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Yep... Still working on the new and improved sheet for Simiras.
I would support that as well. After all, we don't know what's canon for the bit about the death beam, and when we start cutting out bits but leaving some it starts to get confusing.
I'd say less troll, and more taking advantage of peoples short attention span.
You did get reported though...
I hear you had a complication with the Roach.
I look at Mark. "Yes, you."
"Should I write a lore story for the 'Demon', and perhaps give it a proper name in it."
Couldn't hurt. bed again early....... And if you call me bro one more time Markus..... I think you get the point.
Um, why am I in "ThinkAboutWhatYouDid"?

"I don't know. Jester came on and he was too."
I'll fix it, one moment.

Edit-Fixed. No idea what happened.
sorry for my random departure, everyone. I got temp banned :(
"I would laugh if I didn't know how that went. I went three months for being accused of something I didn't do. Of course, I'm pretty sure it was sore losers from playing ladder who accused me."
12/05/2012 07:44 PMPosted by Zarkun
*Sits in corner, thinking hard and eating popsicles.*

I was just thinking how deeply Mockingjay is embed in the community for someone who is never around. ONE use of Popsicles as creative fluid and it is stuck on the community.

Speaking of...

(raises a trembling hand)

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