Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 4)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Yeah, I'm hiring the noobs. No one will miss them anyways."
"Actually I connected my lab to it. I need to go and ask him for guidance every now and again when doing experiments."
*This time I pour the bottle into a tankard and pass it down to SF*
You're going to need a lot of guidance... So who built the shrine? You or smylez?
I drink it, and nothing happens. "I believe I just was testing something in that cavern and the shrine was formed from the explosions somehow."
I stare at Mecha. "No."
*Kittens turn into pumas*

There we go. That's a little better.
They are still felines so I luv them!!!
The pumas change into into normal jaguars. "Why'd you have to infect them with a disease that causes them to be black? And Mecha nearly made me go sociopathic."
I rest a hand on my revolver, then shake my head, instead dropping a trap door under Mecha to the roaches and closing it. "Waste of good lead."
I turn into a kitten and crawl back up. "SF remember when you were a sociopath??"
I shake my head;
"Really? I think a scoutmaster would have done the trick, don't you?"
Because I can . . .
Teddy is loafing around!
I see the bear and shudder. "Battle stations, Pedobear is on the move!" A siren fills the bar and a spinning red light appears from the ceiling.
"Quick! Post links to 4chan leading out the door!!!!"
I shake my head. "This requires adults. Where's the old people cannon?"
.... I have no idea we even had one....
Kicks the old people cannon to the window. "Sorry, someone hid it in the closet."
"Blasted Pedocultists...OPEN FIRE!!!"
What just happened?

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