In Glory We Return

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OOC: Christ, this RP is so hard to follow....can I get a recap?
We're working on getting into the facility entrance while under attack by many Zerg.
OOC: Thanks.

IC: I pull out another hologram, pumping lead into the Zerg that get into my line of sight.

"How long 'till we're in?!"
Finally, after embarrasingly banging our hands against the pod doors when the automatic and manual releases failed to work, squad 'Anonym' managed to get out onto the field, and immediately saw the swarms of zerg attempting to take our position around the door as one of our allies tried to open the door, though through override or explosives, I couldn't tell.

"Alright, squad! Take up defensive positions around me as we head to the door with the others! Last thing I need is one of you getting yourselves lost out in the middle of this fight!"

Macintosh ended up covering our six as Jason and Rick took my left and right respectively. We then began our slow approach towards the others, shooting, and in my case scorching/blasting our way through a pass that hadn't yet been exploited by the zerg forces to it's fullest extent, so there wasn't much resistance.
"Entrance code is 258654! Firebats go in first, First Squad go in behind them. Everyone else follow like good little chicks. GO!"
Not going to be on much this weekend, if at all. Just a heads up.

Stalking forward in a half-crouch, I keep mowing down zerglings with precise 3-round bursts.
We finally made it to the others as the blast doors opened up, and we turned around to provide covering fire as eveyrone else got ready to run in.
I move up to the key pad and ready to enter the code as everyone forms up. "Get ready!" I enter the code and the door opens. "GO!"

OOC: No one had even entered the code yet.
"Punching in the code!"

I quickly ran over and put the code in. The door opened slowly as I pressed the last digiit in.

"Door's open!"
"Firebats torch the room! toss grenades into as may rooms as you can, we're cleaning this place out. Find the objective!
Naits, did you even read my post?
Master Squad turns from the on coming zerg and begin to enter the facility their armor better suited for being the first ones into the facility, after the firebats had toasted the room.
Armor yes, weapons, no.
Squad Anonym began to lay down covering fire, Michael screaming at everyone to get in. The chaingun and explosive/incendiary missiles that the squad toted allowed them to keep the zerg swarm from gaining ground at any respectable speed, but they couldn't hold forever.
The firebats radio an all clear to me. "Alright, move your @sses. Get inside, go, go, go!" I fire the gunblade, the .45 caliber rounds tearing through their skulls.
I punch the door closed as the last marine comes through and the 8ft thick Neosteel doors shut with a resounding clang.
"That is a very solid door."

Something is wrong. No more weapons fire.
I pivot an bring my rifle to bear only to find the rest of the squad looking around the room for something to shoot at. It's empty.

OOC: I'll make the next part now, but fill this one first.
"I thought this place was supposed to be infected with zerg?" Rick remarked as Squad Anonym looked around the surprisingly large entrance hall. Not a Zerg in sight.
I move carefully around the room, searching for Zerg signs and keeping my blade at the ready. "It's too quiet, sir. I don't like it."
Actum walks towards a door that was ripped to shreds. "Damn ...." he points his rifle straight down the hall watching for zerg or infested.
I find another room and notice the door is closed and locked. "I got something here. Closed and locked door. Permission to breach?"

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