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After playing LoL for such a long time I really feel burned out. Any tips on how to make the game feel good/fresh again?
LoL is a good try, but at the rate it is applying new heroes now~~~it'd soon become a pokemon and until then, little would be left.

Try Firefall, maybe? Or simply wait for Heart of the Swarm
^lol (laughing out loud)
Installed it, played one game, uninstalled. Reinstalled due to peer pressure, uninstalled 1 hour later. Installed once again to play and connect with an old friend... uninstalled that same day.

It's just a BAD game...
Take a break and play/do other stuff for a while. If you just focus on one game then eventually anyone(except pro players it seems.) would burn out. After your break(it can be as long as you like.) play a few games, even if you have to force yourself to do so, the spark might return.

If it doesn't... keep taking a break until either the spark returns or you decide to finally drop the game for good.

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