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To whom it may concern,

My name is Carl and I am a senior at Whittier College. I am a Kinesiology (Sports and Nutritional Science) Major at Whittier College. For my senior thesis I plan on doing research on eSports and providing relevant research on why it should be considered a true form of Sport. I am starting my senior thesis next semester and am going to focus on Star Craft 2 as my medium, however I am currently working on a project for my motor learning class which will directly relate to my senior thesis.

HERE IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP. Do you have SC2 MAP Editor experience!?

I am trying to create an experiment to measure reaction time (hick's law) in Star Craft 2. I already know what I want to do in terms of my experiment, my only problem lies in using the Map Editor to accomplish this goal. I am very unfamiliar with this program and figured that someone more knowledgeable may be able to help me create the experiment.

The Basic Idea:

Hick's Law has to do with the idea that as the amount of choices you have in a given situation increase, that reaction time directly increase in relation. I want to do something simple as I will be having gamers, and non-gamers participating in this experiment.

Control Phase:

Player will have 1 Nexus, 1 Probe, and 1 Mineral Patch. I will measure the time it takes to select the probe and send it to mine the mineral patch (not sure if this can be measured in game).

Variable Phase:

Players will have 1 Nexus, 2 Probes, and 3 Mineral Patches. I will measure the time it takes to send probes to mine (starting from when the player gains control of units until the second probe has been sent to a mineral patch).

STIPULATIONS OF EXPERIMENT: (Forgot to include earlier)

- Participants will be unable to "box" units and much select each probe individually

I would like to be able to do 10 trials of each phase within a single map, as it would be more time effective; however I understand it may be easier to create one map for each situation and then repeat it 10 times. I do not fully understand the capabilities of the map editor and because I need to have 20 participants use this experiment the quicker I can create the experiment the sooner I can begin.

You can contact me @ It would be greatly appreciated and we can discuss further a time that works for both of us. I am available Tuesday from 9:30am PST and all times after that on Tuesday. If you could spare some time to assist me, I have live streaming capabilities on my computer and skype to aid in this project (and I will give you credit in the project as well). THANK YOU AND LONG LIVE ESPORTS!!!

I don't think your control/variable phases will suffice. For any average starcraft player the amount of time to make 1 probe mine should be the same as two. (box everything and right click a single mineral patch) This will make it seem as though reaction time stays constant no matter how many choices there are, which contradicts Hick's law. (and it seems you are trying to support it right?)

I would come up with a combat situation.

control: some marines vs some lings

variable: marine+tank vs ling+roach. (mix up army composition)

Then maybe go a step further by putting the players on different sections of the map.

control: player and enemy units on level ground

variable: place enemy units on high ground and see how long it takes them to deal with the situation (do they send over a raven to get vision, or send some units to take a nearby xelnaga tower?)

edit: Also, if you plan on recording some of this to show, i doubt your senior, college professor will be impressed by people sending some probes 2 feet to mine. Whereas, he might find the combat situations above to be cool/interesting to a degree.
Sorry i forgot to include that one of the stipulations of the experiment would be that each unit must be selected by itself, no boxing.

My professors are warming up to the idea of eSports and there are too many variables with different unit compositions that would come into play. They want something simple with "as few moving parts as possible" in order to keep the variables between units to a minimum. By using probes and gathering the units will always be following the same behaviors and be the same distances from mineral patches (being at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock surrounding the nexus).
11/26/2012 11:22 PMPosted by TAJ
edit: Also, if you plan on recording some of this to show, i doubt your senior, college professor will be impressed by people sending some probes 2 feet to mine. Whereas, he might find the combat situations above to be cool/interesting to a degree.
Yea whoops anyway good luck. It was sentiment from another thread.
Research is never retarded; its just usually extremely bland and boring. You have to keep as much of it as possible controlled so that you can truly get an understanding of the variables you are testing for.
I wish the best of luck to you, but I don't feel that this task is meaningful nor worthwhile. Also the metric is extraordinarily specific with a likelihood of giving a sizable advantage to regular sc2 players, as they have experience using the mouse/mouse sensitivity setting/accurate clicking for this task while others do not.

Honestly if you just want a degree, gogogogo. If not, what does this actually accomplish? It's some of the tamest 'research' i've heard of in a long time.
Baby steps richard. I am working on completeling by undergraduate degree before I move onto more elaborate and well planned/intricate experiments.

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