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11/21/2012 07:01 PMPosted by Zarkun
10, more than the Thor and you can handle. This coincides with Jake, so use it.
The Generator? How would I use that? What does it power?

IC: I put my back to one of the walls, and charge three high-caliber bullets with Psionic power. I fire each of them, aiming upwards, and when they are at the same level the Broodlords are at vertically, I change their course, sending each of them down one Broodlord's throat and out it's tail end.

Three of the Broodlords go down, buying some time. Unfortunately, I am nearly out of energy. I only have enough to cloak for a little while longer...
It powers the air defenses, which can hit the Brood lords first. And think big enough to make your guy worry with enough muscle to retain usage of it's hammer no matter how beat up it is.
I see it still holding it's hammer like nothing happened.

"Well then, let's see how well you handle this!" I attach a bayonet to my assault rifle, take a few more pot-shots, and get ready for a fight.
*Throws hands in the air* I have no idea how I'm supposed to use the air defenses. I guess I have to ask IC:

{I need support against the Broodlords. What's the ETA for our AA guns, and how are we going to target the Broodlords with them?}
I bring my rifle around, redirecting an Auto Turret to engage the Crusher. We both fire, the Auto Turret aims for the head and I aim for the legs.
With a little bit of 'encouragement' from their marine sergeant, Bravo squad charged into the control roomguns blazing. The fact they were untrained in the use of their weapons quickly became apparant as they fired wildly into the horde of Zerg.

Alpha and Charlie, however, had the luck to deal with 'merely' the infestors and horrific new strain of Zerg. Charlie's Marine Sergeant had them made a half-circle around the door, keeping the mob of soldiers between him and the infested as he took pot shots with his guass rifle.

Mason, in the back with the marine, was the only one to actually aim his rifle properly, switching to single fire to make up for his small frame unable to deal with full-auto or properly aim burst. The rest more or less simply sprayed their rounds into the infested horde. Sadly, it became apparant that their weapons were inferior against the Zerg hides, the 4.85 Enfield rounds merely punching out chunks of chitin where the marine's guass spikes were consistantly piercing their hide.
That's it' Fen. And avoid the broodlings.

The Crusher swings its hammer at Jurassic's head.
I act quick, charging forward, thrusting with the bayonet and tackling him with all my might, and dodging the swing in the process.
The Crusher slides backwards a couple feet then stops, pushing Jurassic away and swinging a punch for his face.
I grab the punch, and drive my bayonet into it's arm, backing away at the same time, creating separation.
It trips Jurassic and stomps on his leg, breaking it, but in the process exposing his weakness. an open path to the heart at the bottom of the chest cavity, normally hidden by the muscles.
I notice it, and the adrenaline blocks out any pain, I drive my bayonet up into the cavity, and through the heart.
I sprint into cover, decloaking. I grab one of my EMP grenades and quickly change a few wires around, wire a few into my suit, and detonate it.

The energy goes into my suit, and then into me, recharging my energy enough to cloak for a few more minutes. I cloak and head to the Thor, reloading and setting my weapon to automatic, intending to cover the Thor as it retreats.

I re-direct the turret back over to the hole, and open the radio. {Under heavy attack from mutated Zerg. Command, requesting permission to deploy the Mk. 2 Plasma Turret} I open fire, waiting for word.
The Crusher freezes, pupils bulging, then slumps, clearly dead, it's weight immense and threatening to crush Jurassic.

{Granted, the Artemis' haven't reached their support units yet.}

Fen, just take it easy. Jake should have the grid running again soon.
I quickly move myself out of the way as it falls, and back up against a wall. The adrenaline wearing off, I start to yell out in pain, but start firing at the other enemies all the same.
The Protoss slam into us and several Vikings and uncloaked Wraiths went down immediately as the Scouts and Phoinexes blasted away. I stalked a Phoinex which was unaware that I was tailing it and fired a payload of Gemini Missiles which blasted away most of its sheilds. I then shot at it with my pulse laser until its sheilds were gone at which point I fired about 5 Gemini missiles which took it out for good. I saw a small shimmering shap and I felt to craft rock as a cluster of antimatter missiles hit and I realized an Observer had spotted me and had revealed me to its fellow Protoss. I panicked trying to figure out what to do when I remembered that at flight school they taught us that the Wraiths had a generator overload function which allowed us to power up our pulse laser at the expense of all the energy inside the cloaking field generator as well as the generator itself.

I turned my Wraith head onto the Scout that was attacking me and I pressed the big red button that said "Generator Overlord" and suddenly I heard a crackling sound as the beam was charging up..
{Roger that. Cover me, setting up the turret.} I break from cover, sprinting quickly from my cover to some further back. I pull out tools and materials I need. I glance forward, opening fire with my rifle while figuring out how long it would take to build it. As I duck to reload, I set to work, knowing that it would take me 4 mikes to get the gun ready, and a mike to make sure everything is ready for use.
11/21/2012 07:40 PMPosted by Zarkun
Fen, just take it easy. Jake should have the grid running again soon.
Meh, edited my above post.
OOC: Okay, it's been over 40 minutes. Can I please have a response to my move?

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