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Humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction by the Zerg and Protoss. For three decades, they have been waging a merciless war against the Terrans, glassing and infesting every planet that fell, and leaving the Terrans without a way out. Slowly but surely they were forced to a single planet in the Koprulu Sector and then they set out for Earth, finding more established resistance, but nothing they weren't able to whittle away at. Three bastions of human resistance remain, Earth, Korhal IV and Mars, which was finally made habitable three years before the Fall of Humanity began. In those three years, it was turned into a military bastion, armed with ever upgraded weaponry, and is also the place where Project Final Flash was carried out. This project is the reason Humanity is still surviving. It produced the Artemis soldiers, genetically altered and modified super soldiers that could stand toe to toe with the most elite of Protoss warriors and put them to shame. You are soldier among the human ranks, Artemis or otherwise, and you are part of a force dedicated to helping humanity rise again, not just continue to exist. However, things look bleak. First you must reestablish communications with the other two planets, a dangerous task with Infested and Zealots prowling the halls of the long range communications towers, and who knows what else. Then you have to rebuild your fleets, but the shipyards are overrun with Zerg and Protoss forces, including things never before seen. Both tasks are extremely dangerous, but possible with a proper amount of teamwork. Pick up your weapon, show your heart of courage, and lead the charge to reclaim Humanity's future, or make your final stand. The choice, is up to you.

Restating that you are not allowed to derail the main plot in any way shape or form.

Link to the PRP:

Subject, Draco.


Corrupted file detected, please reconstruct profile...

Age, 25...
Eye color, Electric Green...
Body type, Athletic...
Hair color, Platinum...
Skin color, Tanned...
6' 4", 255 lbs...
Features, Scar from training across left eye...

Artemis, Special Operations and Assault division...
Fefnir Mk III Assault Armor, Armored helmet, color: red...
Fully automatic Odin assault rifle, .50 caliber Drop-Dead Combat Pistol, Combat Knives...
Frag grenade, shredder grenade, prototype Plasma grenade...

History, -Classified-...

Name: Roxane Gillman
Age: 23
Soldier Type: Infantry
Armament: Sniper rifle and handgun. Combat knife (Armor is in the pic^^)
Abilities: If I need this, I will add it in.
Backstory: Being the youngest of eight siblings really got to her. She can be defensive, irritable and impatient. She can be humble, giving and a peace-maker through all of that, too. After training alone at her ranch with the family, it finally became time to submit a application for the military. With the dire need for soldiers, they gladly accepted her even though she was not a straight A student. She takes pride in her ability to shoot a quarter from a mile away with her favorite rifle and still kill enemies with her handgun up close. She dispises the zerg, but has a strange admiration for the protoss.
Starting planet: Earth


Name: James Boelcke
Age: 17
Soldier Type: Combat Pilot
Appearance: Tall and thin with dirty blond hair and blue eyes.
Armamant: Handgun for defense
Abilities: Errrr pilot vehicle???
Backstory: James comes from a long line of combat pilots dating back to the famous Oswald Boelcke who flew for Germany in WW1 and wrote the rules for aerial combat. James father was one of the best pilots on Earth but he died of a heart attack. James was drafted into Black Cat wraith squadron even though he is a year to young to legally fly. He has just gotten out of the week long flight school and will soon see combat.
Starting Planet: Earth

Special Notes: James flies a Wraith.

Name: Mason Wener

Age: 15

Soldier type: Terran Militia (Essentially a bunch of civilians with guns thrown into their hands, given orders, then tossed into the front lines. If they by some miracle survive their first mission, they're drafted into the military for more extensive training)

Appearance: A slim, but toned physical body, with a tan skin color and dark brown eyes. His hair style is a buzz cut with little to no facial hair.

>>Outdated Carbine (4.85x49 Enfield Rounds)
>>.357 Revolver
>>Neo-steel Serrated Combat Knife
>>Basic Flak Armour (They may as well be wearing cardboard for what they're going up against)
>>Military Fatigues
>>Gun Maintance Kit

Abilities: None

Backstory: Born and raised in the bustling cities of Korhal, Mason led a fairly normal life before the aliens came. Above-average grades in school, though asocial, and gymnastics each week as well as daily excercises with his father kept him in shape both mentally and physically.

When the aliens attacked at age 12, his entire family was slaughtered by the Zerg right before his eyes as he was jammed into a truck before being brought to a refugee camp. He was too young to even be put in the militia at the time, but he constantly excercised so that he would be fit for duty when the day came. Anything to leave the excuse for a refugee camp, where food was scarce and even basic hygene needs only barely met.

Well, he got what he wanted, drafted three years later, but he will soon regret his decision...

Starting planet: Korhal

Name: Soren Talmerez
Age: 30
Soldier type: Artemis Engineer
Appearance: Bald, 6 foot 4, heavy build, scar running down left eye to lip.
Armament: Automatic Shotgun, C-22 Guass Rifle
Technopathy: Manipulates machines and vehicles, allowing for remote control
Deploy Turret: Deploys a turret of his choice, weapon varies from flamethrowers to rockets
Backstory: Earth-born trooper with a unique aptitude with technology. Was stationed on Mars as a guard for a research station before the invasion had begun, and now fights to survive and find others before it is too late.
Starting planet: Mars

Note: Can control Protoss vehicles as well as terran vehicles.

Name: Fencar
Age: 25
Soldier Type: Ghost.
Appearance: 6'6", broad shoulders, auburn hair.
Armamant: C-10 Canister Rifle VI, multiple Lockdown rounds, EMP grenades, a few dozen high-caliber rounds. Has a modified Warp Blade attached to his right wrist.
Abilities: Cloak, Snipe, extensive Telekinesis. Can detonate an EMP grenade while it's wired into his suit to recharge energy in a pinch.
Backstory: Rated a 10 on the Psi index. One of the last Ghosts remaining, he hasn't gotten this far for nothing. Managed to get back to Korhal IV via crash-landed Phoenix. Has a long history with the Protoss.

Notes: I don't count EMP and Lockdown as abilities because they take ammo, not energy. Snipe I do count because you actually Psionically charge the bullet to do more damage. I will expand his backstory when I have time and ideas.

Name:Jurassic Conquest (Real name: Lenny Dud)
Soldier type: "Heavy Infantry"
Appearance: Huge, 6'8, 285 pounds, black skin color, bald, large football jersey when not in combat, Black and Green uniform in combat, large pants, black boots.
Armament:MI-68 Personal Minigun, Riot Shield, AK-145 Machine gun, Magnum pistol.
Abilities: Strength (Self-explanatory).
Backstory:Was a Defensive linemen before the war started, he signed up quick, and went around places. He got his nickname from his commander in training camp, and was sent to mars where was just now put into Soren's unit.
Starting planet:Mars

Name: Dark Alpha (John Strife)
Soldier Type: "infiltration"
Appearance: strong but not bulky(average sized). white skin colour, white hair, red eyes, TX-4 360 infiltrator battle suit
Armament: TX-CR lasrifle, TX-150 Tower shield(its actually a tine rectangle to start out with but expands), and psi-katana(pretty much a katana but the blade edge is a laser)
Abilities: cloak(short period), Tower shield can be dug into a ground(if its not metal) to form cover, and Dark sight(see through walls)
Backstory: *unknown*
Starting planet: Earth


Subject, Wolf Mother...


Corrupted file detected, please reconstruct profile...

Age, early twenties...
Eye color, Ice Blue...
Body type, light and lithe...
Hair color, Auburn...
Skin color, pale...
5' 7", 147 lbs...
Features, freckles on both cheeks, dimples...

Artemis, Special Operations and Reconnaissance division...
Tactical Reconnaissance armor, hooded mask...
Semi-Auto Reaper Sniper System, Burst-Fire Tactical SMG, Combat Knife...
Recon Drone, Proximity Mine, SOFLAM...

History, -Classified-...

Starting Planet: Mars

Name: Oraia
Age: 30
Soldier type: Last surviving member of the group Raynor's Raiders, Gen V Spectre
Appearance: fiery red hair, 5' 10", lithe, small but extremely strong and toned muscles,
Armament: the last creations of Stetmann and other scientists the raiders picked up before they died: Modified self repairing Spectre suit, Proton rifle, Class 5 warp blade given as a gift from Zeratul (hey its zeratul he likes terrans even in the midst of a war like this i doubt he would condone the actions of his brotheren)
Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mind bomb, warp-cloak
Backstory: the last person to join the raiders she did so at only 18 years old and has fought tooth and nail to survive since then in the war that has been going on. when Raynor died she took command and kept the raiders going and the Hyperion alive. now with noone else from the raiders remaining alive and the Hyperion almost destroyed she warps the almost crippled cruiser to Korhal hoping to land with out getting killed herself. she also went through the Spectre conditioning process being the last one to do so and one of very few to remain unchanged by the process. rates an 11 on psi-index
Starting planet: Korhal

Name: Stacy Williamson
Age: 20
Soldier type: Field Medic
Appearance: Long blonde hair, ice blue eyes, 5'5, 130 pounds, skinny, pale white skin.
Armament: Emergency Combat Knife, Medical Equipment
Abilities: Heal (Self-explanatory.)
Backstory: She wasn't a fan of the war, but she had medical training and therefore signed up as a medic. Was raised in a middle-class family on Earth, which she longs to go back to.
Starting planet: Mars
^RPer^ Korozain


Corrupted file detected, please reconstruct profile...

Age- Classified
Eye color - Hellish Red
Body type - Agile
Hair color -Silver
Skin color - Grey
6' 3" 250
Features - Rough skin, many Nerazim related facial features,

Artemis - "Templar" Special Covert Operations Division

Necromancer Mk. V H.E.S., Tactical mask (Ready with psi-booster and a tactical eyepiece), Armor color: Dark-grey, icy blue trims. Mask, Chrome. Red fibre-wires along the suit and mask

Colt 2255 Marksman Rifle (Semi and Burst Auto) Hollow Point Rounds,

Cloaking, Tactical Grenades (Incinderary, EMP, Concussion), Psi Wave

History - *Data Classified*

Starting Planet: Earth

Name: Jeff Holloway
Age: 26
Soldier type: Marine
Appearance: Deep Blue eyes. Blonde short hair. 5' 11'
Armament: Standard Marine issue everything.
Abilities: I hate coming up with abilities...
Backstory: Always dreamed of defending earth as a boy. When aliens actually began invading earth Jeff got his wish. He quickly enlisted for the military and has enjoyed every day after. Loves his familiy and his two sisters very much.
Starting planet: Earth
Opening scene-Earth: Beautiful sun rise offset only by the sound of Zerglings washing up against the compound walls and psi storms attempting to bring down the protective barrier. Your CO is in the command bunker, giving orders to prevent several roaches from bringing down the front gate and to stop a group of infestors from making it into the compound via some old supply tunnels due to be demoed, but a Hydralisk escort killed the demo team before they could set off the charges. There are also several Protoss warp prisms inbound and the engineers need an escort to repair the heavy anti air turrets.

Opening scene-Korhal IV: The sound of Zerg and Protoss warriors attacking the compound has permeated your dreams. They rarely give a respite, and now your CO needs you to stop a column of Immortals from reaching the walls and cracking them open and also another crisis, Mutalisks and broodlords are inbound, and the power relay is filled with Zerglings and broodlings who have been ensuring that they anti-air defenses stay off line by destroying power connections and killing anyone sent to repair them. The final threat is a contingent of five Ultralisks are heading straitght for the base, intending to make a second hole in the walls, or one at all if the Immortals fail. You have to find a way to stop the giants.

Opening scene-Mars: You awake in your quarters, the alarms blaring as more Zerg and Protoss lifesigns enter the atmosphere, and you head to the command center, where your CO is in the midst of an important strategic decision; Eliminate the scout force to buy the main base more time, plant traps for the main force to thin out their numbers, but allow the scouts to see your standing defenses, or assault the main force directly, forcing them to retreat.

Soren clears his throat, and speaks. "Sir, we aren't sure of what kind force they're sending at us. I know we have a scout team wandering around, but what if we funnel them into a trap before we let them get too close? If we can get them distracted, some of the engineers and I could plan some surprises for the main force when they get here."
Commander Hartlet looks at Soren. "It's a sound strategy. See what you can do, then prepare for their assault. Hopefully we can continue to push them back." An Artemis soldier watches the exchange, noting that Soren had thought of the best plan carefully. "Get some marines as a distraction force and some more engineers to assist him." An aide nods and runs off. Hartlet beckons Soren to the battle field map. "They'll enter here, through this canyon."

OOC: Forgive me, I'm not too good at this map thing.

.=ground, |= compound wall, - =canyon walls, ^=gate.

OCC: Sweet. Now someone can have some fun. Namely, me. >: )

"Alright, I'll make sure they won't forget us anytime soon. Radio me when they are almost at our canyon entrance so I can pull everyone out, and get more turrets up inside the compound." Soren replies, and sprints out to the compound entrance. Now, to earn my pay and make sure they know we won't go down without a fight. He smiles to himself, and gets to the gate, six engineers waiting. He walks up to them, and asks "What do we got?"
A large burly, Scotsman speaks up. "Perdition turrets, plasma mines, auto turrets, anything you can think of. Command must really want this force thinned up first."
"Alright you slimy excuses for soldiers!" The leuteniant barked. ",Apparantly, command thought you wimps would be of actual use for me, so here's what I'm going to have you do!" He looked at the mangled mess of bodies before him, many he considered to young to be running around a battlefield, but they would have to do. It was a sobering thought, however, that these slim, and in some cases near-skeletal, figures armed with outdated weaponry and armored with what might as well be cardboard, were one of the last hopes for the compound.

He looked away from the array of 40 'soldiers', and continued speaking. "A group of zerglings and broodlings have managed to infiltrate the base, and are currently holed up in the generator room for the anti-air turrets, having torn apart our auto-turrets and so far killed off all the groups that attempted to repair them. I need you boys," He spat, puncuating that he meant it literally as well as metaphorically ",to go in there and flush the bastards out. We can't use flamethrowers or frag grenades at risk of further damaging the equipment, but I'm sure you can do it."

He looked back at the group, and out of all the militia standing before him only one person was holding composter and not sh*tting his pants, metaphorical or otherwise. A kid who looked barely 15 and his armor a little too big for his slim, but toned frame. His dark brown eyes were filled with a determination and jaded wisdom far too much for one so young.

"Alright! Dismissed!" The soldiers began to hurry out, the young boy beginning to leave last.

"Except for you." He said, pointing towards him. The Boy looked towards him and marched, not walked, over.

"Yes, sir?" He asked, his pitch that of a young boy but the tone had a jaded edge to it.

"What's your name, son?"

"Mason. Mason Werner, sir."

"I like you. Try not to die out there, okay?"

"I'll try my best, sir."

"Alright. Now get back with your squad before you're late."

"Yes, sir." He marched out of the room, Enfield in tow.

"Damnit, I really need to stop playing favorites..." He muttered under his breath.
Commander Ryan had watched the militia's briefing and leaving. He hated it, using their true future and hope to fight against damn near impossible odds. "God be with them," he muttered, returning to watching the rest of the battlefield.
OCC: Ok, I'm swapping to first.

I chuckle, happy that the stuff that were getting are for real. An engineer's dream, alright. "All right, split yourselves up, teams of two!
I want autoturrets up on the canyon ledges, aiming down at the canyon floor. Set their target priority to all. Set three explosives along the ledge and use them to bring rocks down to split their forces in half.
Another team needs to set up rocket turrets at the entrance to the canyon, and mines and remote explosives out in front of the turrets. The mines need to target groups, let the rockets do the killing of large targets.
Finally, I want a team with me, and we're going deeper into the canyon entrance to set up Perdition turrets, mines, remote explosives, hell, anything we have left-over. Spider and Heuristic mines need to focus on the larger targets, altering explosive strength when needed, and the Perdition turrets need to focus on the lighter targets. Set the Widow bot/mines in between the turrets so they can do the most damage while keeping out of the line of fire.
Everyone understand? Good. Move out!" Soren finishes relaying instructions, and everyone scrambles to get the list done, storming out the gate and starting their work.

Note: Spider Mines are the Cerberus variant.
I walked into the hanger nervously and I see my wraith awaiting me. I look over at the hanger operator nervously, wondering what I should do. "Just hop on in and wait until command gives you an assignment. Just be prepared kid, most pilots are launche a few seconds after they hop into their craft." he said as if reading my mind. I wal over to the Wraith which was brand new unlike most of the dinged and torn up aircraft in here and I knew it wount be long untilthe beautiful vehicle turns into one of the many tired aircraft lying in the hanger. As I walked on the creaky cat walk the !@#$ pit opened up as if saying "Hi let me take you to your doom!!!" I hopped in nervously and watched as the cockpit closed up and the systems sprung to life with a push of a button and the only thing I had to do is wait untill I got my first and probably last mission.
/facepalm. I just told you where to go Mecha. Don't deviate at the moment. As a pilot, you'll probably want one of the other missions, but you still need to go to command first.
So ill just go kill the WP????
Or the roaches. That's up to you. Just remember that the WPs have an escort of phoenixes and scouts.
I finish a Perdition Turret, and move on to another one, opening a comms channel to my CO. "Sir, this is Soren with the Engineer team. What's the ETA on the enemy main force?" We had to get an early warning so we could retreat and make another line of turrets.
{You have 20 mikes. Make it fast.}
"Everyone, report in." I speak into the channel for the engineers. One by one, they called in.
"This is 1-1, I've got 6 turrets active and remotes ready."
"1-2, same deal here, 5 turrets active and remotes active."
"2-1, finishing a turret, mines set. Need 3 mikes, over."
"2-2, same, need 4 mikes."
"3-1, all done with turrets, setting the remaining mines with 3-2. Need 6 mikes."
I nod. These guys worked fast. "Roger that, 1-1 and 1-2, pull back to the compound and start turrets on the other side of the gate. 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, we have less than 20 mikes, so hurry your asses." I start working on one. I knew I'd need 8 mikes to get it built, but the attack priorities I could do at a safe distance away. "When you guys get done with whatever you are doing, pull back to the compound and make more turrets."
Hartlet watched the main force progress. It was full of new Protoss war machines and Zerg strains. Who knew what would happen.
I get up from my turret, and start sprinting back to the compound. {Close the door! The turrets will hold them off for now, we'll get more defenses beyond the gate.} He runs in, setting priorities on the turrets and getting the remote detonated bombs ready.

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