Company of Brothers II

Joeyray's Bar
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This is getting stranger by the minute. I get in line for food, and see what there is to see.

I sympathize with Marcy, a little. At least she's getting it all out now so that she won't be a liability.
I let out a low whistle;
...poor girl... that's someone who needs some major psych help...
I shake my head. "You know why you were taken? Because some higher up allowed it. He isn't the one to blame, your superior is." I then follow Samantha. "You're keeping a secret, do I need to start guessing at it?"
i walked towards Sam, it was time "hey can we talk for a sec?"
I stay passed out, unable to think. My mind was racing, but none of it made sense, then it all started to come back.
They finally made it to the medical bay, Monroe setting Ben down and sat down next to him. Waiting for him to wake up, and there was no need for any true medical staff to be up at this time, Lupa would help... She was there to help calm Monroe down as well.
I face Jack. "Scram Dante. I think she's made it a point to say she wants nothing to do with you."
Finally I wake up, I wake up...a changed man. I decide to recollect it all later, for now I just needed to get out of here first.

"Oh, hello again...ehh, what happened? Where am I?"
OOC: its dante zark XD

IC: "this has nothing to do with you" i say cooly
Italics are thoughts

With bread at his mouth, Kevin made no sound at this and simply nodded his head at regular intervals during the entire conversation.

Damn, we have some serious emotional instability around here. I hope they don't crack and do something crazy.

Kevin massaged his shoulders. They were still a bit sore. He followed the group to the medical bay.
"And she's made it clear she doesn't want it to have anything to do with her either."
Monroe smiled. "At least someone isn't upset... You passed out onto the floor and I carried you to the medical bay. You will be fine. Do you know why you passed out?"
Marcy gets up, still crying, and leaves the Mess Hall, going back to her room.
"look i'm not looking for trouble. if u like you can look from afar" i replied
Inside, Ben is taken over by something else....

"I must just be hungry, I hadn't eaten in a while. Shall we go back to where we were at now?" I say, smiling as well.
"At least you are doing better already, but as a precaution... Don't overdue yourself."
Smantha rolls her eyes, then follows Dante. "What do you want? Joey nailed it on the head, I want nothing to do with you."
Monroe stood up and helped Ben up as well. "Let's get something to eat now." He begins his walk back towards the Mess.
I follow him, and once we arrive I get some food and sit down.

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