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Yeah. Wasn't calling Sidewinder Bronze, but that would have been funny.

I can assure you I am no Bronze level player. I know my strategies and concepts, so please think twice before randomly pulling a League Card that doesn't apply to me.

I wasn't refering to you. I was referring to the original poster, Calvin, who is bronze. I was actually saying that the build you recommended is probably more solid in Bronze than a 3 stalker rush, which might be able to counter your build (as stated by Sidewinder) but not if you don't have the micro. Not only did another player clarify who I was talking about, but I did as well several posts up.

Please make sure you're comprehending what you're reading before you make any assumptions about me, I'm not one to pull the league card, especially as a lowly platinum.

Edit: Guilt you're Diamond, how could you possibly think I was referring to you? Especially after I was saying the build you recommended is probably pretty good for the OP, since it won't require as much micro as a stalker-centric opening. I do not understand how people on these forums can think you're criticizing or disagreeing with them when you are obviously agreeing.
Sorry Guilt, I don't mean to offend you. This is one of my pet peeves, when you agree with someone and they argue with you. :)

Nice post about the Adelscott build, it seems like a good build, barring insane micro from the opponent. :)

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