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Sorry... Forgot about that, and I know that wasn't a mental picture... But that was just wrong.
I agree. Wholly, but not as disturbing as what my minds eye came up with.
If this big Poltergeist Plotline finale RP comes up, I will definitely do the Brotherhood. I even have a reason why they would be helping instead of just watching.

And I will want to bring in Entity Seven somehow. Even though he started in his own RP, I feel like he is connected to the Poltergeist plot now...

And I'm going to post an RP tonight or tomorrow. I have the info up for three separate RPs, but I just have to decide which one to use.
The only problem would be I don't know how any of Drac's characters would act.
Drac isn't dead, is he? He's still here.
This RP has been bugging me. Here are the various endings I planned, which all got a resounding NO.

The Splitters join the Koprulu-
Stupid. Next!

The Splitters take over errytang-
That's just f*cking depressing.

The Splitters are driven off and swear revenge-
Cliche. Next!

The Splitters all get blown up-
Yeah. No.
And a Splitter is?
Like I said, leave it to me. I can come up with something.
In the RP explanation on page 16, I outline the various Splitters.
I think we're going to need more detail than that :/

*Begins doing Gangnam style on the bar and prances around. Begins jumping from table to table still doing Gangnam style*

*Begins doing Gangnam style on the bar and prances around. Begins jumping from table to table still doing Gangnam style*
*Plots the death of a thousand moons...*
The Splitters succeed, but do not conquer the sector... instead, they manage to break the Fourth Wall, initiating the great crisis and end of all things predicted by the Brotherhood.

Not part of the RP, but how about this?

The fight against the Splitters is coming to a close, with the Splitters looking to be the likely victors. Then, inexplicably, they retreat, and all contact with them is lost. Nothing is known of what became of them, they appear to have, for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist. Then, one day a few years later, a mysterious encrypted transmission is intercepted. It is mostly unintelligible, but does appear to be using a Splitter encryption scheme. The transmission is investigated thoroughly, but does not appear to have been a hoax, and can be traced to an old, but still functioning, Splitter relay probe from before their disappearance. The probe is dismantled, and upon further examination appears to have been receiving signals from numerous locations, all of which share several distinctive traits. They are all very, very far out, all of them are in largely unexplored regions of space, and none of them appear on any charts ever made. The probe is later reassembled, bugged, and returned to its previous location in an attempt to eavesdrop on the relayed messages of enemies thought to have vanished. The probe's newly added spyware is quickly discovered upon the first transmission sent to it, and is immediately ordered to self destruct by way of a FTL signal from the location it was receiving from. However, the single transmission sent prior to the craft's destruction is still captured and decrypted. It, again, is mostly impossible to make out, but what little can be understood appears to be something on the order of weapon, defeat, new, regroup, return...

Okay, so that's my idea. Splitters about to win, but forced to retreat for unknown reasons. Entirely vanish for years, and then are discovered to evidently still exist somewhere. This is sort of similar to the third option, but leaves a much more open ending for just about anything to happen based on what the intercepted transmission actually means. It could be referring to their defeat by some weapon that neither side knew of, and their plans to regroup and return to the Koprulu Sector to try again, their defeat by some new weapon and them being forced to regroup and return to wherever they came from, or them having some sort of new weapon to defeat Koprulu when they eventually regroup and return. So it pretty much leaves it open to interpretation as to how it actually ends, and allows a possible continuation at some point if you want.
Yet another idea. I shall consider it.
I have a thought on this. I'll see about contacting you on DA.

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