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“It is my great honor this day to present Colonel Wells with the rank of Brigadier General. He has served the Terran Dominion since its founding, and in that time he has distinguished himself by earning three Imperial Shield Metals, four commendations for valor, a Purple Heart, and The Banner of Terra for holding the lines against insurmountable odds. Unfortunately, to fully list his accomplishments on the battlefield and while in command would take more time to list than we have today, so that will have to do. Colonel Wells, please step forward.”

There was a sudden applause as Colonel Wells stepped up to the podium. His black dress uniform was perfectly pressed and situated as required by regulation, the gold and silver awards in stark contrast with the rest of the uniform. Colonel Wells came to attention and saluted the Major General in charge of the awards ceremony. The Major General returned the salute and picked up a fabric box from the podium. He opened it to reveal two stars.

With deft motions the Major General removed the two eagles that represented the rank of Colonel from Colonel Well’s lapel. He set them in the box and removed the two stars. The Major General placed these in the positions once held by the eagles, took a step back and saluted again. Brigadier General Wells returned the salute. “Allow me to be the first to congratulate you Brigadier.” Said the Major General as he extended his hand. Brigadier Wells grasped the extended hand and shook it.

The Major General returned to the podium. “Brigadier Wells has a few words for us now.”
He stepped aside to allow Brigadier Wells to take the stand.

Brigadier Wells took the stand, took a deep breath and began. “First off I would like to thank…….”

--------------------------------------------One Year Later------------------------------------------------------------------

Brigadier Wells sat behind his desk filling out the paperwork that had become his life now that he no longer had a field command. He wasn’t discontent exactly, but he did miss the action of being deployed into a combat zone. Once again, he found himself wishing he was back on the field. Wells shook his head to chase the thoughts away and returned to the paperwork on his desk.

Fate had decided to play another one of its tricks that day. Brigadier Wells didn’t know it, but his wish had been granted earlier that morning. The messenger was on his way even as Brigadier Wells contemplated the personnel report in front of him. He had just put his signature on it when there was a knock on the door.


There was a hiss as the door slid sideways to allow a Major in. He took five steps into the office and saluted. “Major Dent reporting sir! I have deployment orders for you.”

Deployment orders?
“At ease Major. Let me see them please.”
Brigadier Wells took the letter from the Major’s outstretched hand and opened it without ceremony.

Brigadier Well’s eyes flew back and forth as he read the letter in its entirety not once but twice. He tossed the letter onto his desk and leaned back in his chair with a sigh. He spent a moment contemplating the ceiling.
“Be careful what you wish for.” Wells whispered to himself.

“Sir?” The Major inquired.

“Be careful what you wish for Major. You just might get it.”

Sign up rules:
Terrans only. No psionics. You are an infantryman in service of the Dominion. Your character will be almost special ops quality and have something they are better at than almost anyone else.
Examples: Demolition, Sniper, Sharpshooter, Heavy support, etc.

User Name:
Character name:
Character rank:
Character equipment:
Character specialty:
Character description:
Character history:

I do not plan to officially start this for several days.
Reserved for characters and stuff.
I like the style, and the details are very accurate. I recently had surgery on my wrist for carpel tunnel, so I'd be a minor at best. Is there a position you have in mind for me?
Thank you. And ouch.
When you say minor, do you mean killed early, or person rarely spoken to?

Just to let you all know, this is going to be a slow RP because of how often I am on.
Well, if it's slow i could manage as a median.
Like the guy that hands you files, and chats, with the occasional assignment.
That works with me ^

User Name: Korozain

name: John "Ripper" Sayam

Character rank: Lieuteneant
Character equipment: BOSUN F-92 Anti-Matrial Rifle, PSG-2 Gauss Pistol, small assortment of hidden blades, CMC- Light armor(base armor is black with white tribal designs and the open areas are light grey) with small added upgrades (a few hard-cases, more padding, a few HUD "tweaks" and a mask similar to that of the H.E.S.) quiet, keeps to himself, generally witty but may have some mental issues...

Character specialty: Scout Sniper

Character description:Age: 38 Slim, muscular body build. 6' 2", dark skin tone, few scars on face (near left eye and cheek) and a large one on his arm from a Zerg encounter

Character history: An orphan on Shiloh after his parents went to war and died. He was raised on a farm owned by a good friend of his father's. He didn't do much with the man, but when they went hunting they were he bea of friends because John had a knack for shooting things. He always looked up to he father he mildly knew as a hero, and followed his footsteps and enlist as an infantryman in the Dominion Army. His skills with a gun immediately made him he SDM(Squad Designated Marksman) and over 18 years rose above the ranks to the Lieuteneant he is today. His preferred weapon became he sniper rifle and no longer a sad leader, he is a scout sniper and normally does anti-terrorist ops. But has tangled with th Zerg and Protoss before.

He now finds himself with a team once again.
Came home sick from school. :/
As in Sgt. Wells from whatever that one RP was called?
Since I've got another RP to finish up, plus the recovery, I wont be as active in the beginning.

User Name: Duke
Character name: Resnov Sumph
Character rank: Colonel
Character equipment: .50 caliber revolver
Character specialty: Trusted assists of General Wells, and is consulted with on some matters.
Character description: 42 years old, 5'11", brown, but graying hair and beard, brown eyes. Left leg is limpish.
Character history: Resnov served the dominion faithfully, and fought in many battles. He quickly rose to the rank of Captain by the age of 35. During a field assignment a Zergling severely broke his leg. He now and will forever walk with a limp. After the recovery, he was reassigned to the formerly Colonel Wells. He has assisted him ever since.
hmmm seems interesting

User Name: TheLostMorph
Character name: Actum
Character rank: Chief Master Sergeant (usually just called Chief or Sergeant)
Character equipment: personalized and modified CMC armor (looks like MC's Moljnir Armor from Halo 4 and has the same durability, it is painted to resemble a black fox), AR-30 'Galil' with tiger camo,
Character specialty: Assault/Heavy fire rescue
Character description: medium build, 6'6", muscles are highly toned giving him strength beyond what most would think possible for him, close cropped black hair, 25 years old
Character history: He joined the Dominion military at 18 and quickly raised through the ranks to Master Chief where he decided to stop for now. He serves with distinction and has lost very few men since he was given a squad. With the help of a friend in the Engineer Corps he designed and created the AR-30 'Galil' which can fire standard issue Gauss spikes or Canister rifle rounds. Actum currently has the only AR-30 'Galil' as the Dominion does not see its potential.
What I decided the lore for this RP is.

It has been ten years since Raynor's victory on Char. In that time much has changed, yet nothing truly has.

Humanity is still at war with not one, but two alien races.

The Zerg are not the unstoppable force they once were. Individual queens occasionally fight for dominance of their broods... but this has settled down significantly since the years have given rise to clear leaders with each brood. Queens are still overthrown, but it is now a rare occurrence. The Zerg broods themselves have no single leader, and are constantly fighting each other for control of the swarm as a whole. Terran planets are still ravaged by the Zerg but Brood infighting has made this a rare occurrence.

The Protoss society is slowly adapting to its new neighbors the Terrans, but many millenia of tradition does not vanish overnight. Territorial and methodology disputes are still extremely common between between the two races. This war has cooled significantly but it is still on.

So now we come to the Terrans...

Raynor's release of Mengsk's words prior to his leave of New Gettysburg shook the Dominion to it's core. The Umojan's decided that this was the ideal time to topple the empire by beheading it. Two assassinations were planned. One failed. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk is dead. His son Valerian Mengsk has taken the throne. There were several people who wished to seize the throne for themselves but Valerian, still popular for his victory over the Zerg on Char, (and therefor the reviver of the people's support) swiftly crushed the politicians who attempted to do so by force. (Brigadier Wells earned one of his Imperial Shield Metals during this period) Corruption is nowhere near gone from the Dominion but the new Emperor is cleaning house. The future of the Dominion is brightening.

It is the ninth year of Valerian's reign. Long live the Emperor!
definately seems fun

EDIT: and no offence zannon but a brigadier general is only one star, major is 2, LT is 3, then 4 stars is just General
Morph... Two stars, one for each part of the unifrom, I should know because I'm in JROTC.
One on the left side, and one of the right side, thus he was given two stars.

And what kind of Master Chief? Navy?

And tell me if this is going to be based off of Airforce ranks, Marine ranks, Navy ranks, Coast guard ranks, or Army ranks.

User Name: CrymsonRaven
Character name: Romeo McCoy
Character rank: Sergeant Major

Character equipment: Plasma Torch, Multifunctional Tool, Detonation Pack, High Explosive Ordnance Grenade, GN-60 Hircum
Character specialty: Demolition/Quartermaster

Character description:

Character history:

User Name: CrymsonRaven
Character name: Terri McCoy
Character rank: Warrant Officer

Character equipment:
Plasma Torch, Multifunctional Tool, P DA, AR-15 Boreli, EMP Grenade
Character specialty: Engineer/Hacker

Character description:

Character history:


Will add more later and I'll tell you when it's done.
Username: Naitsrich
Character Name: Ash Tari
Rank: Officer
Equipment: Medic Laser (like the one in-game), light infantry rifle, The Behemoth
Specialty: Support
Description: Around 5'9, dark brown hair and eyes, tanned skin, slightly lean while a bit skinny.
History: A genius at best, Ash is very smart man with an unusual career path. After finishing school, he joined roughly a week after seeing Wells' promotion ceremony. His advanced education made him able to easily overachieve during missions, his most famous being the interrogation on several pirates to find a crucial black market highway.

His most noticeable achievement, however, was the creation of the Behemoth. A marine suit changed to be installed with an advanced A.I., it brings great terror with its thick combat shield and it's ability to carry heavy supplies an it's back. It's also made of bio-steel, a new regenerative metal that can have the Behemoth repair itself. Unfortunately, it is only responsive to Ash, leaving it useless if he's unable to speak. It also lacks a targeting system for ranged weapons, leaving it's melee attacks the only offensive tool. The A.I. takes up much of inside space, making a manual pilot mode unavailable and it very vulnerable to EMPs, forcing it to take a long reboot.
Well dang... this pretty much screws my plans to start a Reaper RP... I feel like it falls into a similar category.

I will submit an application eventually.
User Name: Zarkun

Character name: Teo Garand

Character rank: Captain

Character equipment: Gunblade (Only existing one), Eliminator Combat pistol, CMC-100 CQC armor, Painted with a tiger on the visor and blood red and black color scheme.

Character specialty: CQC, Hand-to-hand

Character description: 6' 0", sun-tanned skin, green eyes, Triangular scar on left cheek, Athletic build

Character history: Teo enlisted for college benefits and found he enjoyed the military life and signed up for officer's school. He graduated one of the top in his class and quickly reached the rank of Captain, proving his combat and leadership capabilities in the field during the battle of New Antitum.
"You remember how one of these things works sir?"

Brigadier Wells glanced sideways at the sergeant an replied dryly. "Yes. Hold still and don't get in the way of moving parts."

The sergeant nodded and palmed the door release. The door opened up to reveal a catwalk leading to a circular platform. On the platform were a pair of power armor boots. Brigadier Wells stepped into them and extended his arms.

The room began to hum as gears and ball bearings began to spin, the red of the heated metal casting strange shadows on the surrounding equipment. When the hum's pitch stopped increasing multiple mechanical arms descended from the ceiling, each one caring a different piece of power armor.

And so the equipping began.

About a minute later Brigadier Wells exited the room in full power armor. The sergeant outside saluted. "Sir. I'm to tell you to report to the quartermaster. There is something classified you should know about your armor."

Wells returned the salute. "Lead on."


The quartermaster looked like his frown was built into his face. It was a common look in the military but this man's wrinkles were very deeply set, giving him a more severe look than most. he coughed once then began.
"You are getting the new Savior class armor system. It is a CMC-300 variant. Those egg heads in R&D finally figured out how to get one of those Protoss shield generators to work without psionic input. Unfortunately, its capacity is significantly reduced since psionics are supposed to be the thing's primary power source. The shield can take one concussive shell or a canister rifle shot before it fails. Basically, a one hit wonder."

Wells opened his mouth to ask a question but the quartermaster had started to speak again.
"So far only people of your rank and higher are getting them because the things are so expensive. You could put about eight vikings in the air for the price of one of these things. I suppose it is easier to replace vikings than generals though... Anyway. Report to the practice range. We need to see if you can hit the broad side of a barn with a gauss rifle still... sir."
User Name: KnarledOne
Character name: Matt Nathanson
Character rank: Captain
Character equipment: IIT-12 Flowrifle (swaps between assault rifle and DMR), Falcon-class assistant drone (can electrocute enemies, scout, grab small items, and self destruct if necessary), semi-automatic sidearm, and Crystal.
Character specialty: Marksman.
Character description: Red hair, green eyes, slim build. Scar over right eye and on right cheek.
Character history: Started working for the Brotherhood when they saved him from the Ghost Program. An encounter with an exceptional Changeling caused him slight brain damage and destroyed his psionic capacity entirely. His mind now creates an uncomfortable feeling for psionics, akin to staring directly at a strong blacklight. This dampened his value to the Brotherhood, but they continue to employ him. He joined the military just after his injury and had been fighting for the Dominion ever since.
@CrymsonRaven nice to know I'm not the only one (Military Nerd = Me)
I'm going off of Army Ranks

Also made some slight changes because I made my sheet in school... On my iOS device...
This looks nice, I'm in.

User Name: Dacder
Character name: Aaron Markabee
Character rank: (Not sure on ranking system, so I'll use army) Lieutenant Colonel.
Character equipment: Kinst J-39 Gauss Pistol, Cilco KL-22 Gauss Assault rifle, Bowie Knife XXXXIV, Smoke Grenades, Flashbang, Hologram (Marine looking, realistic hologram controlled by him).
Character specialty: Diversionary Tactics
Character description: Long-ish black hair, pale white skin, 6'0, 170 pounds, wears blue and red light armor, 21 years old.
Character history: He was gifted, and was sent off to an officer school. There, he graduated with honors, and was sent off to somewhere or another with the rank of Lt.Col.

This look alright?
User Name: Jake

Character Name: Michael Denton (Callsign 'Anonym')

Age: 28

Character Rank: Sergeant

Character Equipment:
>>>Modified CMC-400 Class Suit
>>>>Description: Standerd Issue Marauder Powered Armour, with heavy adjustments made in both appearance and functionality. Paint job is changed as much as protocal allows, the gun-arms painted with an intricate charcoal-grey flame pattern. The base of the fire starts at the gun barrel, and the tips of the flame ending at the edges of the gun-arm. The Dominion Symbol shines proudly on his chestplate and shoulder pads.

>>>Quad K12 "Punisher" Grenade Launcher (Hellfire Class) x2
>>>>Description: Custom-Tooled Grenade Launchers modified to fire Incendiary "hellfire" grenades, a deadly combination of the marauder's pure explosive power and the steel-melting fires of the firebat. The chemical composition of the fire makes it's flames a sickly green, like some sort of witchfire.

Character Specialty: Heavy Weapons Specialist

Character Description:
>>Appearance: Has a height of 6'3", with a toned and muscular physiqe from a lifetime of back-breaking work. Has a tanned skin tone, with a buzz cut hairstyle and clean shave. His eyes are a stony grey, and have the aged look of someone who has seen too much in one life.

>>Personality: A diligent and hardworking soul, focusing on his work, art, and keeping his friends safe has become the ways he copes with the death he has been faced with on the battlefield. First, those of his comrades against the zerg on char, then those of the insurgents his squad had been dispatched to kill in the years to come. Deserving or not, human killing human has never been natural, and Michael had been visibly hurt when his gun went from being pointed at the alien monsters to that of his own. Some have even questioned whether or not he should continue to serve, but his continuous trend of getting the job done has kept him in the military, though the deaths of his soldiers have always hit him hard even in his ten years of service.

Character History: Enlisted at the age of 18, two years before raynor gained victory on char, he ended up as part of a battalion of soldiers sent to assault the Zerg home world. He was part ofr the desperate defense as helio's crash site was besieged by Zerg from all around, and managed to hold his own along with Macintosh when the rest of the trench had been killed by a wayward baneling, even managing to take down an ultralisk shortly before help arrived.

When the relief force in the shape of Raynor's Raiders arrived, the two had been scheduled for promotion to corporal, with Michael being temporarily promoted to sergeant. He had ended up doing so well the promotion was made permanent, and he went on to have a continuous above-average results in his service with his comrades at his side.

Rick and Jason having recently proven their worth on the battlefield in Michael's squad and entered his admittantly small circle of friends after a nearly-botched bomb disposal mission when the terrorists turned out to have been outfitted with a goliath. Their marksmenship is exceptionally accurate and percise, and Macintosh's ever-growing skill with heavy weapon platforms and impeccable knowlage in demolitions have made their squad reliable in every mission they have encountered, and they intend to keep their record.

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