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"You're either with us or against us!"

"I am neither with you nor am I against you!"

"Can he do that?"

"He's religious, I believe it's required."

-Brief conversation between a missionary, a pirate, and Jack Sparrow.
"In the end, your actions mean nothing in the world. The constructs of all of the Terran race, nay, the species of every world that I have ever seen will ultimately fail. Entropy shall claim all those who dare oppose it, and even the greatest of your structures shall crumble and fall apart against the gnashing teeth of time, their whole world reality dying as one. Your planets shall crumble, your stars shall grow cold and dim, and all you have ever strove to create, all that you've shed blood and tears to bring to fruition shall be forgotten by the great masses in favor of their temporary and pathetic comforts, their momentary sensations.

In the end, why fight? Why strive for the greatest of pleasures and happinesses in life, when they hold the same pointless value as its most dire of actions? Why choose to help the masses rise above themselves rather than condemn them for their vices?

Well... Sometimes, you don't ever need a reason. The action in itself... that is more than enough of a reason."

--Noctalus Dare

"Every soul is beautiful. Their bodies that they walk about in, those that they inhabit for the entirety of their lives, are these not but vases for holding something much greater? The art that they inhabit, that they take for granted, why do they so carelessly treat it so? If even for an hour, if even a few minutes, for the slightest of moments that I can make them see this, to make them think and love their lives, their minds, their souls and their bodies, to be happy and to walk besides their others...

Can such a thought be one of malice? Thinking and acting for the sake of pleasing another?"

--Solaris Dare

"I have always been a heartless person, a man who would willingly cast away his life for the sake of saving another, for the sake of attaining the bloody vengeance that another could never achieve for themselves. For the sake of those around me, I would willingly cast away my mind and become the greatest of horrors, a true monster amongst monsters, for I hold no heat in the hole in my chest called a heart. But have you ever wondered why I would ever call myself heartless? That I would willingly cast aside my humanity?

...Its because idiots like you keep stealing it away, making me feel these strange, irrational things..."

--Me, speaking with a friend

"The first two are from Darkest Heart, as I never got around to truly elaborating on their truer natures. Considering the sheer amount of depth and development that was never seen... It saddens me to no end I could not bring their full histories to bear.

...I await the future with eagerness."
"One of the greatest questions in life is this: why. Why do we exist? Why does anything happen the way that it does? What is the point? 'Why' is a question that people have asked themselves ever since we first formed the ability to ask questions. 'Why' is the eternal question that children will ask their parents, and will forever be frustrated because their parents can't give them an answer. 'Why', along with 'what if', are the two questions that will forever torture the minds of scientists and engineers. 'Why' is the ever spiraling puzzle that turns the convoluted thoughts of philosophers. It has spawned wars, driven the greatest discoveries of our history, and shortens tempers.

To those who posit me the question 'why', my answer is simple. Why not? Let the answer be whatever you want it to be."

-Me, on one of my more optimistic days.
10/23/2013 07:36 PMPosted by Thundercrash
Let the answer be whatever you want it to be.

So, essentially, you're saying that truth is relative and there is no answer to the question 'Why'?
"homestuck is a cute webcomic they said

homestuck is just really funny they said

homestuck is just a funny comedy comic thats quick to read they said


- Youtube quote
10/23/2013 11:21 PMPosted by ThaneKrios
Let the answer be whatever you want it to be.

So, essentially, you're saying that truth is relative and there is no answer to the question 'Why'?

In situations where 'why' doesn't have a clear answer, yes.
10/23/2013 11:21 PMPosted by ThaneKrios

10/23/2013 07:36 PMPosted by Thundercrash
Why do we exist?

For So it Was Ordained.
Hey everyone who wants to talk about...
*Everyone clears out*
You didn't even let me finish! I was gonna say "Homestuck."
*The room leaves*

- Youtube quote
"Amor est Vitae Essentiam"

-unknown, but words to live by if you understand what they mean
You and I were born
Right here in the same world
For this one brief life
we’re beneath the same sky.

The great flow of time,
The wide expanse of space
We are lucky enough
to share this lifetime we get

We can gain more if we give
By taking, we only lose.

Let us make this a new age
Where we show our gratitude

There’s a fragile bud of hope
blooming in each of our hearts.
Don’t you take that away
Our dreams are meant to be shared.

Let it grow. Let it live.
Let us see what it will bring.

When we share in our love,
we will make a beautiful world.

Search it out, and find the way;
the point where we can all meet

The point where we’re all the same
There it lies; the future we seek.

Start from there, and then we’ll forge
a world where all can be free

Free to dream, and free to smile.,
Free to be who we will be.

Lets make sure we create..

A world of our hopes and dreams.

In our brief lives
we’ve managed to meet
Treasure this gift
This precious time that we have
In our brief lives
we’ve managed to meet
Treasure this gift
This precious time that we have

-Kiseki, English translation
"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing-
only after they've tried everything else."

"I may be drunk, Miss, but tomorrow I'll be sober and you'll still be ugly."

"We are all worms, but I like to think of myself as a glow worm."

-Winston Churchill
"Dead men tell no tales."
-A parrot.
"The man who thinks he's right, and the man who thinks he can, and the man who thinks he can't, are both correct. Which one are you?"
-Henry Ford
"You want a Twinkie, Genghis Khan?"

- Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
"The world of dew, is the world of dew, and yet.. and yet.. "

― Kobayashi Issa

This poem made me cry when I first read it.

It's my favorite poem. The man who wrote it was a buddhist priest who lost three children. After the death of one of them, he wrote that poem expressing his grief, and the brutal contrast between what he was trying so hard to believe, and reality itself. The 'and yet and yet' is his daughter.
"Evil will never rule."

The country who forgets it's defenders, will itself be forgotten.

A fan made constitution for the Terran Republic Government of Planetside 2
The last line reads as follows:

"The followings words are not part of the Secretary of Internal Affairs’ vocabulary: niceness, sympathy, pleasantry, love, tolerance, cap’n and due process"
"Life is a joke, and as I read in a gas station bathroom stall: 'The joke, is in your hands.'
...Oh, I just got that!"

-Love Guru
"YOU get a bullet! And YOU get a bullet! EVERYBODY gets a bullet!"
-Axton, Borderlands 2

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