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"I split them up. First one is Korhal IV, second was Mars."
*puts on work hat*

I am determined to keep up with this. >_<

...But then again... Thats what I said for DH...
and mark it does seem that you are alone on earth that or noone else has posted for earth yet.
Darkra is also on Earth, but he hasn't posted since Wednesday. Probably did like me and took yesterday off.
zarkun could use you on SS
"I saw darkra on Cortex Roleplay yesterday..."
Alright, then I don't know where he went. I know he's also on Earth. Or...should be. And you're accepted SF. Good to have you back.
Can i sign up for this?
All are welcome, just use the application sheet format on the first page.
Name: Stacy Williamson
Age: 20
Soldier type: Field Medic
Appearance: Long blonde hair, ice blue eyes, 5'5, 130 pounds, skinny, pale white skin.
Armament: Emergency Combat Knife, Medical Equipment
Abilities: Heal (Self-explanatory.)
Backstory: She wasn't a fan of the war, but she had medical training and therefore signed up as a medic. Was raised in a middle-class family on Earth, which she longs to go back to.
Starting planet: Mars
This sounds Bad@ss.
Lol, unfortunately, it's sorta at a stand still. Three or four major RPers in it are MIA.
Damn. Well I'll start making my sheet right now and I'll be as active as usual.

^RPer^ Korozain


Corrupted file detected, please reconstruct profile...

Age- Classified
Eye color - Hellish Red
Body type - Agile
Hair color -Silver
Skin color - Grey
6' 3" 250
Features - Rough skin, many Nerazim related facial features,

Artemis - "Templar" Special Covert Operations Division

Necromancer Mk. V H.E.S., Tactical mask (Ready with psi-booster and a tactical eyepiece), Armor color: Dark-grey, icy blue trims. Mask, Chrome. Red fibre-wires along the suit and mask

Colt 2255 Marksman Rifle (Semi and Burst Auto) Hollow Point Rounds,

Cloaking, Tactical Grenades (Incinderary, EMP, Concussion), Psi Wave

History - *Data Classified*

Starting Planet: Earth
11/28/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Korozain
Special Operations Regiment
Section 8?
First 3 words, 3rd word has been changed. (they are a spec ops unit though).
When you're ready to put me in, tell me where to start or call in reinforcements in a battle. *shrugs* whatever's fine.

Could you tell me if my Character Sheet is good?
looks good to me koro zarkun is probably on TOR
!@#$ this is going to confuse me, we have the same portrait...
Sorry, Koro, been off playing an MMO all day. Your sheet looks good and is accepted. I'll add you real fast.
Alright, I'll keep checking in on the RP page and this one.

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