Gaming keyboard for sc2?

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Hello everyone! I just got the Steelseries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard in the mail today. The gaming pad seems amazing, but I'm wondering how I should go about using it. Does anyone else have the keyboard and play with it for sc2? If so, how are your hotkeys set up? I'd love some tips from everyone on how to make the most of the fully customizable, whopping 31 buttons on the gaming pad. Heres the link for the keyboard showing a closeup of the game pad and the features thanks in advance!
Real men use blank keys.

But on a more serious note (although I do use the das mechanical keyboard, which I believe provides superior control in RTS-style games) I don't know if I would use that steelseries keyboard for SC. Or rather, I wouldn't use the *game pad* to play SC2, just the regular keyboard side. Don't get me wrong, maybe I just don't know, but I see a lot MMO players use them rather than RTS players. Games like SC don't need as many 'macros' per se as MMOs, and every keyboard command is 100% accessible with the left hand. There's also a lot redundancy with the left side of the keyboard. Any given key and queu up multiple things depending on the race, and/or unit type.
Steelseries and das aren't that good.

Referring to op. A plenty of people change settings to grid style, but many have commented that it can make you make mistakes more. I haven't tried it though.
Razer Marauder. I like mine, but take heed, Razer products are notorious for arriving DOA or simply crapping out very early... like my Razer Deathadder.
How does playing SC2 using non-tactile switches have an advantage over rubber domes?

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