Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 4)

Joeyray's Bar
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You watched a kitten kill a dragon by throwing pebbles at it. You would have to have some serious balls to take out a dragon by throwing pebbles at it but wait, I think your main character is a girl.
11/25/2012 08:57 AMPosted by MechaGhidrah
I think your main character is a girl.
What a pussycat.
11/25/2012 08:57 AMPosted by MechaGhidrah
I think your main character is a girl.

How ironic.
sigh slow so far today
Waiting on Markus in SS and waiting on Zarkun (Who most likely won't show up due to events on DA) for FS. Oh, and TC for CPOK.
*I reach behind the bar, grabbing several bottles of an unknown origin... That was when I found it*
About time I found it, who wants some Changeling Reserve?
"I'm dedicating my day to TOR today, so am here very briefly. However," I grab the bottle of Reserve, "That's off limits."
*I take it back*
I found this before the bar was yours... Plus I get the finders keepers excuse.
I shake my head. "I have explicit orders to keep it out of everyone's hands, my own included." I grab it and toss it into a wormhole. "There."
Aww... You are no fun... And that wasn't going to make anyone go insane, yet.
Another wormhole opens and the bottle lands in my hand. "Oh, thank you."
I snatch it and throw it in a one way dimensional portal. "Knock that off. You have no idea the things that drink will do if you ingest it."
I open the same portal, reach in and grab it, pulling it out. I walk over to the bar, and put it into a Phase Lock system, keeping anyone else from reaching it but still keeping it see-able.
"I digested it, I still haven't turned back."
I look at it and nod. "For now. I'm sure there's some way to combine it with other security measure."
"Considering it cycles through every frequency every nano-second, I don't think it can be gotten." I go back to my seat, and take a drink of Vodka.
I shrug and go grab a Redstone Mixer. "Probably right, but I'd like to play it safe. I'll see what I can't pick up..." Three Old Republic era war droids walk in and take up guard positions. "Wrong dimension, but they'll work for now. Upgrade suggestions?"
*I pull out a second body that I found under the floorboards a couple of months ago*
Don't look at me, I found all of this in a shrine dedicated to the Changeling himself.
I shake my head. "Cleaning that place won't be fun...Maybe we could hire the noobs that just came into town?"
*I had a wine glass out and I poured some in it*
You know they'll just die... I found more than just a shrine and a stash of himself under the floorboards... There is a secret laboratory created by him I believe.

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