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I sigh inwardly, feeling a pang of sympathy for Marcy;
...I thought I was past all this nonsense, feelings and all... oh well, best just to roll with it...
I think to myself. Getting in line, I grab two trays.
i sigh. reducing my voice to a whisper i blurt out a string of information about her past that only she would know about ending with her recent kiss with Joey yesterday. " i also know that you hate me just by knowing your background. heck knowing your name. are you ready to listen now?" i say
I shake my head and keep an eye on them as I get my breakfast. Strange man that Dante was.
Can you remake that with a little more grammar? I didn't really understand your post. :S

So Dante knows her history or something?
OOC: if you forgot Markus when Dante first met Samantha he accidentally dug into her memories learning everything about her. if you read my other post about his dream it says that he can "unlock" minds of people who have gone through hardships and etc. Sam has gone through rough times am i correct?
Loading the two trays up with food, I head for my shared room. Stepping through the door, I offer one of the trays to Marcy;
Yes she has, but not nearly as bad as everyone else. She didn't get her family killed or anything. She has no huge sob-story. But I'm okay with that. But there are a few things you need to know about her if you really know EVERYTHING about her.
well i didn't want to say anything specific or else you might say its wrong or somthing so i kept it broad. can you just tell me then what i'm supposed to know?
Not to mention the kiss was after the mental dive..
naw if you read my other post i totally saw that while i was a wraith. i sorta separated my mind from my body when i was sleeping and roamed the campus
Marcy doesn't hear him. She is at her bed, photos spread out around the bed and one in her hand. She is lost in her own thoughts, tears still running down her face and landing on the bed.
With a soft sigh, I set the trays down on a table and sit down on the bed next to her, gently resting a hand on her shoulder;
"These pictures of your family?"
I ask softly.
Okay, but I dont necessarily want everyone to know. :-\

How should we go about this? Do you have a DeviantArt?


Samantha didn't want to stand here and listen to this idiot. She felt for Marcy and Joey...
OOC: ummm no but i could give you my gmail

IC: "you can ignore the fact that i know these things or you could accept it and let me talk." i said half pleading. but i knew this wasn't going to work. clenching my hand into a fist a punched myself out. my neck bent at an odd angel and i let Jack take over.

my neck snapped back into place, it was good that i wasn't sprawling on the ground. now how to get this girl to listen to us? "how about we sit down hmm? i'm so sorry for being so harsh, it must be hard to comprehend. please i may need this more then you" i say
Marcy, again, doesn't reply. In her hand is a picture with six Marines, all in armor and visors up. In the center, shotgun in hand, Marcy knelt down, looking happy. Behind her, a grizzly looking Marine with the rank of Sergeant stood. To her left, a young woman with a sniper knelt, smiling, with a larger man with dreadlocks holding a heavy gun. To her right, a Marine knelt down who also looked grizzly, but he was grinning. Behind him, another Marine with dreadlocks stood, holding his rifle in the air like he was cheering.
On the bed, there appears to be more photos, and several of them resemble Marcy in some way or another, mostly in looks which tell that they are her real family.
Samantha raises an eyebrow refusing to sit. "Go on."


Sure, that'll work.
OOC: kk its

IC: "well let's start by taking off that mask of hostility. you don't show it Joey and frankly i don't like talking to a wall of anger. besides if you get mad at me you have your boyfriend over there with a 6 inch long knife that you could easily ask to borrow and shank me to death." i say taking a seat and looking up at her
"Look, talking to people really isn't my thing, but I can give you one piece of advice, find the best memories of them you can, and put them in a safe place in your mind. Don't think about them constantly, but don't forget them.. ever..."
I finish my meal just as Monroe gets back to the mess hall. I get up and walk to him.

"Sir, I have a few questions. First, where are we? Second, what's our job?"
Monroe answered the question with a tired voice. "The first answer for you is classified, even I am not allowed to tell you that. As for the second one... You are going to be part of a Project... That is all I know of at this time, for mine was different. Each project is different."

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