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(raises a trembling hand)
War....don't be all scared, I read bits and pieces but I haven't really read much of it......
Hello :3

I'm not dead yet. Just doing stuff. Merry Christmas all :D
"It's still autumn though..."
as i sit around sipping my drink i raise my hand
"Jay the Ghost is one of th- No, it is the best story to ever have been made by one of us. It's too bad it was discontinued."
12/08/2012 08:16 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
as i sit around sipping my drink i raise my hand
Read it. Right nao.

Here you go:
i glance at owl then continues to sip mah drink.
I take a drink of Vodka, and start writing something down. Outside, a beam hits the ground from orbit and burns a cloaked Hive down. I turn to Athazual, my zerg, and say "I told you it wouldn't work." She hisses in reply.
Something I found.

If you spend more than an hour a day (TOTAL TIME) online you are addicted to it and wasting your time on this earth. Think about it. You are stuck there with a machine. The machine cannot see,hear,feel or touch. It is a bottomless pit with no end. By wasting your best years online all of life is passing you by. You aren't having any fun. You aren't meeting new and interesting people.You are deserting family and friends you already have. You are missing everything real that goes on around you.Your computer can't hold your hand,send you a birthday card or kiss you goodnight. You can't enjoy a movie or dinner out with your computer. You will lose all your social skills and eventually be afraid to be away from your only friend-a plastic box-without thoughts or feelings-that is plugged into the wall. You're wasting your time and your life. Wake up before it's too late.

Decide. Is this funny or thought provoking?
I don't believe that.... Not like I had anything to begin with.
12/09/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Zanon
can't enjoy a movie
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA wrong *gets on netflix* hehehehehe and as for the rest of this ....... who ever made this ...... *gets my .50 cal minigun*
"Thought provoking. But I think I would much rather be using a machine than trying to play with a dog that will bite me or just lie down and sleep. This is because I can't arrange anything with my friends. But the day I slow down on the forums to almost a halt is the day that I have gotten a life."
A good laugh. That person clearly forgot that ninety percent of jobs anymore are computerized.
I would say both. I would also say that the people who condemn it outright are those who secretly realize it's true and are trying to defend themselves.
Not condemning it, just saying that most jobs anymore are computerized. You can't escape it. Or are you talking about people who condemn being online?
Well... both I guess. Specifically people who condemn that piece of writing.
Like I said, not condemning, just pointing out a fact.
.. I'm home again... That cat rubbed her face all over mine last night and now I feel like !@#$...
And I looked at Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 remake... It's not even the same, it's not the Blacklist anymore, and there's no story to it, it seems.

That's full of BS. Probably some old lady with techies for grand kids.
"Back in my day, we used to shoot marbles! *wheeze*"
I was locked out, and I even lost Zark's email. But I have returned.

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