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Sorry, didn't know you wanted a reply.

The Zerg masses are caught entirely off guard and retreat down a hall, with only a small amount, about ten, actually making it. Ryan was irked and radioed the Sergeant. {When you're done there, you'll find those boys proper weapons and armor, or face a court martial.}
I get down to the Thor, and see it surrounded by Broodlings, trying to fend them off with melee. I decloak and charge my bullets with small amounts of Psionic energy. I fire a few bursts at the Broodlings blocking the Thor from retreating. {Go! I'll cover you.} I transmit to the Thor pilot.

I continue to fire three-round bursts at the Broodlings, taking out several dozen. I run my magazine dry and retreat. Luckily, Broodlords are slow enough that they can't even keep up with the Thor.

I quickly use my power to collapse part of a building, blocking off the path so that the Broodlords cannot simply fire their Broodlings at the ground and have the Broodlings continue to attack us.
The Broodlords simply continue to come, not bothered that their prey had escaped. They would have another chance.
I use my energy to Snipe the two leading Broodlords, once again changing the trajectory of the bullet to go straight inside the Broodlord's mouth and out the tail.

OOC: Keep in mind this uses up a lot of my character's energy. Think 75-125 for the Snipe, then another 10-25 to change trajectory. My character's maximum energy is pretty high though, which is why I'm able to do this at all.
Suddenly a large beam shot out from where the pulse laster would normally fire from. The brigh orange beam punctured the Scouts sheilds and sliced it in half. Realizing I had a few second left I turn the beam towards the nearest Warp Prisim. The Sheilds were trying to block the beam but it was to much and the beam got through, hitting the large crystal at the front end of the Warp Prisim before it shut off. The Warp Prisim flickered annd tryed to keep itself up but before it could do anything I fired a few Gemini missiles at the cracked crystal shattering it and I watched the Warp Prisim fall from the sky.
"Alright!" Rick, Bravo's marine sergeant yelled out. ",We've cleared out the Zerg from the generator room! Engineers, get down here and fix this f*cking mess! And get a medic for the wounded! The rest of you, congradulations, you've survived your first mission! Now come with me so we can get you properly geared! Unfortunately, with the aliens attacking us and all, we'll only give you a basic rundown of proper aiming form, but believe me, it's better than what you've got right now."

The soldiers all filed out and the engineers rushed in with a medical team to patch up the ten wounded. The militants then followed the marines to the armory, where they began suiting up in powered armour and handed guass rifles as well as five clips and a quick lesson on how to actually aim the rifle.

OOC: Congradulations, the Anti-Air turrets are now blasting away at the brood lords and mutalisks.
The engineers repair the vital systems quickly and the heavy air defenses come to life. Fencar can see large anti air artillery rounds tear the last of the Broodlords apart and rockets get the new wave of Mutalisks that had just arrived to take over escort duty. {Well done men, fall back to the compound and get some guards to kill off the remaining Zerg in the generator room. Sergeant, send that exceptional young man up here when he's fitted. Fencar, report back as well.} An anti-armor unit had managed to get into a good position and handled the Ultralisks.
{Yes, sir.}

I run back to the CO. Every second is important in this day and age.
As Fencar enters, he see's a strange sight; a wounded Dark Templar in a chair, being tended to by a medic. Ryan looks at him. "Good job out there. We may not have made it without you."
My eyes widen, but I don't say anything about the guest. "Thank you, sir. Is there anything else you need me for?"
"You need to hear what Serliss has for us. Many of the Dark Templar were killed in the Purge, though we had thought they all had been."

OOC: Come on Jake...
Two marines walk into the room, the visors opening up to reveal Rick and Mason.

"Sorry we're late." Rick said ",You asked for him, sir?" He pointed a thumb back at the man behind him.
The two notice the Dark Templar. "I did. Serliss?" The Dark Templar nods and waves the Medic away, thanking him for his care.

"En Taro Tassadar, friends. I trust you bore the assault in one piece?" Ryan facepalms and turns on his comm.

{Oraia, get up here.}
"Yes we did," Rick said. "We got some wounded clearing out the generator room, but everyone got out in one piece, thankfully. And this young man, if I remember," He patted Mason on the shoulder ",was the only one amongst the militants who actually knew how to shoot his gun and didn't let himself get scared sh*tless when the bullets started flying."

Mason simply nodded stiffly, clearly unsettled by the alien in the room.
Serliss notices Mason's unease. "Tell me, who besides Commander Ryan can remember the Purge? A time shortly before this horrible war."

OOC: Pertinent information that is public, DT's became hated just before Humanity and were supposedly eradicated.
{be there is sec sir} Oraia says as she finishes pulling on the modified spectre suit Oraia uses. she then hurries off to the command room proton rifle in hand.
I have to go to bed. It took me over half an hour to come up with a reply to a post smylez made in the PRP thread that isn't even very long. I'm really tired. T_T
I curse as another turret explodes. This wasn't good, they were overwhelming us. I attempt to fire up the turret, but it does nothing. In my rage and frustration, I hit the machine, and it turns on. I pray to myself, calibrate the turret for targeting, and it lets loose, burning them down with high-power plasma rounds, searing through Ultralisk carapace with no effort, and torching Protoss within their armor.
Well, I'll DM sniped Zerg and Protoss occasionally.

IC: I work my way back, spotting the Infestors and High Templar in the rear along with some of the heavy assault units, killing the HTs and Infestors was easy, as was placing the C4. A short detonation later, they all crumble and the enemy forces begin to retreat, panicking without their support, every one of Wolf's shots taking out a group of the enemy. {This is Draco. Enemy support is clear.}
{Roger that Draco, they still have a bit committed to the attack, but we are cleaning them up. Make sure you pick off any of them still retreating.} I reply over the comms, my turret burning holes through enemy targets. I walk over to Jurassic, and pick him up, carrying him over my shoulder back behind the turret lines so he could get some first aid. {Command, Engineer here. We have wounded, and the enemy is in retreat. Requesting medics when you can spare them.}

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