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No it ain't. AC is available on the Sony Playstation.
Individual fighters. Like soldiers. You don't see a Star Destroyer in the Star Wars fighting game.
Well, an AC is a single soldier.
"Under the covers I go and wish for sleep. Good night everybody who is still awake (Draconus and Markus)."
"Good night!!!"

*Goes back to writing.*
I put my bet on the cats from Pet Catz 2 for Wii. They can beat a dragon by throwing rocks and yowling at it, no joke.
I put my money on Princess Zelda...
Yoda and Samus Aran. Everyone loses.
"I would put mine on the Incredible Hulk. I win."
But Zelda can teleport!
"And when you hit the Hulk he just gets angrier and stronger. So, yeah, you all lose. Even your AC Zarkun."
SF, I have Yoda. Beheaded. And I have Samus, who would melt the skin right off of the Hulk in a few seconds.
"Fine. I go with, Ironman and Anakin Skywalker, former destroys Samus because he is super high tech and can fly, latter can hold off Yoda until Ironman takes out Samus and then Ironman goes for the killing blow."
Anakin? Holding off Yoda? Surely you jest. And Samus has MUCH higher tech than Ironman.
"I don't jest as much as you do Jester, but all must see that this fight is impossible, because almost all are too important to their respective plots to be allowed to die."
In a force match of Yoda v.s. Anakin, Yoda would win due to him being MUCH older and getting MUCH more practice with it.

In a combat match of Samus v.s. Ironman, Samus is superior in almost every category.
"Not in flight, or owning of a company, or being able to build a nuclear bomb without a sweat."
Dude a cat that can beat a dragon by meowing at it and throwing pebbles at it is pretty bad@ss

Hence, almost every category. !@#$ about your cats, Mecha.

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