Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 4)

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No idea... ask Zarkun....
"I took your words and twisted them, Drac, what else?"
Okay. I just used a popular chuggaaconroy meme, and you turned it into pedobear.

What is wrong with you?
"Nothing, just being kept away from my game. ALL SHALL SUFFER!"
Torvus and [Why-cant-I-remember-her-name-right-now] were engaged!?!?! When did This happen!?

Awesome twist, truly awesome!

....But why didn't I see that coming...
It happened shortly after SO, and ended shortly before Z&Z 2. Well, Torvus thought it had ended. In reality, he ran.
That's awesome, you did a good job with it.

*runs back to bar after fiasco in SS*

"Well I hope CR and I are still friends, no matter who wins the argument. People have this way of holding a grudge against me that I just cant fathom."
Markus, its called Adapting. And the way you've been acting? Your moments have been happening more and more and more.
I'm really confused as to why we still have two bars. It may be an "Inn," but it's not fooling me.
I look at the two. "Take it outside. I have no promises that this won't get physical and I don't want to have to shoot anyone today."
I am pleased to inform everyone that there is a new Draconus RP in production, just working out some kinks.
This project has a great degree of customization involved, like PKA or Techsuit, as well as a rather freeform plot. New and old compadres are welcome. Be warned that the reference level will surpass ten thousand.
Jester... Im not going to even respond. You are quick to blame everything on me, but you run your own RP, then go back and read word for word EXACTLY what happened, and then look me in the eyes and tell me, "Everything that happened is your fault."
I look at Mark. "What did I just say?"
"Draconus. You are not going to start an RP. Or I will find you, and kill you."
Nevermind, you deleted your post. Whatever. I will argue if you'd like. Its over now so there is no point, but its good to know you are on Fawwer's side.
"...I'mma gonna kill ya both..."

Why? We did as you asked... Unless you'd prefer us argue in KO's Inn... Bahaha, jk jk!
Why is my RP being threatened prior to its development?

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