Company of Brothers II

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I finish eating and approach Monroe. "You alright?"
Samantha took a deep breath, "What's your point?"
Marcy still doesn't reply, tears still running down her face. Her jaw moves as she mouths something to herself.
"Yes Joey, just memories of the past, everything that I have ever done, and has happened to me... It's starting to take it's toll. But I should be fine." Monroe sat down, just having a glass of water.
I still sit there, and after eating, silently go back to my room, once there I lay down, to remember...
"I don't qualify that as alright. You shouldn't beat yourself up so much."
"I'm not beating myself up, I'm just getting exhausted from everything I've done. I've worn my body beyond the limits of a normal human being."
"That seems to be only part of it. I know emotional exhaustion when I see it."
"stop ignoring me. you're here but you've already passed your judgment. i must convince you slowly. let me tell you a story...... back in a slum world there was a boy, a boy named Dante. he was a quiet child, after all his mom and dad died during a terrible gang war where they were caught in the crossfire. he was poor, and alone." i said to her as i began to trail off..... he was taking it from here....

"but then one day a group of people came, bringing promises of shelter and food. Dante too tired to care followed these men into a large skyscraper. they led him through many corridors depositing him deep underground. picked by the scruff of the neck he was thrown into a dark cold cellar. as the last traces of light from the doorway faded, as he was trapped in the cold darkness he began to cry" i said chocking back sobs now. standing up i began walking to the door. before leaving i turned around "the rest i'll tell you later, if you're willing to listen" i told her as i stalked back to my quarters....

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The more Monroe talked, the more my heart sank. Damnit, this is bad... "Any details on what kind of 'projects' this organization does? How about pay?"
Samantha had a look on her face that said 'You're pathetic,' but she remained quiet. She then walked back and got a bowl of fresh fruit, eating it, she sat by herself.
Monroe nods his head in agreement. "Yes, lots of that." Then his attention was at the patient Fencar. "Don't worry, these projects are safe, in moderation. They even tell a few of the people to lay off of the extra does of this certain chemical because of the side effects. But don't worry about that. None of those will be used, they want to train the perfect soldier without any modification or augmentation. And the pay is excellent."
I shake my head and go sit across from Sam. "Well, what he say?"
"...Look.. is there anything I can do?.."
I gently ask in a pained tone.
Marcy lifts her head to look at Stefan, finally noticing him. Tears still running, she replies "No, just give me a few minutes, I'll be ready to go." She gets up and starts gathering the photos.
I nod and stand up, somewhat uncomfortable;
"I.. grabbed you some breakfast.."
I say gesturing to one of the trays.
"Oh, you know." Samantha teasingly shrugged, "The usual." she shook her head, "Just telling me things that nobody should know about me, then topped it off with a little story about himself."


This RP has enough romances...
Marcy nods, puts the photos away, and begins eating breakfast from the tray, still not happy about being taken against her will.
I grab the other tray and begin eating.

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This RP has enough romances...

Oh god... This won't just be for fighting terrorists. No way. We're going to be fighting Zerg and Protoss when we're done training. They can't need perfect soldiers just to fight Raynor. I am scared. Very scared. I feel myself growing pale, cold.

As a Mercenary, I stayed away from any contracts involving Zerg or Protoss. You never knew with those contracts if they were suicide missions or run-of-the-mill sorts of things. Most of the time, it was the former.

I knew that this would be a fishy contract, but this is just over the top. Damnit. I bet they jammed my communications, not letting me know about any other contracts.

"Fine. When do we begin?"

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