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Dude...That was nowhere close to what I had in planned.

Fencar, will try to do that next time and I'm sorry for the confusion.
OK, thanks. I think next time I should make it clear if my character has had a lot of practice controlling his body. Honestly, I thought that since he was part of the Ghost program that you would know that it's second-nature.

What is DH??
Okay, whatever.
Ah yes, now you hit you like a brick didn't it, your past and all..

Yes it did, please, tell me once more what, and who I am.

You are Jacobi Ramm, you are a prolific serial killer, as far as the universe is concerned, you're dead. When you were 17, you started. You counted each and every one, you left your mark each time, a cross hacked into the breast, taking off of old literature. You counted up to 337, that's how many innocent lives you ended, and you ended them each with a knife and a hidden face. You're a monster, "Ben". did I end up here? Did I run when they were on to me?

You silly boy, you know that they caught know you died, or, rather, were scheduled to...but they had an offer for you.

What was it?

You remember it, you just want to hear it again. Sick, that's what you are. And now, you know it, you accept it.

I never accepted anything.

Stop lying to yourself, you know your mission, in the words of those who sent you here, you are "to infiltrate, spy on, and if needed or deemed necessary, destroy the secret organization. Then you will have freedom". Ring any bells?


Though, that isn't my favorite part of this, it's the fact that you know you'll try to stop it, you'll try to kill every innocent soul in here...simply because you can. Because, that's who you are, you're you, you're me...

DH is a recently dead RP, Darkest Heart. Think monster hunters, angels, demons, demi-gods, etc.
Dacder, you evil bastard... I love your characters. You mix the perfect amounts of insanity and creepiness.
Oh, wow. Thanks.

God damn, Dacder.
OOC: This is by far my favorite character...that I've ever made, in any attempt to RP anything. Insanity is quite fun, and now I see why smylez loves it so. Also, thanks for the positive feedback, I had that in mind from the very start.
OOC: What kind of ammo is there? Are there any dud Grenades I can use for practice, for example a Lockdown round or EMP grenade?

Or are there any UED weapons?
Dude, use some imagination.
So in other words, whatever I want to be available is available?

Edit: OK, thanks.
No UED weapons, they haven't managed to secure any weapons from the semi failed expedition. They like to reverse engineer and recreate weapons.

Pretty much they have everything you can think of. Except for Zerg and Protoss weapons of course.
So many choices... I decide to go with what's familiar: A C-10 Canister Rifle VI. I grab a few Lockdown rounds and start shooting the various mechanical targets.

As soon as I fire the first shot, I start forgetting about the situation I've been put in. I continue firing Lockdown rounds for about half an hour, then I shelve the rifle and head back to the mess hall to find Monroe.
You dont even clean the gun? How rude...

jk, jk xD
(Semi-OOC post incoming, skip if needed.)

March 22nd Interview: Jacobi Ramm aka Ben Quill.

Interviewer:Hello, what's your name?
Subject: Hello, and it's Jacobi.
Interviewer:Try again.
Subject: Jacobi Ramm...that's my name.
Interviewer: Try again.
A sigh, followed by some quick static.
Subject: Ben Quill.
Interviewer: Excellent, how would you describe yourself?
Subject: Quiet, cold, calculated, and emotionless.
Interviewer: Try again, Ben.
Subject: Quiet, happy, friendly, and shy.
Interviewer: Good...good! We're making progress.
A loud banging noise, followed by screams.
Intercom: Security we have a code green in room 32, I repeat a code green in room 32.
Subject: My name....isn't...Ben...
-End Transmission-

Official Report: March 22nd Incident.
The subject...lunged at officer Gillian with a hidden blade, the subject proceeded to stab Gillian 27 times in the chest and head, killing him within the first minute of this happening. The subject has been put in solitary, and won't be let out until his mission is scheduled to occur. Security arrived too late to stop the subject, who dropped the blade and acted "perfectly normal" once they arrived. This report is never to be publicized, due to the fact that the subject has been announced dead on national news media. *Ink past this point is ruined by water damage*
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"Well, then what do you have to hide?"


"I dont have anything to hide!" Samantha said, biting into some kind of fruit that she had never tasted before.
Marcy finishes her tray off, wipes her eyes, and looks at Stefan. "Thanks." She carries her tray out, heading back to the Mess Hall.

I shrug, looking away;
"No problem."
I'm done for tonight, see you guys tomorrow.
I raise my hands in defense. "Alright, alright. I was actually wondering if we about last night."
Samantha stopped mid bite, then swallowed. "What about last night?"
Thyke creeps into the room and quietly gets something to eat. He finds an unoccupied table and sits at it, working the muscles in his jaw, trying to fight the pain in his head.

So many breaking minds here!

The once called Marcy, her mind burned to the touch. The other one, Ben, his mind was too strange to touch, like it was broken in two. Samantha and Joey were probably best avoided if possible. Actually, everybody was probably best avoided.

They put me in this... whatever it is with a bunch of psychopaths!

He thought a moment. Did that mean he was a psychopath too and didn't know it?

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