Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 4)

Joeyray's Bar
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Actually, SF gave up his inner sociopath.
I don't know, all I know is that he still has his secret laboratory under the floor boards.
I cleaned it out, no worries. I used it as a habitat for my pets, as SF found out after his return.

That was awkward.
I look at Nukester. "You sir, would have been on fire the instant you appeared had I not known who you were. Now, what'll you...Nevermind, you can get it."
So were you gone due to temp ban, nuke? Or from rl purposes?
"Nukester, nothing you can do can kill me, only just piss me off."
I toss a cookie to everyone in the bar. "Enjoy."
*noms my cookie and drinks some of my favorite drink*
I dive back into the bar and catch a cookie with my mouth. I then faceplant and tumble down a staircase.

Many "Ow's" and "Oof's" Are heard until I finally hit the bottom. Monotone groaning can be heard in a distance.
I look down the stairs. "Where the hell did those come from?"
i look around the bar "not sure an alternate dimension perhaps?"
"Why the hell didn't the alarms go off then? The hell is going on in here?" A chicken flies past all of us out the front door.
hmmm it would seem *looks at Kit in SS fighting the replica Xel'naga* that maybe ....
Made an IC post in FS by the way Zark. Also added another character for your approval.

For some reason it takes awhile for the creative juices to flow when I create a character off the top of my head.
I walk over to the stairs, take another drink of the cheap vodka, turn it into a Molotov Cocktail, and toss it down at Markus. I take my seat, drinking the good Vodka.
It crashes on the floor and shatters into a million peices. "You forgot to light it numb nuts!" I say climbing back up the stairs.

"Thanks for the cookie by the way.

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