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I hate to be the one to say it..again, but War, you need another name.
11/29/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Zarkun
War, you need another name.
To officially answer the ranks question, we are going by the US Marine Corps ranks.

Separate question: Is their any difference between Marine and Army ranks besides how they abbreviate them? EX: 1stLt vs 1LT
so far as i know .... no
Yes, Gunny Sergeant and other ranks. Google a list of them. Also, there's one less private rank in the MC.
or just use this link provided by CR
Changed cloaking field to stealth plating. (When active and relatively stationary, the suit blends in with the nearby colors)

Also changed his rank history based on the link CR gave.

Nope, I've got a name I like, so I'm sticking with it...
11/30/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Warhawk
Nope, I've got a name I like, so I'm sticking with it...

You know how confusing it gets?
I find it easier because then I don't get confused as to which char I'm responding to.
But what happens when you try to line up character lore?
I don't.
...But then it gets really confusing for us... Because this is the same person who is some kind of experiment, working for the Lorian's and is also a Dominion Special Operations unit? It's more confusing for us than you.

Plus you do kinda have the same person in the very, very, very far future as well as in the past.
Nope. He's not. Just follow the timeline/backstory that I gave. Simple as that.

Given that this RP stays closer to the actual SC lore, plus Zanon's request for no psychics, I changed Stefan general backstory to fit the RP.
I know, but that's why it's confusing... Same name, same nickname... Different backstory yet a few of them are all connected.
"What do you think quartermaster? Can I still hit the broad side of a barn?"
The quartermaster wisely decided not to answer.

The target was a Hydralisk at 50 yards. Child's play as far as Wells was concerned. He had been shooting at smaller targets (zerglings) at twice that distance when he had been deployed.

The spread was well within the military's accuracy requirements. His aim definitely hadn't improved since he had last been deployed on the ground... but he hadn't let his skills slip away like some others would have.

"If there is anything else, raise me on this suit's comm. I'm going to try to get some sleep before my transport arrives."


Meanwhile back at command:

A broad shouldered man wearing three stars on his shoulders walked into the room and sat down at the head of the table. He spoke with out preamble. "You all know why you are here. Have you all selected appropriate individuals for the squad?"

A piece of paper was passed up the left side of the table.

Brigadier Wells
Lt. John Sayam
Col. Resnov Sumph
Chief Master Sgt. Actum & squad
Sgt. Maj. Romeo McCoy & squad
Maj. Ash Tari
Cpt.Teo Garand
Cpt. Matt Nathanson
Lt. Col. Aaron Markabee
Sgt. Michael Denton & squad
Cpt. Stefan Alexander
Corporal Jaden Porter
Pvt. Irene Porter
Staff Sgt. William Chen & squad
Sgt. Striker & squad

He glanced down the list. "Why Wells? He doesn't share our goals."

Someone on the left side of the table spoke up. "Exactly. That is what makes him dependable. He is loyal to the Dominion and will fulfill his orders to the best of his ability... and his ability is great indeed. Besides, the ghost we send with them will ensure the operation is finished... no matter what."
Zanon, I finished Terri all up on post #24.
Oh.... this is intriguing.... Looking forward to whatever comes next....

Changed cloaking field to stealth plating. (When active and relatively stationary, the suit blends in with the nearby colors)

Not sure if you missed this or not, just wanted to make sure.
Still wondering at what point we're all supposed to post...
12/02/2012 10:57 AMPosted by Zarkun
Still wondering at what point we're all supposed to post...

i wanted to change a few things and i liked the way jake did his char sheet so ...

Username: TheLostMorph
Character Name: Actum
Character Rank: Chief Master Sergeant (CMsgt) (normally called Chief or Sergeant)
Character Equipment:
>>> Prototype (Assault/Hot Rescue) AHR-100
>>>>Description: combines the size of light armor and the durability of heavy armor. It is painted to have a fox on it (similar to Raynor with his ‘grim reaper’ armor). Has the durability of a marauder suit but the look of the Mjolnir armor from halo 4. His rank and the dominion symbol are painted on both shoulders.
>>>AR-30 ‘Galil’
>>>>Decription: tiger print camo. It can fire gauss spikes and/or canister rounds. It looks like a buffed up version of the Israeli made Galil.
Character speciallity: Assault/Heavy Fire Resuce
Character Description
>>Appearance: 25 years old, closed cropped black hair, medium build, fiery red eyes, 6’6”, highly toned muscles allowing feats of strength comparable to a normal marine in combat armor.
>>Personality: good sense of humor, demands absolute loyalty from his men in the field but allows them quite a bit of leeway when not in the field.
Character History: Joined the dominion military at 18 and raised through the ranks to Chief Master Sergeant where he decided to stop for a time. He serves with distinction and has lost very few men since he was given a squad. With the help of a friend in the Engineer Corps, he created the AR-30 ‘Galil’. Actum currently has the only field worthy AR-30 because the dominion has yet to see its worth. His friend also was the engineer who created his prototype armor.
Stealth armor approved... barely. Think a little worse quality than Halo 2 Stealth elite.

Anyone who picked Sergeant or a variation there of gets a three man squad. Two riflemen and a suppressive fire specialist (gets a Thychus gun).
Don't get too attached to them.

I kill characters who make foolish choices. The only thing that MIGHT save you is really good writing as to why you aren't dead.
Example: Don't charge a rifleman hoping to stab him with a bayonet before you get shot.


To all:
You walk into your C.O.'s office slightly apprehensive. This doesn't happen often.

Your C.O. hands you a letter.

"I should have been meaner to you in my last report. Command has seen fit to steal you away from me and assign you to a special mission. Who knows? You might even get a promotion out of this..."

He pauses to reflect a moment then glances back in your direction.

"What are you waiting for? Get your ugly mug out of here."


The letter reads:
Collect your equipment and report to the hanger bay. A transport is waiting to pick you up. When you reach your destination, report directly to Brigadier General Wells. You will receive a mission briefing from him upon your arrival.
-Major General Volman


And here... We... Go...

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