Final Stand (Open RP)

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You can see several Zerglings getting curious about the smoke and a High Templar moving to investigate it.
We move in a bit closer, I hope the Zerglings encounter the Templar and do most of our work...

The Zerglings notice the High Templar and stop, instead going to fight with some of their nearby brethren.
That works.

"Move." We charge and I throw an EMP grenade while Alpha 2 fires a burst-auto assault rifle at the Templar.

The shields vanish, but the Templar uses it's psi blades to block the burst, counter attacking with a thrown disc of psionic energy.
Alpha 2 is hit, left leg, I drag him to nearby cover and have him distract the Templar by firing constant bursts from the rock/tree cover.

I flank around and shoot it from 25 meters behind it in some rock-cover.(remember I use hollow points)

The High Templar uses his agility to dodge and avoid the rounds from Alpha 2, but the hollow-point round clips his left leg, crippling him.
My apologies, I can't find where I am needed but you said we need more earth posters. You never even did accept my char on pg. 13... I think it was 13 anyways.
Sorry, I'm in need of you to post more before I can move on and your other person is accepted.
O I C you need me to take out the infestors before the story resumes? Or something?

IC coming soon.
That would be it. Don't do it too quickly. I have a surprise for most of the RPers.
I move in and deliver a bullet to his head with my rifle on semi auto.

Instead of the usual joining of the body with the Khala, psionic energy begins to build up and your danger assessment of the Templar sky rockets six points. He's about to explode and take his foe with him.
Sh*t! No time to run...

I launch a Psi-Wave hoping to move the body and it's energies at least 25 meters away from me, not killing me.

The body flies away, landing several meters away, far enough away to survive, but still close enough to hurt.
I pull my arm and shoulder up to cover my face, the force disables my shields and gives me a headache, but nothing more. I press on to the pilot.

{Alpha 3, pull up an ATV, 2 is injured. I am close to the objective} I radio as I near the crash.

"Anyone alive in there?"
OOC: Errrr Korozain my Wraith is pretty much buried into the ground with the front end sticking into some secret facility. BTW sorry I havent been here school work......

IC: I hear faint yelling upahead but then a louder, more terrifying sound burst through the air. Chittering and unnatural footsteps. I watch helplessly as the first Zergling entered my view and was soon followed by more. They looked up at me hungrily and then as if given a soundless order they suddenly jumped onto the wals and climbed upward.

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