Final Stand (Open RP)

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{Medics are on their way. Glad to hear we won.} I pick off any Protoss or Zerg still running and eventually head inside. "Wolf, you did good."
Oraia walks into the command bunker right as the CO is asking about the purge. "ya i remember the purge nasty bussiness but i know they didnt get all the dark templar."
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Uh...Jester addressed you Dac. Last post page 5.

Serliss nods. "Good. You see, we were targets before you, viewed as unnatural by the Khalai, and dangerous to their leaders by the Zerg. Several other splinter factions fell under attack as well, and so we vanished. In the time we have remained hidden, we found out some disturbing things."
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I checked my ammunition... Only three rounds left.
"I know I did good... But don't do that again, that was too reckless."
Mason glanced at the alien. "Sorry. You're just the first alien I've met that hasn't tried to kill me on sight. You one of those dark Templar guys?"
I disassemble my turret and look around. It hadn't been a bad match, and at least this time they paid in blood. I walk out, and survey the carnage that had been done. I look over at Draco, and get on the radio. {Good job everyone. Get patched up, resupply, and get ready for the next thing. Command, you want the Engineer team to rebuild the turrets, or you want them elsewhere?} I walk over to the canyon, and grin as I see all the damage the turrets had caused. There was almost four times the number of bodies than the ones up at the base entrance.
{Get them working on the gate and turrets, and repair the wall emplacements. With this victory, we may just be able to start taking back Mars and repair the long range comms tower. However, you, Draco, Wolf and Jurassic all report to command, we have a surprise visitor.} Hartlet was reading over the losses reports, and giving a small smile. The smallest amount they'd had in months, and their visitor might be able to cut them even more. I nod and look at Wolf.

"I'm assault, we tend to be that way. However, we can discuss it later. Need to report to command." Serliss nodded and activated his Warp Blade for emphasis.

"We children of the Void are harder to kill than Terrans realize. But, I come bearing concerning news."
I grimace at my leg, the pain getting to me more than ever.

"Can somebody give a brother a hand?"

I hate asking for summaries but...
OOC: Sorry Mark, but you're on Earth, and I only have knowledge of what's happening on Mars.
So has anything even happened on earth?

Is anybody even on earth with me?

{Roger that Command, en route back. Engineers, you guys will have to get everything fixed up. I'd start on the gate, but that's just me.} I walk over to Jurassic, and pick him up, putting him over my shoulder again just as the Medics showed up. One of them walks toward us, and I say "Follow me, he's got a meeting to attend. You can patch him up there." The Medic nods, and I make my way to the meeting, Medic in tow.
Kalris strides to find his CO, his Rifle in hand. All the while thinking about the Zerg threat. He remembers the stories his mother told him of the destructive force that they were the very reason the Demon plagued my ancestors, and me.

Terrance checks his claws as he searches through a ruined building for any useful before searching for his CO.
I head up the stairs, placing my assault rifle on my back. "How long before we get sent out to secure the comms facility do you think, Wolf?"
Three shots left... Needing to modify my SMG soon. My armor holding up, riddled with some blood stains from earlier CQC fighting.
"I don' know, as long as you don't go guns blazin'."
"Guns blazing will burn through ammo faster. And we'll need it in a facility that large. Wonder who the guest is though."
I walk in to where the CO is to meet us, and I set Jurassic down in a seat so the Medic can have a look at him.

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