the CMC-300 Power Armour. Comparable to upgraded marauder armor in durability, and a hybrid of marine and marauder in mobility. Painted a Dark Grey with the symbol of the U.P.A on it's chestplate)
>>Guass Carbine (Like the rifle, but 3-round burst fire, longer ranged, and better accuracy)
>>3 M12 Fragmentation Grenade (Can't pierce CMC power armour, mostly used to flush out enemies from cover)

Heavy Weapon Specialists
>>CMC-500 Tactical Dreadnaught Armour (An advanced version of the marauder chasis. Solid Slug rounds are useless and even guass spikes have difficult time piercing it's hide. Painted a Jet Black with the symbol of the U.P.A on it's upper chestplate.)
>>Punisher Missiles (Anti-Infantry and Anti-Tank Varients. Both are advanced variants of the grenades of the old marauder suits, made into warheads for longer range and greater accuracy)

Devil Dogs (HWS Variant)
>>CMC-500 Tactical Dreadnaught Armour (Painted a Jet black with a flaming design of dark grey to charcoal black on their arms and shoulder pads. The symbol of the U.P.A is shown on it's chestplate, surrounded by a wreath of charcoal black flame.)
>>Hellfire Launchers (Missile Launchers that fire Incendiary Warheads that are noteriously known for their charcoal black flames and ablility to burn bright even in the Frozen climates of Valhalla)

Medics (Non-combatants: Protected by the rules of engagement)
>>CMC-400 Power Armour: Medical Varient (The armour is painted a bright white with the red cross on both shoulder pads and the Symbol of the U.P.A on their helmet. A full range of medical tools and syringes are inside the right arm, and a medical scanner is on the left)

Leman Russ Battle Tank: A Heavily armored battle tank with a cannon comparable to the siege tank in siege mode. It is armed with regular cannon rounds as well as Incendiaries and Anti-Vehicle rounds. It is painted a Jet Black with the symbol of the U.P.A on the corners of the hull.

Baneblade: What can only be described as a mobile Bastion at the size of a thor if it were laid flat on the ground, this monster is armed with a main gun dubbed the 'Guass Cannon', a double-barreled Rail Gun that fires Adamantine-Tipped Depleted Uranium Spikes at mach 1, or it can also fire the same ammunition as a Leman Russ, though still at supersonic speeds. Two turrets are on either side with 180° swival turrets, each armed with quad-barreled Guass Cannons that fire adamantine-tipped spikes. It is armored with an Adamantine Chasis, and there have been documented reports of baneblade chasises entirely undamaged when the rest of the tank was blown away.
There are luckily only 10 of these monstrosities currently existing, and only one has ever been on the field at any one time, but in the face of this unkown threat, that record may finally be broken...


Class: Fighter
Engine: Promethium-Fueled Thruster
Armor: Neosteel
>>Javalin Missile x8 (4 on each wing)
>>>Description: Advanced version of the wraith missiles of old, these have a higher yield explosion and come in 3 types: Standerd/All-Porpose (High-Yield Explosive), Anti-Infantry (Incendiary), Anti-Vehicle/Ship (Armor-Percing and High-Yield Explosive)
>>Guass Cannon x2 (both on either side of the frontal hull)
>>>Description: Essentially a larger version of the Guass Rifle

Class: Stealth Bomber
Engine: Experimental Plasma Generator
Armor: Neosteel
Description: Having only exited the prototype stage a few years ago, the shadowbolt has proven it's worth time and again, responsible for the devastation of many criminal outposts for such a short time of service, and it's jamming technolagy has proven useful even against the most advanced of scanners.
As for the jammer itself, it essentially works as a blot on the radar. Conventional Scanners pick up a literal lack of anything in an area, and attempts at satallite photos, or any photos for that matter, only catch a veritable 'dead zone' in the picture. Sure, anybody looking out a window will still see it coming, but in the dead of night or out in space, a black dot on a black canvas is awfully hard to see.

Now, this isn't to say no scanners can detect the ship, but the Shadowbolt pilots have come up with a clever, if suicidal, countermeasure against those they know have access to such technolagy.
Kill the engine just before entering scanner range, and simply drift to their target, before gunning the engine once they're within striking distance and rain hell on their target.
>>Black Bomb x24
>>>Description: The main weapon of the Shadowbolt, there are 3 types; Standerd (Think Siege Tank explosion x3), Incendiary (Essentially a larger version of the Devil Dog Hellfire), and Plasma (An experimental plasma based explosive based on the weapons of the now-gone protoss).
>>Double-barreled Guass Cannon x4 (One on the tail, one on either side, and one on the top)
>>>Description: Essentially a larger version of the Guass Rifle, mostly used for self-defense in case they're spotted.

Class: Dropship
Engine: Promethium-fueled Thruster
Armor: Neosteel
Description: The conventional U.P.A dropship, holds up to 30 soldiers or 10 soldiers and a Leman Russ. It can also be outfitted with a Shadowbolt's Jammer at the cost of 10 seats.
>>Guass Cannon x4 (Tail gun, side guns, top gun)

Class: Dropship
Crew: 6
Engine: Experimental Plasma Generator
Armor: Reinforced Neosteel
Description: A larger version of the chariot, and the only thing in the U.P.A arsenal capable of transporting a baneblade. It can hold 60 soldiers, 3 leman russes, or a baneblade.
>>ATA/ATS Laser battery x4 (Tail gun, Side guns, Top gun)
>>>Description: The same laser batteries used on a battlecruiser. Can have the power cut from them to boost speed.

"Lunar" Class Battlecruiser
Class: Capital Ship
Crew Size: 1,000
Engine/Power Generator: Experimental Plasma Generator x2
Armor: Reinforced Neosteel
Description: A custom version of the battlecruiser, in place of a yamato cannon a Rail Gun sits in it's place, firing neosteel spikes with a 12' width and 32' length at mach 1 at up to 2 shots per minute. It is also capable of being overloaded, firing a single shot at seemingly the speed of light. Unfortunately, this prevents the gun for firing again for at least ten minutes, so it is usually reserved for desperate measures, and when it is done it is used with a spike tipped with adamantine.
>>Rail Gun x1 (Located in the frontal hull of the ship)
>>>Description: Check ship description above.
>>ATA/ATS Laser battery x24 (4 on the frontal hull, 8 on the starboard sides, 4 on the rear. All have a 180° pivot point)
>>>Description: The same guns used on your average battlecruiser, except with a little more punch behind them with a plasma generator powering their shots, rather than a conventional electrical generator.
Holy... Wall... of... Text... Batman...


My faction is probably going to be the travelling salesmen association of this RP. Travelling snakeoil salesmen.

But if you're clever enough to bargain with them succesfully, you may wind up with some very nice tech.
Holy... Wall... of... Text... Batman...


My faction is probably going to be the travelling salesmen association of this RP. Travelling snakeoil salesmen.

But if you're clever enough to bargain with them succesfully, you may wind up with some very nice tech.
They're like that shady salesmen in the alley, you don't know what they got until you find out.
Exactly. In my rendition of them in a game, you could purchase their wares if you had a certain amount of money or more... but you always lost every penny you had.
11/23/2012 08:16 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Holy... Wall... of... Text... Batman...

Is that a Dresden files reference I'm looking at?
Wow....uhh, well done! Good thing I reserved another post...
So, when will this officially start?
An excellent question.
11/25/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Korozain
So, when will this officially start?

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