Final Stand (Open RP)

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"You heard the engineer, where are those marines?" An ensign looks up.

"Still returning. The sergeant said to close the gate without them if they aren't back in 5 mikes." Hartlet sighed. Brave man, even if he was foolish.
I decloak in front of the CO on Korhal IV. "Ghost, reporting."

I start putting mines around the gate, getting ready for the incoming attack. Each team was working as fast as possible to get everything ready for when they broke through.
{Sir, any support you can assign to the gate?}
I hear alarms and the console shows Protoss closing in to the base, fast. I lifted the Wraith up and saw the other aircraft were doing the same. The hanger door was opening and when it finished we rocketed out. We flew for less than a minute before we saw the Protoss. The Warp Prisims were escorted by a mighty squadron of Scouts and Phoinexes and as they saw us they turned to engage. Squadron you're clear to engae." shouted out of the intercom and I nervously flicked on the cloaking field and readied the weapons systems.
{Not until things are ready. Once you all clear out, then I can.} Hartlet was on edge. The marines were running out of time.

Ryan looked at the ghost. "Go deal with the immortals."
Stupid things.

I start backing towards the gate, firing my mini-gun at some Zergs, ripping them to shreds.

"That all you got, you !@#$%es?" I say, a Zergling escapes the fire and runs up to me, but I grab it as it jumps on me and I crush it's skull.
"Y'all ain't nothin'!" I yell, ripping through some more, slowly making my way back..
"Jurassic, come on!" Sergeant Blackwell was already at the gate, beckoning what was left of his squad into the gates. Only the big man was left. Hartlet sighed in relief. This war had already killed enough good men.
As my mini-gun runs out of bullets, I finally get behind the barriers.

"Yeah, dats right you stupid dogs from hell!" I yell as I continue killing them, once my gun runs out of bullets, I yell "It's all clear yo!"
Blackwell jumps in and the gates slam closed, the traps in the canyon doing their job. {Alright engineers, the vanguard is here. How's it look?}
{We're doing good, but we still need time. My read-out says that some of the turrets are still active outside, but I'm expecting them to get in soon.} I finish up the turret I am on, and look at the trooper carrying the mini-gun. Well, !@#$. I'm not surprised he's still active. I get back on the radio, moving toward another spot for a turret. {Requesting re-supply. The neighbors will be here soon, and the squad will need it.}
cleaning up zerg..... the best way to start a day ain't it? the smell of rotting flesh in the air with the distant sound of dying men. i was perched on top of the gate, taking out my rifle i clicked a button on one of its sides as a scope slid out from the top. i began picking off zerg, strafing the field with high energy las rounds.

OOC: i'm cloaked by the way forgot to add that
I notice the man talking on the radio, and go up to him.

"Do ya need help with anythang?"

OOC: Grammar mistakes and the like are normally on purpose, just an fyi.
I continue working on the turret, but I reply with "Maybe. How good of a shot are you? Might be able to rig something up for a weapon."
Eh, small detail. Don't matter when the gate watch area is covered anyways.

IC: {Resupply is en-route along with reinforcements. Just make sure they stay on their side of the wall.}
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Ryan looked at the ghost. "Go deal with the immortals."
This guy doesn't waste time. I like that.

I cloak and head to a location with a clear view. I spot the Immortals about to get in range of the wall, and fire off an EMP grenade- one of the older models. It catches almost all of the Immortals in it's blast, I fire off another newer EMP with a smaller area of effect to get the rest of them, leaving them vulnerable.
{The Immortals are vulnerable. Fire away.} I transmit to the anti-armor teams.
"I ain't dat good of a shot, but I can do heavy-lifting, you need any o' dat?"
I stop working for a second thinking. "You see that crates over there? (Points off to the side) There is sand-bags in those. Set them up somewhere in between the turrets and the doors for cover, but keep them out of the line of fire of the turrets." I get back on the radio {We'll make sure they pay for every attempt they make to get ground.}

OCC: Darkra, you are on Earth. Dacder is with me on Mars. You can't talk to him.

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