Final Stand (Open RP)

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I walk over, and take an extremely heavy crate in each arm, and begins putting the sandbags all over the place, keeping with instructions.
climbing down i begin heading for the tunnels hoping to cut the infestors off somewhere in between. taking out my psi-katana i began heading underground. i radioed one of my team mates for the first time "hey you guys got the protoss covered right?"
You can't talk to Mecha. He's on Earth, you're on Mars.

IC: The siege tanks open fire, pummeling the Immortals into oblivion. {Well done, get back to base.}
nooo i'm on earth it says in my char description on page 1
I was cleaning my sniper rifle, we were finally running out of ammunition, so every bullet had to count, every mine, every airstrike... Even the medical supplies were running low. But I will be there with them, standing side by side if needed... With only my knife.
Enter Foxtrot-101, A.K.A Draco! One of the most BA Artemis soldiers to exist.

I walk into the room where Mother Wolf sat. "We have orders."
I was resting on a ammo box, shouldering my sniper rifle I had stood up.
"Down to my last mag for the sniper, 10 rounds in a clip. Three mags for my SMG, holds 50 rounds."
I finish with the sandbags quickly, and walk back up to the man, hardly breaking a sweat.

"Anything else for me boss?"
Thumping is heard on the gate. I glance up and listen. {All right people, this is not a drill. Engineers, fall back to another spot. Troops, get into position and get ready to fire. My best guess is that we have about a minute-and-a-half before the door goes down. We have to stop them here, otherwise we are screwed.} I finish the turret and get into position.
Upon hearing the man say that, I pick up my mini-gun, load it, and wait, ready to fire.
{Roger that.}

I hurry back to the CO. Halfway back, I feel extremely strained all of a sudden, and decloak. Damnit! A couple of Zealots are nearby and notice; I dive behind cover, taking out one with my C-10 set to auto. The second calls for reinforcements, suddenly another four warp-in. I set my rifle to semi-auto and charge a few bullets with my power.

I pop out of cover and hit two of them in the head including the one that called for reinforcements, but the other three charge over the cover and start attacking. I duck and then jump, landing above them on an arch from an old building. I shoot another one in the head, then they start attacking the supports.

I fire off another shot, but it doesn't get past the shields. I jump to ground, switching to automatic. I blast through the shields of one Zealot, but then I run out of ammo. I start running, using my telekinesis to scramble the insides of the Zealot whose shields are down, and reload.

I switch back to semi automatic and use the last of my energy to charge a bullet with Psionic power, and shoot the last Zealot square in the head.

I get back to the CO from there safely, though delayed as I have no energy for Cloak. "Standing by, sir."
"Resupply, Wolf, you're going to need it." I had my helmet on, like I always did. No one had seen me without it that I didn't want to. Hartlet hated it. "We're to flank the enemy and break their lines."
I only grabbed one more clip of sniper ammo from the crate, is was running low and the troops needed it more. "Not taking anymore, we are running low... When is the next shipment?"
OOC: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing here? Does my character follow you or what?
OCC: Fencar, are you on Mars? If the answer is no, then ignore Wolf and Draco.
"Factory just finished three and are sending them as soon as this attack is done." I lead the way outside to the top of the wall. "There's a few more than usual."

OOC: No, you go and complete another mission. There's time for two to be completed.
The barrel was resting on the wall, my scope zooming in, looking for my target.
"Many critters today... Do you know if we have access to a couple of Banshee's?"
I asked, even knowing that we might not have any support.
"Not this time. Too close to the walls. Command couldn't use them further out this time either because Soren was setting traps. Seems to have made a difference at least." Behind the forces slamming up against the walls, mounds of Zerg and Protoss bodies lay. An Ultralisk is making it's way to the front, in preparation of bringing down the gate. "Ready to party?"
I look at the suits clock. 5 more seconds. Time for the !@#$-storm.
{All teams, get ready to engage. They'll be breaking} The door smashes in, and creatures start breaking through. Turrets open fire, unleashing fury as well as my rifle unleashing fury of its own. A rocket flies over my shoulder and slams into a clutch of Zerglings, blowing them to bits.
I smiled, time to do what I was trained for.
"It seems like the boys down there are having fun, just how do you advise to sneak around when they have this place surrounded?"

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