How did you get your Bnet name??

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Everyone thought you were a girl, don't be surprised.
'Tis true, true indeed.

I still fail to see my name seeming girly.
Mine isn't actually spelled right, but special characters aren't allowed in the name input, so Zarkun was born. Use it lots of places for convenience.
No, KO, your name is not girly at all.

I never thought as Mecha being a girl, but I see it now.

My nickname is Markus and in Warcraft III I was MarkusDaBravePaladin. But obviously that was too long, so I had to shorten it to MarkusDaBrave, but then that was too long by one character. *eye twitch*

So I had to think of a four letter word that sounded cool with MarkusDa----

Still wish is was DaBrave but, Meh, there are worse things in life.
My brother is named Austin. Despite being 2 years younger than Austin, i have always been taller than him. One day, our friends decided they didn't care for my name, so they changed it to "Tall Austin Junior." This was later shortened into the acronym TAJ. (pronounced like the Taj Mahal)
I needed a name, since I had used my real one. I was originally going for CuteCuddlyZergling(Baneling?), until I realized that being a cute cuddly Zergling would be boring and entirely unoriginal. So I combined my two favorite/fastest units from SC1 (Zergling and Vulture) and made it a name.

Get to da RP!
Smile->smylez. No brainer there.
Get to da RP!
I'm kind of obsessed with reptiles.

Draco is Latin for either snake or dragon.

I enjoy being in charge.

nuss (or nus) is Greek for Lord or King.

Hence, Draconus.
That's pretty cool actually. I wish my name was in latin. Although it would probably end up being PugnaMatare or something.
I enjoy the name, and have had it for a while. On many other sites. This is the first site I've used the classic one-'s' spelling, though.
One day I want my name to be In Umbra Igitur Pugnabimus. Unfortunately that is way too long. I'd be cool though :P
I'm not sure YOU'd be cool . . .
just messing with ya.

The name is awesome.
Bahaha! Thats funny. I meant It'd be cool. Just a typo.
I honestly dont know where this name came from.
i have 6.

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