Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 4)

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No idea. Some of us might be a bit overwhelmed with all the RP's that have tried to start up lately.
You try, you fail. But the only real failure is when you stop trying.
So are you saying if I try to jump to the moon I won't fail unless I stop trying?

Not trying to be an !@# but...
SF why u hate Draconus. Do you need to get a kitten to the face???
Mecha. No cats, otherwise I'm mounting your Hydralisk's head on the wall of the bar.
That's a zergling...
His Character in CPOK.*
"Never mind. I was thinking my RP was going to be done soon, probably going to take a month or two for me to finish it."
How did you get soon confused with a month or two?
"Because I though I had finished the biggest portion and thought it would only take half a week, week and a half tops, but I was wrong, I have both the story and most of the classes and descriptions for the factions."
Cool, sounds like fun! I might join!

Hey, are you still holding that grudge against me with Joranis in Umoja's Plains? Or "Fear" from The Dishonored?
"No. No grudge is there. I simply look at things as they are. Some people say I'm a pessimist, but I am a realist."
Good, cool. Just makin' sure. I have a grudge against grudges. I enjoy killing them :)

So just wanted to be sure.
"Order some drinks or it's loitering charges on all ya'll."
"Fine, I'll just go over to the Inn I guess." I say walking out with an evil grin.
After a bit of Google, I found a web host that will allow me to make the JRB site, and will not require Gmails. I'll tell you more about it later.
Hullo, how are you doing this fine afternoon eastern time?
On other news... Smylez did a unofficial temporary retirement plan, and SF is back from limbo.

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