How to DL and watch games on Mac?

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I emailed my buddy some games.. but he doesn't know how to put them in the folder to watch the replays. I don't have a mac, so I don't know how to help him (other than ask others). Can anyone help? Thanks!
I believe you can click on them to open them to watch.

If you're looking to add them to the replays folders, tell him to try this.

1. Click on Finder
2. Press and hold the Option (Alt) key.
3. On the system menu bar, click Go.
4. Select Library. You can now release the Option (Alt) key.
5. Navigate to ~/Libraries/Application Support/Blizzard/StarCraft II/Accounts/[your game account #]/Replays and put them in the folder you wish.
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Thank you! I will let you know how this works out :D

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