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You can ignore a good part of it, as it involves stuff most protoss players have already figured out/stuff that protoss players don't use anymore. Gateway expands, how to fight the stephano roach max, etc. etc. etc. Also there's the other things like the history of PvZ which aren't necessary, but are definitely interesting.
I think you have not read the guide completely. There is much more than that in there. It talks about every stage of the matchup including the ultra-lategame where Carrier/Archon/HT/MS are the ultimate composition to strive for against Inf/BL/Corruptor.

The specific anti-muta, anti-baneling, anti-roach(max) builds and other variations are only a small part of the guide, while the rest of the information deals with relative timings Protoss HAS to know. All-in-all, it is everything a Protoss guide needs to take someone with almost no experience with PvZ to bring him up to speed with current meta.

I hope you aren't trying to trivialize this awesome piece of work ...
I by no means want to trivialize it. I think it's amazing that people were willing to put that much time into something so comprehensive, but lots of it can be ignored by your average protoss player if your sole purpose of reading it is to learn about PvZ because most people have some knowledge about the matchup.

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