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No read on my character? I'm surprised. :P
I don't know, this is the first time I'm posting in this today, so I don't know... All I know is that Dacder's character is insane and creeptastic.

IC: Monroe was just about to leave the Mess Hall when he spotted Marcy, "I wish to talk to you about what happened. And I want to help you for you still have a chance to see them again, I don't have another chance to see my family. I can't guarantee anything, but I might be able to pull a few strings and get a video chat for you."
Uh, I'm not sure that Jester is here yet. In case he isn't:

"Monroe, Sir, who can I ask about the range?"
I shake my head. "Not here. But, we could talk about something else while we're here."
Marcy shakes her head. "What happened was that someone was an idiot, and didn't understand another person. And with where we were posted before I was taken," She spat the word out, as if she had a bad taste in her mouth from saying it ".... I wouldn't be surprised if they were still alive. They don't have a tendency to die from Zerg or Protoss." She puts the tray away, and takes a seat at one of the tables.
"Fencar you can wait, this is important." Monroe combed his hair back again with his left hand. "I'm willing to pull all the favors I got just so you can get a chance to talk to them, I could also get them pulled out from the serious fighting so they can live long enough to see you again."
"Yes, sir."

I walk over to a chair and sit down, grab five dice from my pocket, and start rolling them around to pass the time.
Marcy chuckles, her mood changing to a slightly more happy one. "Talk to them, huh? Sounds good to me. No, they wouldn't want to be pulled out. I know Sarge, and he'd rather die then sit down and waste time. So would most of the rest of them. Battle is all they've known, and they don't want to be pulled away."
I'm sorry... But I'm going to shut down this RP. I'm going to be suffering from problems sometime into the future and it doesn't really matter if I leave it up until then, for it would still be shut down.
Life caught up to him Mark. Move along.
Markus, unless you want to give us money so we can keep our house... Then keep your comments to yourself.
No, no, I didn't mean it like that. I completely understand. Does that mean you're dropping out of SS too?
Oh, wow.
Well....uhhh, best of luck to you, and your family CR. I hope you can find money..somewhere, perhaps you should go try and find some pirate treasure to save it....but jokes aside, that...really sucks. Too bad about the RP as well, I was enjoying it, but obviously real life comes first, so good luck with your situation.
hmm well zark knows partially what is going on so maybe he could take over? dunno but i can try and make a revamp if that's what everyone wants
Zarkun already knows. We were the first to find out, along with TC.
Darkra, what Jester said, no is no, is no! Only CR could pull off this kind of RP. Let it die, then leave it be.
haha i got it mark didn't you see what i said in the PRP bar? but ya is was a good RP even though i joined late good run guys and join my new RP if you can! if you have anything to say to improve it tell me in the thread
Nooooo.............. T_T

GL Crymson!!!

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