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11/23/2012 05:31 PMPosted by Dacder
If everyone who has a nation would please make/finish their characters, because I'll just start once that's done, please remember that you need a diplomat.
Just a suggestion, you might need to make some sort of... something to get things rolling. That moment when you cut the red ribbon with giant golden scissors is going to be pretty dull if everyone just "keeps an eye on the RP."
Well, I can't start without the characters...
KO, Jake...please post your chars, I'm starting the RP today.

Also, everyone...please try to have a diplomat soon.
Administrator Ryt-Ayrn.
Ruler of a Mal Worldship.
Wants to make money.
Very generic Mal; creepy, imitates voices, greedy, etc.

I may generate random chars like this as I periodically show up and try to sell people things/rob people blind.
Can you please use the format?
Oops, sorry.

Character Name: Ryt-Ayrn
Age: 22
Occupation: Administrator
Weapons/Armor:Hidden dart gun... just in case...
Description: Mal are small, black insects with bulbous eyes, long antennae, and sharp mandibles. Ayrn is rather short, but quick, cunning, with the glint of greed in his eyes.
Backstory: Rose to power through an extremely high efficiency rating and only one assassination.
These forums....lol.

Edit: Accepted, thank you.
Oooooh, never did my characters... I'll just do the most obvious ones for now. Also, I updated my nation sheet, removing the army list since it's now seperate and adding a few things here and there.

Name: Jonathan Kennedy
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Occupation: Leader/Diplomat
Weapons/Armor: Skimmed down Carapace Armour beneath his suit
Description: Cheerful and well-mannered, but straight to the point in diplomacy. He never lies and he never tries to decieve, prefering to say it like it is and refusing to sugar-coat things for the weak-minded. These unusual characteristics for a politicion have made him an oddity in the meeting hall, but his reliability and popularity amongst the populace have elected him time and again, this being his second term.
Background: Coming Soon...

Name: Domanic Denton
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Occupation: Diplomat/Ambassader
Weapons/Armor: Skimmed down Carapace Armour beneath her suit
Description: Much like Jonathan, he is a cheerful and well-mannered person, but straight to the point in diplomacy. He, however, is not as reserved as his leader in deception, and while he resents criminals and arms-dealers, he will strike a deal if he feels he has to.
Background: Coming Soon...
Okay, I'll post the main thread now I guess.
Alright Dac, from what I've read, it's a good RP. However, I'll only be joining as a guard type character, or merc. Your choice.

Name: Joey Carta
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Armament: Verax Assault rifle, "Bessie" .30-06 lever action rifle, Cerberus Laser, Bowie knife, Colt .45 Peacekeeper 8 shot revolver
Armor: Fefnir MK II shielded combat armor. Using a shield generator, the Fefnir MK II can take a number of hits before letting the wearer get hit. Color is blod red with a pair of white crossed swords on a blue flame for an emblem, resting on his left shoulder.
Appearance: Six foot five, brown eyes, silver hair, close cropped hair, thin, muscular build
Backstory: Joey worked as a mercenary before hearing about a project, and when he wasn't on contract, he enjoyed hunting. Because of this, he's become both adept and lethal with rifles, pistols and knives. After the project's disbandment, he went back to mercenary work, eventually working for the company known as Pegasus Corporations, and became a part of their Project Cerberus, becoming one of the first of a second generation of Zeus soldiers, genetically engineered super soldiers that soon were all killed or went back to mercenary work, Joey being the latter.
Name: Outcasts
Leader(s): Tratos
Galactic location: Outer
Government type: Direct Democracy
Economy Type: Market Socialism
Money: $85 billion
Military Strength: 18 million (All population has gone through mandatory military training)
Military Tech: Custom, Scavenged
Worlds: Fairground (Homeworld), Lavera, Isslias, Vagar, Eritica
Population: 50 Billion
Political Respect: 8

Character Name: Tratos
Age: Unknown, assumed 40s
Gender: Male
Occupation: Leader/Diplomat
Weapons/Armor: XRM-99 Assault Rifle, E.L.E.R.D.S., Katana, Armored suit.
Description: Roughly 5 foot 11 wears a full body suit that is brown and purple, blocking every attempt to get some detail of his features. Suit is armored. He speaks well, often getting to the point instead of beating around the bush (Love that saying.) Hates lying, and has a knack for seeing through lies. Often travels with a female bodyguard.
Backstory: No one really knows who Tratos is. Some say he is just a face, representing the true leader of the Outcasts. Some believe he is a manipulator of people, using it to work his way up to positions of power. Some say he is a devil, evil reborn in the body of an individual. Only they, the Outcasts, really know who he is, and they do not talk about him, referring to him almost like a god among every other individual.

Warrior: Mutant melee unit often deployed with no weapons other than grenades. They are strong enough to handle larger weapons with one hand, and are often seen scavenging from enemies they have killed.
Grenadier: Anti-armored infantry armed with a grenade launcher. They are normally armed with grenades that can wreck vehicles, but can be outfitted with incendiary grenades or EMP grenades.
Infiltrator: Stealthy spy unit armed with a silenced rifle, they are the eyes and ears of the Outcasts, and have been known to steal materials for Outcast use, as well as jacking vehicles using EMP grenades in order to bring them back.. They usually avoid fights, and move quickly, using cloaking that detectors don’t pick up.
Salvager: Lightly armed infantry, they can repair vehicles. They scavenge things from vehicles, and can attach scavenged parts to other vehicles to boost their abilities. They are armed with a revolver.
Medic: Mutant equivalent of the normal medic. They are armed with an SMG, a special grenade that is made of an unknown mix that heals mutants, and can deploy flares to blind enemies as well as gear that can remove bad effects from allied troops.
Vanguard: Durable anti-infantry unit, armed with a Flak Cannon and almost as durable as a tank. They are mostly mercenaries, often fighting for whoever pays them the most. They cannot be bribed when with their kin-faction. They can set det-packs on structures.
Sentinel: Mercenary rocket troopers, armed with an E.L.E.R.D.S. (Excessively Large Explosive Rocket Delivery System), these troops are durable as tanks and are nightmares to them, as well as structures.
Ghost Stalker: Mutant commando, mercenary, and spy, these people are feared by even the specialists of other factions due to their abilities and training. They are extremely efficient, often fighting armies on their own. They use powerful Rail-Guns, and can swap to a Light Machine Gun.
Pack-master: These individuals have trained creatures native to the planet that the mutants had set down and called home. These creatures can spit acid which kill tanks. Killing the master will make the pack uncontrollably attack enemies.

Ironback: Mutant constructor and melee mech, these machines are in charge of maintaining the base structures and refineries. They are durable enough to fight in melee against enemies, and can leap at targets.
Gunwalker: Armed light walker, they are armed with twin machine guns to deal with infantry targets, and their legs are pointed, allowing them to stab infantry, and sometimes tip tanks over.
Digger: Anti-armored tank, these machines are reused from mining vehicles from previous wars. They can dig in, exposing less of their armor and gaining better range, but they cannot move.
APC: Reused vehicle from a few years back, these vehicles can hold one team of infantry and deploy them wherever they are needed. They can also lay EMP mines out to ambush the crews of enemies and scrap vehicles for themselves.
Seeker: Light-weight hover tank, these vehicles are armed with SMART Missile Batteries, equipped with this system for a singular purpose: destruction of aircraft, and sometimes on structures to level locations.
Vanter: The crown jewel of the mutants, these heavy tanks are juggernauts of the battlefield. They are armed with a heavy cannon and four independent machine guns, but these only are a tip of an iceberg. They are capable of holding six people who can fire out.

Impact Drone: Reused UAV technology, these drones are suicide flyers made to crash into enemies. Because they are small and cheap, they are fragile, but if they get in range to explode, they are extremely deadly.
Sidewinder: Reused aircraft, these machines unleash a hail of bullets on a location every time they pass, with enough rounds to destroy close to any infantry. They can also release a missile which becomes corrosive when in contact with the air.
Varius: Re-used Wraiths, these machines now have a more powerful and faster burst laser as well as a more improved cloaking system, allowing them to jam missile locks while they advance to locations, cloaked.
Blimp: Refurbished and reused civilian Blimp, these vehicles are armed with four gatling guns underneath it, unleashing fire on everything they find. They can open up a bottom hanger, and deploy bombs on ground targets.
Devastator: Heavy flier armed with a large amount of cannons, bringing an anti-armor view to everything they find. They can convert generator energy to speed the vehicle up at the cost of a slower fire rate.
Hurricane: Reused variant of a standard Hurricane-variant Battlecruiser, armed with enough missile batteries to block the sky with missiles, along with the shield found in most of them. They do not have a Yamato gun equipped and are faster.

Super Unit
XVSM-29045 “Harbinger” Heavy Train: Part hover tank, part train, and part WMD, the ‘Harbinger’ Heavy Train is a floating fortress of firepower, boasting enough weapons to destroy a continent, along with enough supplies to supply an army for years. They use the same E.L.E.R.D.S. rocket system as the Sentinel, only sending Super Thermobaric Rockets, requiring them to be long-range when they fire it. Other than that, they have weapons on every car to deal with every unit they find. They can also mount other systems, providing shields, mobile repairs, healing, or planting mines
Jester, you're accepted. Zarkun....that would be your choice, accepted regardless though. I would think being a merc would give you a better chance to interact with other characters though, so that choice may be better. Of course however, it's your decision.
I'll take merc. It's what he does for a living anyways.

Name: Asylium Corporation

Current Leader/Diplomat: Director Vann Giovanni
Galactic location: Fringe (Solar System Firmam)
Government type: Republic Corporation
Political Respect: 6/10
Fear: 2/10

Economy Type: Market
Money: $170,650,000
>>Gross: $125,000,000
>>Current Income: $15,625,000 (12.5 % of Gross)
>>>Health Care/Educational Funding: 25%
>>>Military Funding: 7%
>>>Government Employees: 13%
>>>Scientific Funding: 34%

Military Strength: 775,000
Military Tech: 1 (Slowly increasing)

Worlds: All structures are in Firmam Solar System.

>>Climate: Temperate, mountains giving a natural defense around key cities, while the nearby plains and forests are rich in resources and wildlife. Anarch has two Oceans.
>>Economy: Mining, Agriculture, Hunting, and some industry is located near the mountainous cities.
>>Population: About 8,000,000. Anarch is full of settlements while many of the cities are nestled within the massive mounatin chains that spread across Anarch, and the moiety of most cities are located right outside of the mountain as well as inside and deep underground.

>>Climate: Swamps and Mountains, Anarch's moon.
>>Economy: None
>>Population: About 675
>>>Scientists/Regulars: 360
>>>Security: 315
>>Underground Research Facility that is a many years old, abandoned a century ago, they discovered this facility on Anarch's moon. Left behind was a treasure trove of data and some other tech that was left behind, they are in the process of unlocking the possibilities.
>>>Nestled deep in a swamp next to a mountain, the facility is embedded into the mountain.
Character Name: Vann Giovanni
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Occupation: Asyium Director
Weapons/Armor: N/A
Description: 5' 11", light brown hair with lucid green eyes, stocky build, usually wears a black suit with a simple tie and dress shoes.
Backstory: He is the Director of Asyium, who was elected by the peoples representative and he acts as chairmen as well during the meetings of highly important decisions and/or to break a tie. He also has past military experience, once part of a Special Operations units that conducted-classified-Now he is on his way towards an important meeting in a refurbished civilian cruiser with an armed security escort.
Accepted, glad you could join us.
I won't share the post quite yet, but it involves my leader deciding to leave with Cerberus to the system where the ship was destroyed. And a lot of drama
What do you mean, Drama? If you go there...don't expect to come back.
Between my characters. Not much to affect the plot too much.

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