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A man clad in black had arrived into a room full of recruits. Some were eager, others didn't want to be here, some wanted to discover, but they couldn't know about the project just yet. For it wasn't kept secret for a reason. A medical station was quickly set up, with personnel to examine the recruits, looking for any abnormalities, and asking questions.

Each recruit stepped forward as each doctor looked them over, they started to ask basic questions.

[Name, age, gender] "Who are you, and what is your age?" The doctors had their clipboards out. After asking the recruits these questions, they went to the next step. That was when they went to a closer examination.
[Appearance] Eye color, hair color, build, appearance. This was all for future reference. They were then measured for their height and weight. This was to make sure they were fitted in the correct gear.

[Backstory and previous job before joining] The recruits were then tasked to take a simple test to learn about some of their skills and traits, this was to figure out how they would be paired with others. They also had to give a brief history of their life, ranging from experience to almost anything. As long as it was beneficial to hear about.

The recruits that passed were now sitting near a table, the ones that passed were also given the rank of Private. As these individuals were all new to the military.


Don't worry about the story plot so far, for this is an introductory and it's supposed to expand as we go on. Everyone will start out with some simple military gear, for you all will be keeping track of your own equipment. Which means it's also your duty to get new equipment like armor and gadgets later.

You have to be Terran.

And you have a chance to promote, of course.

Name: Commander, Lt. Monroe
Age: 25
Appearance: 5' 11", Hazel eyes, dark brown hair, muscular build, stocky.
Backstory: Was with the program for his third year, he is now a Lieutenant as well as the Commander for this division. Before he joined he was a simple farmer growing up as a child. He was kidnapped at the age of 13, not even having the skills and experience as the others. But that was his strength, for it proved the others wrong when it came to the 'tests'.


Name: Joey Carta
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Six foot five, brown eyes, silver hair, thin, muscular build
Backstory: Joey worked as a mercenary before hearing about the project, and when he wasn't on contract, he enjoyed hunting. Because of this, he's become both adept and lethal with rifles, pistols and knives.

Name: Marcy Alvery
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5' 11", hazel eyes, black hair, medium build
Backstory: Marcy was a Dominion Marine, before she was taken. She had significant aptitude to close-quarters combat, often using anything ranging from knives to shotguns to flamethrowers. She has a nasty attitude pretty much anyone, but her attitude is less when she is with a squad or fireteam.

Name: Rhyst Thyke.
Age: Late twenties, isn't sure exactly.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: 5'10", green eyes, blond hair, skinny.
Backstory: Spent a good deal of his early life on the run to avoid the Ghost Program. He tried to use his psionic abilities to start a gang, but the Program caught up to him. However, during his capture he suffered brain damage, minimizing his psionic powers and his value to the Ghost Program. He was mind-wiped and encouraged to join the military. There are a few gaps in his memory.

Name: Ben Quill
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'0, 175 pounds, lean build, long black hair, light blue eyes.
Backstory: Unknown, (DUH DUH DUHHHHH). Seriously though, he passed out and has amnesia.


Name: Stefan (the Coldblooded)
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Appearance: about 5' 6", lean, with ice blue eyes.
Backstory: Killer for hire.

Kevin Spacey
5' 11" 180lb
Korhal civilian drafted into the military. Not exactly pleased but will make the best of the situation. Previous occupation was a miner. No special skills in any military training. Complete novice.

Name: Fencar
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'6", brown eyes, auburn hair, broad shoulders, large chest.
Back story: Ghost program reject. Has aversion to Psionics or 'magic' of any kind. After being rejected, I went to mercenary work as I didn't want to be re-socialized. I'm a pretty good shot, okay CQC, good at 'mechanics', for lack of a better description.
"Joey Carta, mercenary and hunter. Most likely one of the more lethal men you'll meet."
I laugh;
"I might just have to take you up on that someday."
"I'm Fencar."

OOC: Once being part of the Ghost program isn't exactly something he wants to tell everyone.
"Marcy Alvery, former Dominion Marine. And the only respect I'll give you, sir, is the respect of the rank you have. Nothing else." She replies.
I shake my head. Marcy needed to learn that hate had no place in the military. No hate of any kind.
Monroe smiled. "If you want, I can tell you my whole life... I was a farmers kid, had a sister and two brothers. I loved my family so much, but then my life changed when I was 13... I was taken away by this very group, I was disheartened by the loss of my family... But then that day came on Tarsonis..." He stopped, taking it all in. "Want me to continue?"
I shrug. Why is he telling us his life's story all of a sudden?
"...and they were brutally ripped limb from limb by the zerg?"
I finish.
"Monroe, you don't have to explain yourself to her. Her hate will get her killed faster than anything else."
"No Stefan, devoured... And Joey, I will not stop. I might as well go towards the end, telling her everything that I've lost." Monroe was pushing back tears of pain.
"You don't owe her anything. She doesn't care and she hates that her superiors made a choice for her."
Samantha watched as the events unfolded, she wanted to be the last to introduce herself. With any luck, they'd forget about her and she wouldn't have to lie through her teeth.
I glance at Sam. "You know, I can tell you're hiding something. Only this time, it's about you."
Monroe continued anyway. "I'm teaching her something important... Look Marcy, at least you still have a chance to see the people who you still love... Everyone I loved is now dead, even the family that I had when I was here... And I will never get to see them again, but you still have a chance."
Sound familiar?


Good...but I'm sure some parts do, right?

Ah come on, ripped limb from limb, devoured?


Because that's not how it happened, is it?


Then you acknowledge that it did happen?

Ben passed out and fell on the floor.
Monroe stood up. "Samantha, you go and grab a spot in line, they are having a simple breakfast today of fresh fruit, oatmeal, milk... Pretty much ya. I'll carry Ben here to the medical bay." Walking over to Ben, he placed a finger to find a pulse and found one, then scooping him up... The two of them leaving the room.
Samantha looked at Joey with a puzzled face, "I'm not hiding anything!" Hopefully all those years of lying and spying would come in handy. She then stood up and thanked Monroe right before the door closed. Walking to the line, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
Marcy stands up. She never yells, only due to the way she was raised. "Joey, he is only my superior due to the fact that I was kidnapped from my squad, who are on the front-line. The only thing I had that was a family, and I was taken from them. My parents died from a bomb set by a gang, both my brothers gunned down on their way home, and my older sister was raped and killed. The worst part about each of these? I. WAS. THERE! Every single thing that had happened to my family, I had to watch." Tears welled up, but she continued anyways, her voice breaking. "The Marines I was put with were the only ones who I knew were my family, after my real one was killed." Marcy sits down, and begins crying.

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