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Jake... You now want me to do my character sheets just like yours... What a weird inspiration?
"I am pretty sure he did his like that a long time ago. Actually I believe he always have."
User Name: Warhawk

Character name: Stefan "Hawkeye" Alexander

Character rank: captain

Character equipment: Battle rifle, 2 magnum handguns, 18" vibro combat knife, Modified marine armor (think WoL merc War Pig armor but with stealth plating [When active and relatively stationary, the suit blends in with the nearby colors])

Character specialty: Sharpshooter

Character description: 5 ft 11, lithe, ice blue eyes, short cut dirty blond hair / all black armor aside from the dominion markings / Despite being a killer's killer, Stefan has an uncompromisable set of morals, one of the reasons that he defected to the Sons of Korhal.

Character history: Originally a Confederacy sergeant, Stefan defected and joined the Sons of Korhal. When the Dominion was formed, he worked his way up through the ranks to captain. When Mengsk's treachery was uncovered he nearly rebelled, but Valerian and Warfield's actions on Char changed his mind.

* * *
Because of the title:
User Name: CrymsonRaven
Character Name: Romeo "Serenade" McCoy
Age: 26
Character Rank: Sergeant Major
Character Equipment:
>>>Modified CMC-400 Class Suit
>>>>Description: Standard Issue Marauder Powered Armour, with heavy adjustments made in both appearance and functionality. Outfitted to be roughly the same size as an Environmental suit, whiling keeping the durability and armor that the Marauder suit gave. It will also deploy a Supply Pylon that is built with a matrix inside of it which recreates ammo and grenades after a moiety of two minutes.
>>>GN-60 Tricord Shotgun with Plasma Bayonet
>>>>Description: The Tricord is a piece of beauty, adding rustic design, with a powerful kick. Uses many different ammo types like Incendiary, or Armor Piercing. The unique thing about the shotgun is it's ability to fire Gauss Spikes into a spray of sweet glorious death, may also fire the Spike as a slug. While the Plasma Bayonet in reality is a Plasma Torch that was grafted on and can be used to slice open metal.
>>>Multifunctional Grenades, Detonation Packs, Plasma Cutters, Built in Armor Supply Pylon
Character Specialty: Demoltion
Character Description:
>>Appearance: 225 lbs, 5' 11", hazel eyes, rich dark brown hair, scar on his right cheek going down to his chin.
>>Personality: Aggressive
Character History: The more aggressive twin of the two, Romeo is a demo expert. If you need something blown, he's your man, but if you want someone dead, he'll make sure they'll be in guts and glory. He and his twin sister were arrested three years ago at the age of 23. They were sent shortly to New Folsom to be incarcerated. And one thing they made sure to do was to separate the two.

User Name: CrymsonRaven
Character Name: Terri "Shiny" McCoy
Age: 26
Character Rank: Warrant Officer
Character Equipment:
>>>Modified Hostile Environment Suit
>>>>Description: Standard Environment Suit that was modified in both appearance and function. Inside this beautiful suit that she modified herself are tools such as a Plasma Torch, Plasma Cutters, and many other tools that you would commonly see an engineer carry around. But it's not used for that... The suit also offers a wrist PDA that is mainly used for transferring data or hacking.
>>>AN-75 Geneva SMG with Holographic Scanner
>>>>Description: Not your normal SMG, for it can shoot as far as an Assault Rifle with just as much kick. It is known to use canister rounds for both their power, and reach. This was also a prototype, figuring out how to create something that has both the range of an Assault Rifle but still keeping the punch but compact form of an SMG. Is also equipped with a Holographic Scanner that can be sent information from a recon unit.
Character Specialty: Mechanical Creator/Hacker
Character Description:
>>Appearance: 145 lbs, 5' 11", hazel eyes, auburn hair, surgical scars all down her right arm.
>>Personality: Serene
Character History: Is the more serene twin of the two, Terri is a Hacker but is also capable of creating mechanical structures... But she is nothing like an Engineer at all. Part of her arrest involved hacking into a classified military database that had delicate information that was dangerous if it was given to the wrong hands. She is now incarcerated in New Folsom Security Prison.

Will finish this up later, and the character sheet is credited towards Jake... His way in doing it just convinced me to do it.
User Name: ShadowFury
Character name: Jaden Porter
Character rank: Corporal
Character equipment: C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle, Flak Pistol, Combat Knife, Frag Grenades, CMC 300 Powered Combat Armor, multitude of different ammunition.
Character specialty: Front line Assault
Character description: Male, 38 years of age. Tanned skin from much time outside of his armor and exercising. Several scars from brutal combat, as well as having a blinded right eye. His other eye is green and he is of a fairly powerful physique. His accuracy is not the best, but he can do quite well on the battle field with his weapons. He stands at six feet out of his CMC armor.
Character history: Joined the Dominion after the UED fell apart, he had always been someone to fight in the frontlines, he had sustained many wounds fighting in both the Dominion and UED. He has always been a valuable fighter, but gains rank fairly slowly from his previous allegiances.

Username: ShadowFury
Character Name: Irene Porter
Character Rank: Private
Character Equipment: Plasma Torch, Flak Pistol, CMC-405 Combat Armor, E-9 Rifle, Frag Grenades, Wrench (the engineers best friend).
Character Specialty: Engineering
Character Description: Female, 35 years of age. Pale skin from usually staying within to work with machinery. She is fairly accurate and is quite lacking in muscle. She stands at five foot seven.
Character History: Coming to the Korprulu with her brother, she also served in the UED, but she was among the first to leave. Only a few years later did she join the Dominion. Her skills on the battlefield were lacking and usually sat behind the lines. She hadn't gone up any ranks over the years.
User Name: supaflyz
Character name: William Chen
Character rank: Staff Sgt.
Character equipment:
Armor: The (All Purpose Recon) APR-1300 series is a prototype power suit with all basic life support systems and is designed to help reconnaissance operatives sneak behind enemy lines and relay vital battle data back. As such, it is streamlined and lightweight to give the maximum amount of mobility possible for the user. In addition, the suit has photoreactive panels that can mimic surrounding textures although the patterns shift irregularly and imperfectly and consumes a bit of the suit's energy. Provides limited protection against small arms fire.
Reconnaissance tools:
Ocular implants: William Chen's right eye has been implanted with these cybernetic devices, make it easier to spot potential targets and weak points in the enemy perimeter. The current generation also includes an automated targeting system that instantly calculates atmospheric pressure and wind shear, greatly increasing the accuracy of the user.
Heartbeat Sensor: In real time, the suit actively tracks any living thing within a radius of 25 yards and displays it either on the wrist unit (generally used for other things) or HUD.
Mantid Drone: Armed with a machine gun and several hundred rounds, the Mantid drone's dimensions are roughly 2ft x 1ft x 2 f. It is remotely controlled and used to survey the area. It can also pick up objects with a pair of claws on its bottom. Transform from a Mantid Box which is easily carried.
M-51 Rifle: Equipped with a 2x, 4x and 8x zoom. Can be changed on the battle to be a sniper rifle
P-42 Scythe Pistol: Standard issue pistol that can hold 8 bullets in a clip.
Character specialty: Reconnaissance, marksmenship
Character description: Asian, some other time
Character history: Fought in rebellions, some skirmishes with Protoss and Zergs. More later.
Morph... Two stars, one for each part of the unifrom, I should know because I'm in JROTC.
One on the left side, and one of the right side, thus he was given two stars.

so am i totally forgot about needing one for both sides *facepalm*
And what kind of Master Chief? Navy?

And tell me if this is going to be based off of Airforce ranks, Marine ranks, Navy ranks, Coast guard ranks, or Army ranks.

hes an fing Dominion marine ... zannon is gona have to answer what rank system he is using. as for Actum .... hes just a Master Chief dont care if its navy or otherwise
Go with master at arms or master sergeant.
ya ... or CMS :P (Chief Master Sergeant)
That works too. Master Chief is just too much of a Halo reference...
i know but ..... *really F#$%ing wish i had Halo 4* .....
Heh. I just watched a walkthrough of the campaign...

Just a few questions/comments;
Semi-personal - What happened to you retiring?

RP related - how do Raynor and Kerigain fit into this? or is this secret do to key plot points in the RP?...
@TheLostMorph Its an amazing game
No problems with anyone's character's except this:

11/28/2012 04:38 PMPosted by Warhawk
with a cloaking field

And to answer the retirement question, I figure I might as well start ONE RP before I go permanently.

As for the plot question...

Raynor's Raiders faded into the background when Arcturus was assassinated. The Dominion is changing (slowly) towards a just government. To continue raids would not help stabilize the government at all.
I want to join but I can't think of any characters to use that will not A. Screw up the character or B. Would be in that time erra.
Then create a one RP wonder.
There is no law anywhere that you need to recycle characters. It's just the easy thing to do.

I like developing my new characters though...
11/28/2012 07:41 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
hes an fing Dominion marine ... zannon is gona have to answer what rank system he is using. as for Actum .... hes just a Master Chief dont care if its navy or otherwise
Just to let you know... There is no Master Chief under Dominion Marine, if anything it's Master Gunnery Sergeant or Sergeant Major. Just wanted to point that to you... Mostly the ranking is going to be an interesting reference to use.

And I just went to tell you that every ranking for pretty much every branch is different, yet most Coast Guard and Navy is the same.

I just went ahead and went Army ranks since it was right there... The thing I find funny is when most of the Navy and Coast Guard ranks are the same.
I figured I could manage an early start for my character. It's not every day that Zanon makes an RP. Considering it might be bit slow moving, I can probably post a little something on every page or 2.

Resnov Sumph - Story prep

It was rainy day in Korhal's capital. Resnov stood at the top of his luxurious apartment complex. He stood, looking out the glass window, the suns rays, occasionally peaked through, and were captured by the glass.

Resnovs face was aged by battle, his hair graying. It had been over 10 years since that dreaded day when a Zergling had almost bitten his leg off. Although most the pain was gone, enough remained, and through habit, a clear limp was visible. Cybernetic replacements were available, but Resnov did not want to lose feeling in his leg.

There was a ring at the bell, and Resnov limped to his door to open it. Upon opening the door, Major General Trent Drud, clothed in a loose uniform, smiled. Resnov stepped to the side and gestured for him to enter.

"To what do I owe the honor, your majesty?"

"I am burdened with the task to invite you to an assignment."

Resnov frowned, and sat back in a large chair.

"I've told you guys, I'm retired. That means no more work!"

Trent walked over to the window and looked out.

"I am here, not because I suggested you, it is by the General Wells command, that I come to this boring $hit hole you call home."

"Hey, watch it! I see you still have a tong of a snake."

Trent turned around and smiled.

"General Wells awaits your call."

"What is this assignment? What can I expect?"

General Trent left a card on the center table and walked out of the apartment. Resnov picked it up and looked at it. It was the old General Well's radio channel. Resnov had served with Wells before, he decided, that if nothing else, this would allow him to serve with Wells once more.

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