Decal - wrong tribe name

Bug Report
This isn't exactly a bug..
But I just realized that the protoss 500 team win decal reward is incorrectly labelled as "Shelak" tribe, when it is clearly the Sargas Tribe's decal. Fix?

See link below:

For reference:
You're right. SC1 forever ;)

Have you found any other Tribes with the wrong symbol or name?
The only Tribe decals are Shelak tribe (Which should be Sargas), "Lost Tribe" (not mentioned in SC1 lore), and Akilae Tribe which is correctly depicted in the SCII decals.

Protoss had only Tribe symbols. All the "Caste" symbols have been introduced in WoL.

Zerg had no symbol before WoL...(am I wrong?).

Terran rallied nearly everyone under one banner (instead of having a bunch of factions), it's understandable that Terran have mostly new symbols.

But I'm pretty sure after Blizz fixes the one, they'll double check the rest.
Good catch, Ulrezaj! This has been fixed for a future patch - thank you for calling it out.

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