Company of Brothers II

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"Soon Fencar, soon... And we aren't not like any other kind of soldier you may think. We are specialists, we aren't any soldier that fights in the front lines. We fight in the shadows, we fight against the true threats. And I just need to right a wrong real quick before we start." Monroe walked out of the Mess Hall after standing up, he was going to see Marcy.
"Well, that's...interesting. So, you still never answered my question, and I would really like honesty between us."
Even better. Now I don't just get to die to a Psi Storm or Colossus; I get to die to a Dark Templar sneaking up behind me and cutting my !@#$ head off. At least I have time: They won't send any soldiers to the field who aren't fully prepared.

"Wait-- one more question. Where's the range?"
Samantha frowned, "What question?"
"The firing range is near the Training Hall, you can't miss it. And let me give you some advice, never lose your cool...And most of the time, you wont be fighting Zerg, Protoss, or any other Terran. The ones in my squad, the ones that were like family to me? They died from neither of those, something far worse."
"Won't be a problem, sir."

Even worse. !@#$%^&*. At least I don't have a problem with keeping my cool.

OOC: I'll leave what he thought up to your imagination.

Also, did you take what I thought and make your response with that in mind?
Yep, I love messing with him already. :3
"About your personal secret. Do you want me to start guessing? I know it has something to do with being a spy. You said as much last night."
Marcy finishes her tray off, wipes her eyes, and looks at Stefan. "Thanks." She carries her tray out, heading back to the Mess Hall.
11/20/2012 07:46 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Yep, I love messing with him already. :3
That's cheating, unless your character is Psionic. >:(

Also, what guns are there at the range?

IC: I head to the range, and start browsing the selection of pistols and rifles.
"I don't have a personal secret." Samantha reported. Samantha leaned in, and I was a spy a long time ago, no longer." She said with a face that said, 'dont bring that up again.'


CR, dont turn the RP into DH... Please.... PLEAAAASE!! Keep it SCish...
What is DH???

The Hybrids are probably part of this. I doubt Smylez would have joined otherwise.
Nah, he could feel your body language, it was nervous from just looking at you from the way he was acting.

IC: Fencar saw a collection of weapons, ranging from the commonly used pistol to a military grade Canister Rifle. There were shotguns to rifles, SMG's to LMG's. Almost every type of weapon someone could think of.

OOC: ...Markus...Why would I do that? Zarkun probably already knows what I'm dong.
Dang it, I need a list of Starcraft weapons.

Also, my character is extremely good at hiding his thoughts and emotions, unless something really scares him. Body language is a non-issue for him.
He was just playing off of body language.
I know what the whole RP is about. Not DH in the least.

IC: "Well, then what do you have to hide?"
11/20/2012 07:59 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
He was just playing off of body language.

Also, my character is extremely good at hiding his thoughts and emotions, unless something really scares him. Body language is a non-issue for him.
What I said x10. Seriously.

You don't have to change what Monroe already said, just give a reasonable explanation about why he said what he did. Ex, he trained/watched over another group of recruits and one had a similar thought process to mine.

Well, I would prefer you did that, at least.
CR, im just pleading with you not to make this mystical or anything. I don't want Demons and Demi-gods running around this RP. Please?
Dude...That was nowhere close to what I had in planned.

Fencar, will try to do that next time and I'm sorry for the confusion.
Mark, I know what's going on because I sorta helped with the concept. You may get a glimpse in SS, we haven't decided yet. It is nothing like DH.

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