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i was descending into the tunnels now, at a fast paced sprint i traversed the paths with ease. hearing a skittering in the distance i stopped. i turned on my Dark Vision the cave walls became transparent, showing 2 large yellow glowing forms. the hydralisks, activating my cloak i approached cautiously, they were moving around the tunnels, loosely resembling a patrol. sneaking behind one of them my psi-katana flared to life as i cut the first zerg scum in half. the second instantly reacted to my presence. sending a volley of spines in my vague direction. the tunnel was too cramped to dodge. thinking as fast as i could i activated my tower shield as a massive barrier of neosteel blocked the incoming spines. i then shoved it into the ground and detached it from my forearm. i waited, hearing the primitive screeches and roars of the hydralisk coming closer. it was right in front of my shield now, its breathing coming in raw pants. jumping out from one side i delivered a jab to its midriff and followed with a quick slice, cutting its head clean off. picking back up my shield, i quickly retracted it. brushing off some of the zerg goo on my shoulders, i continued on.
I open fire with my mini-gun, cutting down dozens of them.

"That all you got?! Huh?!" I yell, as one of my bullets rips a zergling to shreds.
Assuming I get to pick the mission:

I head over to a high-up point inside the compound and start scanning the area with my visor. I see the Mutalisks incoming, and charge my bullets with a low amount of Psionic energy: I want to guide my bullets with my energy as well, hitting the part where the wings connect to the body as to crash the Mutalisks.
I take aim, and fire off three shots at a Mutalisk, hitting it's right wing. It goes down. I repeat with the rest of my mag, taking down roughly 10 of them. I check how many Mutalisks remain.

OOC: I'm worried about circumventing the DMs powers, so I'll let you decide if I have to use different tactics to deal with the Mutalisks or if I can just keep repeating what I'm doing.
Congrats, there are still thirty mutas left. You have one call in support with the power grid down.

I look at Wolf, the grin on my face showing in my stance. "How else?" I leap out over the enemy force, slamming into the ground with my assault rifle out and cutting down the enemies around me.

As Alpha proceeded, he was silently tailed by a small robot, one of the security drones assigned to the tunnels. The Infestors soon were spewing infested Marines to compliment the escort and only made it more difficult to stop them, or reach the detonators.
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You have one call in support with the power grid down.
Like a Nuke? :D
I sigh with frustration... He always was a show off. Not this again, time to make sure he doesn't get himself killed. Rifle was prepped on the wall, several Zerglings swarming towards him and the gate, that's when I fired.


The rounds hit the skulls of the Zerglings, spraying gore from their skull and them dropping dead on the red surface of the planet. Four rounds left in the clip.
OOC: well i can't do much since mecha isn't around and mark hasn't even posted yet so i might as well wait till some time later :P
Sorry about Mark, I'd figured he'd have posted at least once.

I grin as the lings are dropped by Wolf. Always had my back. I continue mowing down the enemy, working towards their more armored units. I had C4 just for them.
Okay, since I'm not getting an answer:

IC: Seeing that there are too many Mutalisks, I call in a Thor to support. {Shoot in the direction of the Mutalisk flock, and reload and keep firing as quickly as possible.}

I use my Psionic powers to guide the missiles, causing them to go far beyond their intended range, and also causing each individual one to hit several Mutalisks, and I shape the explosions to go just where it will cause the Mutalisks to go down. In just three volleys, all but four or five of the Mutalisks go down, and I clean those up with my previous technique extremely quickly.

OOC: If it isn't okay to bring in a Thor I can delete and start again with different support.
The Ultralisk roared, an act of defiance while it was under attack, but it flew back into the wall while under bombardment from the Rocket Turrets. I laugh, watching the Zerglings burn in their shells while they charge. {Engineers, they aren't advancing. Get some more Auto Turrets and Rocket Turrets up while we have them. Keep your heads down.} I fire into the gap, and the Engineers set to work.
It's fine. Air support is risky at best anyways.
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It's fine. Air support is risky at best anyways.

IC: I start scanning for the Broodlords.
The broodlords spot Fencar first and launch a volley of broodlings at him.

OOC: Imminent character death if he doesn't MOVE HIS A$$!
it wasn't really hard to find the infestors. you can't really conceal a trail of green goo. i was sprinting again, trying to locate the source of the goo when a tentacle like appendage shot out from the darkness, i reacted, grabbing the thing i found that the end of tentacle was some sort of head with snapping teeth and jaws, a neural parasite. as if it wasn't bad enough strange fungus began to travel up my suit, fungal growth. i grabbed for my rifle, getting a grip on it i tugged it out. with the hand grabbed on to the neural parasite i pulled back on it hard, my own strength aided by the suit's enhancements made it possible for me to drag the infestor right out of the ground, these buggers were burrowed. i unloaded on it with my lasrifle as its corpse disintegrated. i suddenly felt this choking feeling, the fungal had reached my filters. i used my dark vision, seeing the infestor was right under me i took my katana in my other hand and plunged it deep into the ground, hearing a squeltching sound as i hit flesh. the fungal quickly began to decay as i shook it off, breathing in a deep gulp of air. "infestors check" i said to no one in particular
OOC: Already page four, and the mutalisks have arrived before I can detail the flush. Oh well. Time for a Big Damn Hero moment, I guess.

IC: The platoon of 30 militia soldiers, split into three groups and each led by a marine in power armor with Mason Werner in Charlie, were sent off to flush out the zerg from the generator room with a team of engineers close behind. The platoon stops at the door and takes formation.

They reached the door and a formation was quickly made. Bravo team would rush in first, en charlie and alpha, with the marines in the back to prevent people from running off. It was a simple plan. Not foolproof, but simple. And hopefully the militants wouldn't f*ck it up.

█=Airtight Door
a=Militant (Alpha Squad)
b=Militant (Bravo Squad)
c=Militant (Charlie Squad)
m=Mason Werner


A new strain, clearly not infested, but human looking, flies out of the darkness and tackles Alpha. This strain is clearly belonging to a new Brood. More infestors move by, some burrowed, others above ground. Clearly unconcerned.

OOC: Meet the Desecrator, armed with claws, bone swords and a spine gun. Incredibly intelligent.

Inside the power grid, you can hear the sounds of Zerglings scuffling with each other, Hydralisks "laughing" at the scene and "Lurkers? Ah hell, I don't like the sound of that one bit, Johnny." The two marines looked at each other.

"We're in the doorway. That's it. It's their problem." He pointed at the militants.
The broodlords spot Fencar first and launch a volley of broodlings at him.

OOC: Imminent character death if he doesn't MOVE HIS A$$!

I cloak, and jump down the stairs. I do a roll as I land (think Assassin's Creed) and head outside so I can spot the Broodlords.

OOC: How many Broodlords are there??
As my mini-gun runs out of bullets, I take my assault rifle out and continue firing, hitting any Zerg that get too close with my free hand.
10, more than the Thor and you can handle. This coincides with Jake, so use it.

Another volley comes flying, with the first chasing their quarry down the stairs.

@Dac- A large bipedal stain enters, wielding a bone hammer and with evil looking horns on it's head. It spots Jurassic and charges him, hammer ready to swing for the killing blow.

OOC: This is the Crusher. Big, strong, straightforward. Been known to kill entire squads.
I fire a few shots into the arm carrying the bone hammer, disabling it.

OOC: How big are we talking? Big enough to squash even me, or could I put up a fair fight in melee?

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