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I know this is prolly a stupid question. I have SC2 Beta Hots in my finder and I installed it, but I never received a BETA KEY for it. Did everyone who applied for the Beta get this they just need a key to play? Its also not in my "account" in my When I log in it gives me an error "Your account has no game accounts that can be used in this region. Are you using the correct client?"
Hi Onik!

As with all of our Betas, they are through invite only, either by our devs attaching a license to your account directly or by sending out a Beta key through various promotions.

If you have neither of these, then you haven't been chosen to participate in the HotS Beta at this time. =/

I suggest you keep your Beta Profile up to date and cross your fingers. ;)

Maybe this is a hijack, but hopefully not:

So, now that the Hots beta has been released, I can't play the beta version any more - is that correct?

I played the Wol beta whenever I could and then one recent day, a new update automatically downloaded (obviously Hots as this one was huge) and now I can't play the beta any more with my account.

So, basically, I haven't been chosen for the Hots beta and there is no WoL beta any more - is that right?

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