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Hello everyone! I'm currently looking to upgrade my GPU from its current Gtx 520 to a Gtx 560 Ti and I am wondering if it will be the best option for me, my pc, and my psu.

My system specifications are :
Operating System: Windows (Service Pack 1)
CPU Type: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor
CPU Speed: 3.62 GHz
System Memory: 8 GB
Video Card Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
Video Card Memory: 3.97 GB
Video Card Driver: nvd3dum.dll
Hard Disk Size: 931.41 GB
Hard Disk Free Space: 874.32 GB (94%)
Download Speed: 1.5 MB/s (12.6 mbps)
And I have a 500 Watt PSU
The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2

I'm personally thinking this would be a great upgrade for me, but i want to be absolutely certain that everyone else thinks so.

The particular GPU I am looking into getting would be found at this link

I would be very happy to hear any help or support pertaining to my situation. If you feel that there may be a better option for me, or that this particular GPU is not reliable please let me know. Thank you all for your time!

Edit: My Screen Resolution is 1600x900 and i am mostly playing diablo, starcraft, and a small amount of wow. With this upgrade i would hope to be able to buy a few other games like crysis, perhaps battlefield, or several others and still be able to play them at decent quality.

This would be a better graphics card. Only $10 more, but it is lopsidedly more powerful.

Your CPU will probably be a bottleneck for CPU-intensive games. FX-4100 is a poor CPU.
The reasons I agree with the above poster also, is the 7850 consumes about 40 less watts, and since you already have AMD based equipment, they like each other a little better too. (Not saying you cant go the other way, just...) May be able to avoid a PSU upgrade.

This is always a nice site i like to check too, it is not set in stone, but has some good comparisons.
I went ahead and ordered the gtx 560 ti and i also ordered a 750watt psu :D
560 Ti when you could have gotten HD 7850. :(

Oh well.
couldn't gotten just 450w also...
I guess he took Shurkuris' advice over more sensible advice.

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