Resident Evil 6 Rant (Spoilers)

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Has got to be the biggest frustration I've ever had with a game in the year 2012. The past few days of playing I have been anxiously awaiting my completion of this broken game. You'd think, wait a second... why would you want a game to be over, well, it's broken and bugged to hell and back.

As a die hard Resident Evil fan I am seriously disappointed with this installment. RE 6 trumps 5 graphically, that's about it. 5 was even better, yes I said it. The mechanics and overall controls were easier to use. The few button mashing sequences 5 had were simple. But 6.... oh, no... they're a pain in the rear and if you mess up in certain sequences, you must start all over. Like the final boss in Chris' story where you have to run around dodging it and jumping/sliding under obstacles. If you miss a button or do something wrong for a second you die and start all over, it's so tedious and bothersome it has sealed this game's fate for future playing. The chase scenes too are atrocious like the one with Jake and Sherry on the snowmobiles. Yes, let's make the player avoid an avalanche when they can barely see where to drive in the first place and on top of that make them start all the way over if they misclick. I'm raging so hard right now but seriously, can someone else vouch for me?

The boss fights are incredibly broken too. When I had to fight Simmons in his final form I spent like 20 minutes trying to kill him doing exactly what I was supposed to do (shoot the legs, wait for his head to drop then unload on him, stick the electric rod into zombies so he would inject himself with it, rinse and repeat) I did that about a dozen times and spent like 15-20 minutes each time with no success. Then I do it the last time, the ENTIRE fight lasted 6 minutes and I did WAY less damage in the final run than all my previous ones too.

The only good thing about this game is that I've put in about 28 hours and I'm still 4 chapters away from the complete end of the game. (currently on Jake and Sherry's story) Then again, the only reason I put so much time is because of all the stupid a** deaths I've had and the time I wasted working through horrible fight/chase scenes. It is my first playthrough on Veteran too, by the way.

Anyone else notice how RE 6 is like a mix between Gears of War, Call of Duty now? For crying out loud, look how much has changed. I might as well watch a Michael Bay film, wouldn't be much of a difference.

Then the thing that really put the nail in the coffin... Made Ada out to be villainous. Kills Chris' men with a smile on her face, then she gets shot and throws herself off the deck at the end of the Chris' story. Capcom messed up big time with Ada in this game.

I have a lot more to say but I will leave it to that for now.

What do you guys think that have played the game?

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